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Chapter 7.1

Editor: Jodi

Ning Sheng was so sleepy that he could barely open his eyes and so temporarily stopped paying attention to Xu Ling, falling asleep on his desk.

When he woke up, everything in front of him was a glaring white.

A row of paper-folded fighter jets and small tanks were surrounding him.

Ning Sheng: “……”

“What are you doing?” He heard Teacher Zhang ask Xu Ling.

“Protecting Ning Ning.” The little devil king replied, “He’s asleep.”

“Ning Sheng, wake up.” Teacher Zhang patted his shoulder, “It’s too cold, you might catch a cold.”

Ning Sheng sat up straight—

And his first sentence was: “Your folding skills are just so-so, worse than mine.”

His second sentence: “What… did you use to fold these??”

Half of the ‘Advanced Mathematics’ book had been torn off, the knowledge also halved.

Ning Sheng silently repeated “step by step” in his head several times.

“Are you sure you’re protecting me?” He asked. “The barrel of your tank seems to be pointing at me.”

Xu Ling thought that made sense and flipped the origami toy over.

Ning Sheng was skilled at folding paper boats. He tore a page from a book, folded a small boat, and placed it in Xu Ling’s hand.

“It looks better than yours.” Ning Sheng said.

“Is it for me?” The little devil king was excited.

Ning Sheng, “It’s just to prove that I can fold better than you.”

However Xu Ling carefully cleared all the paper folds on the table and placed the small boat in the center of it.

“Xu Ling.” Lu Peng noticed the commotion, “Is that a dumpling on your table?”

Ning Sheng: “……”

Dumpling? How did it look like a dumpling!

“No taste.” Xu Ling scolded loudly, “This is a yuanbao. 1foil-paper imitation of ingot, used as funerary offering

Ning Sheng: “……”

Whatever, it should look like whatever you want it to look like.

Today, the snacks handed out at kindergarten were dried cranberries.

Ning Sheng didn’t usually eat things from outside and usually declined them.

But today, he stretched out his hands to the teacher just like the other cubs and said, “Thank you, Teacher.”

It was rare for Teacher Zhang to see him so lively, so she patted his head and gave him an extra pack.

Ning Sheng thought for a moment, tore a small opening in the packaging of the dried cranberries, and then waved to Xu Ling who was happily playing with a toy horse.

“Ning Ning, aren’t I really good at riding horses?” The little devil king asked him.

“I don’t want these anymore.” Ning Sheng poured the dried cranberries into Xu Ling’s hand.

“Wow!” Xu Ling held two extra portions of the little snacks.

Over on the other side, Lu Peng was so envious that his eyes turned red.

“The princess is really good to you.” Lu Peng said.

“That’s of course.” Xu Ling replied.

Ning Sheng was secretly happy.

It was quite easy to gain the little devil king’s favor.

Then he heard Xu Ling proclaim loudly, “We slept together last night!”

Ning Sheng: “……”

“We even shared a blanket.” Xu Ling added.

“Wow, it’s only my dad and mom who share one blanket.” Lu Peng said enviously.

Sleeping together was just sleeping together, what was there to show off about?

Ning Sheng really didn’t understand certain cubs’ excitement.

But Xu Ling really clung to him, and today, when he wasn’t paying attention, he wrote the word “Xu” on the back of his hand.

He was thinking about his “the little devil king King Development Plan” and so didn’t pay much attention to Xu Ling chatting with others.

“Can I be friends with the princess too?” Lu Peng asked, drooling.

“No.” Xu Ling was very vigilant.

“Why?” Lu Peng didn’t understand. “The princess is only one, but one can have many friends, right? What makes you so different?”

“I…” Xu Ling couldn’t come up with an answer.

Ning Sheng had calculated several plans in his mind, causing his head to spin, only to realize that the little devil king was sticking to him too closely today.

Xu Ling’s ice-cold hand slipped inside his sleeve, clutching his arm tightly, as if guarding some precious treasure.

“Let go.” Ning Sheng told him.

“Xu Ling.” Teacher Zhang spoke up, “You can’t pinch your deskmate like a toy.”

“I don’t dare pinch him.” Xu Ling told her, “Ning Ning, is very hot.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

Teacher Zhang: “?”

“39.3 degrees.” Half a minute later, Teacher Zhang stared at the thermometer in her hand. “I need to call his parents.”

When Ning Sheng’s grandmother arrived, he was sitting in his wheelchair, shivering and wrapped in Teacher Zhang’s oversized down jacket, in a daze.

“Maybe it because he lay on the desk in the morning that’s why he caught a cold.” Teacher Zhang blamed herself, “I’m sorry, it was our oversight.”

“It’s okay.” His grandmother said, “This child hasn’t had a strong constitution since he got injured last year.”

Xu Ling crouched on the ground, watching the adults take Ning Sheng’s temperature, give him water, and hurriedly wheel him outside.

His little princess sat small and thin in the wheelchair, his eyes closed tightly, curled eyelashes casting a delicate shadow beneath his eyelids. His cheeks were flushed with fever and his slightly pale lips were pressed tightly against the high collar of his clothes, along with his white chin, his fair fingers curled, clutching the corner of his own clothing.

Then he was blocked by those adults and could only watch as the little princess was taken away.

Several images flashed before his eyes, as if this wasn’t the first time he had watched Ning Sheng leave in front of him.

“Xu Ling, why are you following?” Teacher Zhang stopped him, “Quickly return to your seat.”

The luxurious black car drove down the hill.

Ning Sheng’s toy dog was left on the ground. Xu Ling picked it up, wiped it off, and placed it on the desk—

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