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Chapter 19.2

Editor: Jodi

There were many fruit stalls, offering a richer variety than in town, with blueberries, cherries, and more.

Ning Sheng bought a large portion of blueberries.

“Eat them quickly.” Ning Sheng told Xu Ling.

Xu Ling: “Vomit.”

Ning Sheng, on the other hand was admiring Xu Ling’s eyes.

Xu Ling was really good-looking, he was already gradually taking on the outline of the handsome man he would become later on, he would definitely be popular in the future.

“When you see blueberries in the future, you’ll think of me.” Ning Sheng told him confidently.

Xu Ling: “There’s no need to wait for the future. I think of blueberries when I see you now, unpleasant and unlucky.”

Ten minutes later, Lu Peng who came over with four servings of deep fried ice cream laughed when he saw Xu Ling.

“Princess looks like he’s about to explode.” Lu Peng said in sympathy.

“Hiss…. it’s not a big problem.” Xu Ling said, rubbing his hand that had been wrung red, “No face slapping means it’s not too bad.”

“Xu Ge, you’re experienced.” Lu Peng said admiringly.

Ning Sheng wasn’t really angry. He was standing by the road watching a rocking car.

It was a boring and childish toy, yet the child sitting on it was laughing happily.

“Still playing?” A father was standing on the side, holding a handful of coins.

A long, long time ago, Ning Sheng was also taken to play by his parents, a time when each day seemed endless and his parents had ample time for him.

But since his leg became injured, his parents suddenly became busy.

Maybe parental love was conditional. Switching from major to minor when one becomes useless, it was normal human behavior.

After a long time, he had even forgotten to miss them.

“Apple or strawberry flavor, which one do you want?” Two meal boxes were handed over from the side, “I’m more interested in the apple one.”

Ning Sheng: “What’s this?”

Xu Ling: “Deep fried ice cream.”

Ning Sheng: “Give them all to me, you’re not allowed to eat them.”

“Ah?” Xu Ling was stunned, “Then let me take a bite.”

Xu Ling: “Ning Ning is always the nicest to me, right?”

Ning Sheng averted his eyes: “Fine, just a small bite.”

Xu Ling chewed up the entire apple-flavored treat in one go and strutted away.

Ning Sheng: “……”

By the time the lights in the market were lit up, darkness had fallen.

Standing near a fortune-teller’s stall, Ning Sheng was watching Li Haoyue pressuring the master to calculate the answers to multiple-choice questions when suddenly, he felt a tug on the green ribbon on his wrist. Turning around, he saw Xu Ling pulling him with the ribbon.

“Ning Ning, come here!” Xu Ling said, “Let’s go see the fireflies.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

Between the calm forest and mountains, countless flickering green lights shimmered.

“So beautiful.” He said.

He had only heard of the beauty of fireflies through others or seen them in distorted pictures.

There were some scenes that one had to see for themselves.

“It’s even prettier up there.” Xu Ling told him.

Ning Sheng looked up: “Up there?”

Using imagination?

Xu Ling pushed him towards a tree, where a large stone had already been prepared.

Xu Ling: “Climb.”

*Ning Sheng: “? Are you cursing me?”

Xu Ling: “No, hurry up and climb.”

Xu Ling: “……Climb the tree, it’s climbing the tree! Put your palm down!”

Ning Sheng didn’t want to climb the tree.

The upbringing he had received since he was a child forbade such unrefined behavior.

But the little devil king was really strong and was already hoisting him towards the tree by his waist.

Above, on the tree branch, Xu Ling’s accomplice, Lu Peng had already stretched his hand to pull him up.

“I’m not going.” Ning Sheng was close to tears as he pressed against the trunk of the tree, “This tree is so dirty.”

Xu Ling: “It’s not dirty, it’s not dirty. It just rained, it’s very clean.”

“If it’s very clean then why don’t you take a bite and taste if it’s salty?” Ning Sheng kicked his two legs wildly.

“Aren’t you….. very energetic at this moment?” Xu Ling whose little brother nearly got kicked lifted Ning Sheng higher quickly and Lu Peng reached out to pull him up.

“Don’t, I definitely won’t be able to get down later.” Ning Sheng struggled.

Xu Ling: “You’ll be able to, you’ll be able to.”

“Don’t push my butt! I have firecrackers in my pocket!” Ning Sheng screamed.

Xu Ling: “I have a sense of propriety.”

Ning Sheng: “You have my ass. If you had a sense of propriety pigs would climb trees.”

Xu Ling: “……”

“I don’t want to go up, I can’t climb trees.”

Then Ning Sheng, having lost a shoe in his failed resistance, was hoisted onto the tree branch.

He lay on the branch, his hair damp with sweat, feeling like the world had gone mad.

This was so embarrassing, he covered his face.

“Where does it hurt?” Xu Ling asked him.

Ning Sheng: “My pride.”

Xu Ling: “That’s not important.”

“Too barbaric!” Ning Sheng scolded, “I’m going to be killed by you.”

Half of his life was going to be accounted for in this tree.

“Princess, you can climb trees now, yay!” Lu Peng clapped.

Ning Sheng: “……”

The tree branch wasn’t very high, and Lu Peng, showing off, climbed higher, while Xu Ling stayed beside him.

The sensation of his legs dangling made Ning Sheng a bit scared, so he clung to the branch tightly, unwilling to let go.

However, the view that followed made him forget his fear.

Green fireflies soared, and amidst the deep and layered shadows of the trees, the beauty made it so that it looked like they weren’t on earth.

The night sky was deep blue, with a sparse array of stars as well as the moon.

En, moon, where was Li Haoyue1The Yue in Li Haoyue’s name means moon?

“I’m here.” A voice came from down below.

Li Haoyue was sitting on the stone Xu Ling had brought, munching on a deep fried ice cream.

“Aren’t you coming up?” Ning Sheng asked him.

The math nerd lifted a flashlight up then shone it on him, looking at him as if he were a fool: “I can’t climb trees.”

Ning Sheng: “Oh.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

Ning Sheng: “Then why do I have to be up here???”

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