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Chapter 7.2

Editor: Jodi

When Ning Sheng opened his eyes, he was in the hospital.

His hand had an IV needle in it and the medicine in the drip was dripping steadily. The hospital room was quiet.

As a child, he was too fragile.

Just a few minutes of sleeping on the desk and his body could get such a feverish response.

“You’re awake?” His grandmother said, “Go back to sleep. You don’t need to go to kindergarten for a few days.”

Ning Sheng: “Huh?”

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?” He touched his forehead with her hand. “You used to hate going to school the most, right?”

“Don’t think Grandma doesn’t know.” His grandmother continued, “You drank ice water on purpose to get sick so you wouldn’t go to kindergarten.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

Indeed, now that she mentioned it, he had some recollection.

He used to hate being around kids his age.

Toothaches, stomach aches and even just seeing the kindergarten gate would make his eyes hurt, so he had found all sorts of reasons.

But recently… he didn’t seem to mind going that much.

It was actually quite interesting.

“Go back to sleep.” His grandmother continued, “And once you’re feeling better, we’ll call your mom and dad. Didn’t you like making phone calls before?”

Ning Sheng’s head was clouded with the fever, so he nodded at her words and drifted back to sleep.

This illness lasted for three days, and on the third day when the fever finally subsided, they managed to call his parents.

When the call connected, he heard his dad’s voice.

“Sheng Sheng.” His Dad asked, “You didn’t go to kindergarten today?”

Ning Sheng was about to say he was sick when there was a commotion on the other end.

His Dad: “Sheng Sheng, your mom is giving birth to a little baby. I’ll call you back after I’m done.”

Ning Sheng said okay.

Indeed, considering the timing, it seemed like his useless little brother was being born right now.

He handed the phone back to his grandmother.

“Didn’t I tell you.” His grandmother smiled, “You’ll get used to it after staying here for a while.”

His grandmother: “You haven’t been fussing about going back lately.”

Really? Ning Sheng didn’t remember this part of his childhood.

“Grandma is very happy seeing you play with your little friends lately, and you’re in better spirits than before.” His grandmother continued, “So I followed Dr. Chen’s advice and found you a little playmate with a good personality.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

What the h*ll?

His grandmother waved, and a well-behaved little boy entered the hospital room.

“He goes to the same kindergarten, so you can play with him more at school.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

“My name is Li Haoyue.” The impeccably dressed little boy said with his head raised high, “Class 2 of the Junior Kindergarten at Golden Sun Kindergarten.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

He had some impression of this classmate.

Before his rebirth, when he and Xu Ling were in intense competition, this guy used to be a math genius frequently featured on educational TV channels.

This wasn’t a playmate, this was a disaster.

The next day, when Ning Sheng returned to school, he found himself assigned a new deskmate— Li Haoyue.

Xu Ling, as usual, arrived late to class and walked in confidently, only to find that his deskmate had been changed.

He was furious.

Li Haoyue was a well-behaved cub whom all the teachers in the junior class adored. He spoke softly and neatly, dressed neatly, never rolled around on the floor, didn’t eat the starch sausages at the school gate, and didn’t worship Ultraman Tiga.

“You’ll definitely like this math problem.” When Xu Ling walked over, Li Haoyue was giving Ning Sheng a homework assignment. “I brought thirty copies for you.”

Ning Sheng, forced to learn math for no apparent reason, felt like he had been hit by a boomerang. “……”

Grandma had told him that that Li Haoyue’s parents were both high school teachers, and that this little friend was well-mannered, obedient, and sensible. Spending time with him would definitely be beneficial to his recovery.

“This is my seat.” Xu Ling said fiercely.

“It’s mine now.” Li Haoyue raised his hand, “Teacher Zhang, Xu Ling is disrupting our learning.”

Xu Ling was carried away by Teacher Zhang to the opposite side.

For half a morning, Xu Ling couldn’t find an opportunity to get close to Ning Sheng.

Ning Sheng stayed with that clean little boy and didn’t even glance at him.

Ning Sheng couldn’t take it anymore. He felt like pretending to be sick again to avoid going to kindergarten.

What kind of family was this? They too so studious. Such a young child already knew addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and he kept pulling him to do math problems together, instilling in him the importance of studying hard every moment.

It wasn’t until it was getting to the afternoon that he managed to escape while Li Haoyue wasn’t paying attention, wheeling himself away.

Too terrifying.

He strolled around the playground and finally found Xu Ling near the sandbox.

Xu Ling was sitting by the sandbox, holding a shovel and digging in the sand.

A piece of candy hit his head.

“What are you doing?” The little devil king looked up, his tone hard.

Ning Sheng ignored him and threw another piece of candy.

“I’m going to hit you.” The little devil king waved his fist.

“You dare.” Ning Sheng challenged.

Xu Ling sat on the ground, not saying a word as he wiped his face with sandy his hands, making it even dirtier.

“You ended our friendship.” Xu Ling said.

Ning Sheng: “?”

The brain circuits of cubs were strange.

“You’re the one who ignored me the whole morning, you dummy.” He said back.

“Yes, dummy. You think I’m dumb and you think I’m dirty.” The little devil king stood up abruptly, saying with grief and indignation, “Lu Peng said you’re going to play with the smart kid.”

Ning Sheng: “……” Hiss.

“I don’t think you’re dirty.” He told him.

Xu Ling: “You do! I had to take off my pants when I entered your room.”

Ning Sheng: “? Didn’t I not let you take them off in the end?!”

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