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Chapter 8.1

In the blink of an eye, it was Qiao Yuan’s birthday.

Tang Zhou, dressed casually, arrived at the reserved club room. Just as he was about to push open the door, he saw the door being opened from the inside and Lu Ye pulling Qiao Yuan’s arm out, a displeased expression on his handsome face.

Qiao Yuan, who was being held by the arm had chestnut-colored short hair that was soft and spilled over his forehead and temples. His features were made even more delicate and fair by it. His pair of apricot eyes drooped innocently, clearly at a loss due to Lu Ye’s sudden and violent outburst.

Seeing Tang Zhou, Qiao Yuan’s eyes shone with surprise, “Zhou Ge! Quick, help me manage Ye Ge, he got angry for no reason.”

Anyone wouldn’t be able to harden their heart after being looked at by these clear cat-like pupils.

Tang Zhou: “What happened?”

Lu Ye closed the door to the private room and led the two people a short distance away, frowning as he said: “Why did you invite that one with the surname Fu? Are you familiar with him?!”

Tang Zhou understood.

Qiao Yuan obviously didn’t understand Lu Ye’s concerns and said with a sense of grievance: “I am quite familiar with him. We are in the same club and he is also the representative of our new generation. He is very capable.”

Qiao Yuan and Fu Shen were both first-year students who met in a travel club.

Fu Shen was a reliable person, having helped Qiao Yuan a few times. Qiao Yuan had a good impression of him and it wasn’t long before they became friends who could speak to each other. It was normal to invite him to his birthday.

He didn’t understand why Lu Ye always had so many prejudices against Fu Shen.

Lu Ye still wanted to say something, but Tang Zhou interrupted him, “It’s Xiao Yuan’s birthday today, it’s most important that he’s happy.”

Lu Ye knew Fu Shen’s identity and was worried that Qiao Yuan would be harmed. However Tang Zhou who knew about the future was very clear that Fu Shen had never regarded Qiao Yuan as an enemy. The things he wanted to do were always targeted at a certain person.

As for whether Qiao Yuan would be implicated, that wasn’t within Fu Shen’s consideration.

The winners and losers in the business field, who was right and who was wrong, were unclear. Fu Shen was the winner and had absolute control over the outcome.

Tang Zhou had no right to interfere in other people’s affairs, but he also didn’t want to see Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan both suffer again, which was why he hinted at certain things to Lu Ye during the previous phone call.

Now it seemed that there wasn’t much effect.

Lu Ye highly valued Qiao Yuan, so upon hearing this he had no choice but to put aside his prejudices and awkwardly rubbed Qiao Yuan’s soft hair, saying: “Alright, I won’t say anything more.”

“Mm.” Qiao Yuan laughed, looking like a simple and harmless little white rabbit, “Fu Shen is a really good person. You’ll understand once you get to know him.”

Lu Ye thought to himself: With this kind of personality, one day he’ll be sold off and still be counting the money for them. Sigh.

Returning to the private room, there were many people inside. Tang Zhou saw Fu Shen sitting in the corner at a glance.

The young man was dressed simply in a black coat and slightly loose jeans, making his legs appear long and straight. He was sitting on a high stool and as if sensing Tang Zhou’s gaze, he looked up. His amber-colored eyes were deep, and there was a slight smile in them.

Tang Zhou was actually a bit surprised. In his dream Fu Shen didn’t attend Qiao Yuan’s birthday party.

Qiao Yuan invited mostly classmates, who were from the same year. Only Tang Zhou and Lu Ye were seniors in their fourth year.

When they saw Tang Zhou, the others all had excited expressions on their faces. This was the great and famous gold hand Tang Shen who was usually hard to even catch a glimpse of. Now that they had the opportunity to get close to him, they were naturally thrilled.

In front of outsiders, Tang Zhou generally didn’t speak or smile much. But today was Qiao Yuan’s birthday, so the atmosphere was important. He looked quite gentle and approachable.

One of the younger students mustered up the courage to greet him: “Hello, Tang Shen.”

Tang Zhou gave a faint smile and said, “You can call me Tang Zhou or Senior. Tang Shen is too much.”

His speech was a bit different from others, slow and methodical, with a sense of gravitas, yet fluent and not abrupt at all, making it very pleasant to listen to.

Overall, he was very well-mannered, but not at all arrogant.

The younger students couldn’t help but laugh and their moods relaxed.

Today, Qiao Yuan was the main character, so Tang Zhou didn’t say much and casually found a place to sit.

Once everyone had arrived, Lu Ye brought out a large cake. The cake was carefully made, the high-quality cream looked very delectable and there were chocolate and cherries inlaid on top. It smelled sweet and fragrant.

They lit the candles and everyone gathered around the cake, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in unison.

Qiao Yuan had a blissful smile on his face, with a sweet taste that was like it had come from a honey pot.

Lu Ye looked at him with a smile, his eyes full of love.

Tang Zhou turned towards Fu Shen, who was hidden in the candlelight and coincidentally, Fu Shen also looked back at him. The two men locked gazes for a split second before both averting their gazes.

After Qiao Yuan made his wish and blew out the candle, Lu Ye offered to help him cut the cake.

It didn’t matter whether anyone ate it or not; it was just for the sake of the ceremony. As for smearing cake on each other, no one present had the courage to do that.

Lu Ye was unhappy just at the sight of Fu Shen, so he didn’t cut him a piece of cake. Qiao Yuan was having fun with the others and didn’t notice.

Tang Zhou didn’t like the overly sweet cake, so he passed his piece to Fu Shen in front of him.

“What’s the matter?”

Tang Zhou looked at him, “I don’t like this.”

Fu Shen replied calmly, “You don’t have to eat it.”

“It’s a shame to waste it.” Tang Zhou raised his eyebrows and said, “You are my assistant, you have to share my concerns.”

Fu Shen: “…”

The sweet aroma of cream combined with the faint fruit flavor, constantly lingered on the tip of the nose. Even though he was a sweets enthusiast, Fu Shen pretended to be distressed before reluctantly accepting it.

Seeing him pretending, Tang Zhou secretly thought: It’s a good thing he was my assistant in my dream so I know that he likes sweets, otherwise I would have been deceived by his expression.

The cake was sweet but not greasy, with a soft and fragrant taste when it entered the mouth. It should have been custom-made by a famous cake shop in Jiangcheng. Fu Shen ate it slowly and ignored the unpleasant glances thrown at him from time to time by Lu Ye.

He was looking at Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou was holding a glass of fruit juice, with distinct finger bones and slender fingers as white as frost. The blue-colored juice in the transparent glass cup rippled, and his reddish lips bit the straw, his handsome and mysterious face partially hidden in shadows.

As if a spectator, he seemed out of place amidst the surrounding laughter and playfulness, exuding a bit of loneliness.

Sensing someone looking at him, Tang Zhou turned his head and when he met Fu Shen’s gaze, he hesitated for a second before suddenly smiling.

He rarely smiled, so this completely blooming smile was even more rare. This smile made his entire person bright and lively, with his eyes slightly upturned, the crescent moons in his eyes accumulating, his lips red and teeth white, incredibly attractive.

As Fu Shen held the small bowl, he looked at him with a mixture of confusion and bewilderment.

After smiling enough, Tang Zhou lowered his eyebrows and gently touched his own mouth, indicating that Fu Shen had cream on his lips.

The latter understood and pretended to calmly wipe it away with paper, but his slightly reddened earlobes revealed the fluctuations in his heart.

After enjoying someone’s embarrassment to his satisfaction, Tang Zhou felt content and happily drank a sip of sweet and sour fruit juice.

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