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Chapter 25.3

Originally, everyone was looking forward to this basketball game, and the basketball club was also actively preparing, but unfortunately, plans couldn’t keep up with changes.

One of the team members accidentally got injured the day before the game and couldn’t participate.

Those who could join the game definitely had good skills, but suddenly losing a key player made everyone anxious.

Lu Ye wiped the sweat off his forehead, “Don’t we have substitutes? Let’s have someone else come up and give it a try.”

But when the substitute arrived, Lu Ye’s face darkened.

He endured his depression and asked, “Doesn’t the club have other skilled members?”

The basketball club president replied cautiously, “We do, but they haven’t participated in many games.”

Lu Ye frowned, “Then how do you know he’s good at it?”

The president explained, “We’ve played together before. His jump shots and long range shots are quite good, but he’s quite busy, so I’ll ask and see.”

Lu Ye nodded, asking casually, “What’s his name?”

“Fu Shen, he’s a freshman and also a representative of their class.”

It was because of the aura surrounding Fu Shen that he had a strong impression of him.

Lu Ye: “…”

He dropped his towel, “Other than him, is there anyone else suitable?”

“Um…” The president hesitated, “Should I ask again?”

Lu Ye took a sip of water, “Forget it, call him first.”

The president followed his advice.

Soon, he came back with a crying expression, “He didn’t agree.”

Lu Ye’s brows furrowed. Although he didn’t hold any biases against Fu Shen now, there was still a hurdle in his heart. It was already uncomfortable, but hearing that Fu Shen refused made it worse.

Overall, his self-esteem took a hit.

He said expressionlessly, “You really can’t find anyone else?”

The president was weak and helpless, “Fu Shen’s skills are really better than others, and he’s the best fit to fill in this gap. Or how about….. I ask again?”

“No need.” Lu Ye took out his phone and tapped the screen vigorously.

[Lu Ye]: Tang Zhou, help me out.

[Tang Zhou]: Speak.

[Lu Ye]: One of the team members got injured and we need a replacement. The basketball club recommended Fu Shen, but he didn’t agree.

[Tang Zhou]: So?

[Lu Ye]: I don’t want to lose the last game before graduation, so I’m asking for your help.

[Tang Zhou]: I can’t help.

[Lu Ye]: I think you can.

[Tang Zhou]: ….

Why did Lu Ye think he could persuade Fu Shen? People like Fu Shen rarely changed their decisions once they were made.

Moreover, he had just embarrassed himself in front of Fu Shen, he didn’t want to face him at all.

[Lu Ye]: You have a good relationship with him, he should agree.

[Tang Zhou]: Where do we have a good relationship?

[Lu Ye]: Cooks for you, does household chores for you, and remember that time in Fan City? He even bought you a shoe dryer in the rain. Just give it a shot for me, if it doesn’t work, then forget it.

Tang Zhou was quite soft-hearted when facing someone he cared about, and he didn’t want Lu Ye to have regrets before graduating.

So he agreed.

On Saturday, Fu Shen didn’t attend classes. He focused on projects at the company.

His phone rang.

[Tang Zhou]: Can you do me a favour?

He paused for a moment, and thinking about the call he received from the basketball club president just now, his lips pursed slightly.

[Fu Shen]: Go ahead.

[Tang Zhou]: Can you play in the basketball game?

Getting straight to the point, he was really straightforward.

Fu Shen’s eyes turned cold.

[Fu Shen]: Acting as a lobbyist for Lu Ye?

[Tang Zhou]: It’s fine if you don’t want to.

[Fu Shen]: Do you want me to go?

Tang Zhou’s fingertips hesitated. What did this have to do with whether he wanted him to go or not? But considering the honor of Jiang University and Lu Ye’s hopes, he replied hesitantly.

[Tang Zhou]: En.

The corners of Fu Shen’s lips lifted, a smile forming in his eyes.

[Fu Shen]: Tell Lu Ye he owes me a favor.

[Tang Zhou]: Okay.

After learning that he owed Fu Shen another favor, Lu Ye was already resigned. After all, more debt wouldn’t weigh him down more, and the favor he owed from last time hadn’t been paid back yet. Who knows when he would be able to pay him back.

Dealing with the current matter was the most important.

They had a match tomorrow and time was limited, so Lu Ye wanted to practice their coordination a few more times today.

He had thought that even if Fu Shen had good skills, their tacit understanding would affect their performance. But unexpectedly, Fu Shen’s addition was like a tiger that had grown wings.

Although they hadn’t developed a tacit understanding as a team yet, it had to be said that Fu Shen observed things intricately. He actively coordinated with his teammates and had absolute control over the situation on the field.

The more they practiced, the more Lu Ye appreciated Fu Shen. The exhilaration on the court gradually dissolved his preconceptions about Fu Shen, and their coordination became increasingly stable.

After an exhilarating practice, Lu Ye would even pat Tang Zhou on the shoulder or exchange high-fives, although Fu Shen couldn’t be bothered to respond to him.

The next day arrived in the blink of an eye.

Jiang University’s basketball stadium was packed to the brim, mostly because of the presence of the campus prince, Lu Ye.

Tang Zhou and Qiao Yuan were sitting in their seats, and feeling the waves of cheers one after another, slowly felt their blood heat up.

Tang Zhou considered himself to be very low-key, but the surrounding audience were excited to see him, even lifting their phones to sneak a few pictures.

Tang Zhou felt a moment of regret. He shouldn’t have come here.

The referee’s whistle blew, and the entire arena gradually fell silent.

Both the Jiang University and the Gong University basketball teams were dressed in different colored jerseys, their focus on the basketball in the referee’s hand.

Tang Zhou had good eyesight; he immediately spotted Fu Shen in the Jiang University team.

Fu Shen was wearing a bright red jersey, his well-defined arms on display, and tall and handsome, he wasn’t overshadowed even when he stood beside Lu Ye.

Tang Zhou heard the girls in the front row chatting excitedly.

“Oh my gosh, who’s that handsome guy next to Senior Lu? I thought Senior Lu would steal the show today, I never expected it to be a duo of handsome men standing side by side! I ship them, I ship them too much!”

Tang Zhou: ….

The way these words were used, if Lu Ye heard them, he would probably explode.

Qiao Yuan burst into laughter, his shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

Amid the enthusiastic discussions of the audience, the basketball game kicked off.

The tension was palpable.

Tang Zhou wasn’t into basketball much, but that didn’t stop him from understanding the game. As for Qiao Yuan, he had watched every basketball game Lu Ye had played from the sidelines, so even if he didn’t want to understand, he understood it.

Jiang University and Gong University’s basketball teams were evenly matched and the game was intense. The two of them watched with keen interest, and every time Jiang University scored, Qiao Yuan clapped excitedly.

Tang Zhou gradually got caught up in the competitive atmosphere and joined the cheering crowd.

The score on the court was now neck and neck, both sides gripping tightly, with just one minute left!

The hearts of the entire audience was suspended in anticipation, and when a player from Jiang University scored a winning point, the hearts of Jiang University supporters jumped into their throats.

Tang Zhou also clenched his fist, his gaze fixed on that familiar yet unfamiliar figure, holding his breath in anticipation.

He had never seen Fu Shen play basketball; he didn’t know Fu Shen was this good.

Just as Fu Shen made a jump shot, a player from Gong University suddenly slipped and stumbled, and one of his legs tripped Fu Shen!

With a “thud”, both of them fell to the ground.

The ball went in, but the player had fallen.

Tang Zhou shot up, his heart skipping a beat for a second, his hands and feet turning icy cold.

Seeing Fu Shen being helped up, only managing to support himself on one foot, his brows furrowed, watching his every move on the court.

Fu Shen’s gaze shot straight over, their eyes meeting coincidentally.

Right from the start, Fu Shen had found him in the midst of the dense crowd of spectators.

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