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Chapter 10.1

Editor: Jodi

In September, just before the second grade started at Golden Sun Primary School, Ning Sheng sat on a small stool outside Xu Ling’s house, working on their summer homework together with him.

“You guys… haven’t written anything at all?” Li Haoyue stood under a tree, stunned. “I can write it for you.”

“No need.” Ning Sheng shook his head.

“Indeed.” Li Haoyue appreciated this attitude of his. “Good students do their homework themselves.”

But just as his words fell–

Ning Sheng opened the homework book and tore out a few pages from the middle.

“Tear them cleaner.” He told Xu Ling.

“Okay!” The little devil king was good at doing this and immediately ripped the pages with the densest questions cleanly.

“Don’t tear the math ones.” Li Haoyue felt it was a pity. “A pity all those questions.”

“Little Bell! Princess! Nerd! Want to go catch some shrimps?” Lu Peng rode by on his skateboard.

“Coming.” Xu Ling placed the homework book on the table, pushed Ning Sheng, and ran.

“I’m not going.” Li Haoyue said. “I want to go home and do math problems.”

“Do what math problems.” Lu Peng, stalwart, reached out and grabbed him. “You’ve got a long road of solving problems ahead of you, but if you miss out on the shrimps, you won’t get them again.”

Li Haoyue: “Are shrimps as fragrant as math problems?”

The group of cubs left noisily, leaving the area in front of the car wash shop much quieter.

“En, it seems my son has been quite studious lately.” Xu Ling’s stepfather said to a customer as he walked in. “He was just doing homework with his friends.”

Xu Ling’s stepfather continued, “They finished it all in just a little while.”

“Let me share some mulberries with you, but I don’t have anything to put them in, so use these paper napkins.” The customer said.

Xu Ling’s stepfather casually grabbed a few sheets of paper from the table, but then froze the moment he saw them.

Wait, weren’t these the f*cking first grade summer homework?

Ning Sheng sat by the pond, a small blanket on his lap, and a few people’s water bottles hanging on his wheelchair beside him.

He held the “fishing rod” that Xu Ling gave him—a carefully chosen small twig with a simple fishing line attached to it.

And Xu Ling was half-kneeling beside his wheelchair, attaching earthworms to the line.

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.” Ning Sheng felt uncomfortable at the sight of the earthworms. “Stay away from me.”

“Okay, okay.” Xu Ling finished hurriedly. “This one’s for you to fish.”

Ning Sheng lifted the rod with strength, cast the hook, and threw it out.

The line fell on the water, floating gently and Li Haoyue, who was squatting by the reeds doing his homework, let out a strange cry.

“It’s still moving….” Li Haoyue shivered as he used his pen to flick the earthworm away.

“It has to move, otherwise it won’t be fresh.” Xu Ling told him. “Don’t step on it, it’s shameful to waste it!”

Ning Sheng: “….”

He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I don’t want it.” He said. “I don’t want to play anymore, woo woo woo.”

A tantrum sometimes worked, because Xu Ling stopped.

“You don’t like second-hand ones?” The little devil king suddenly realized then instructed, “Lu Peng, get him a brand new one.”

“No problem. Princess, tell me which one you like.” Lu Peng said.

Ning Sheng was about to run off.

What fishing for shrimp? Wouldn’t he be happy if he went home and enjoyed the air condition?

He had recovered pretty well and he could now take a slow walk for two or three steps.

But after a couple of steps, the little devil king held him firmly, carried him back to the wheelchair, and handed him a new fishing rod.

Ning Sheng gritted his teeth, raised his hand, and cast it into the pond. This time, Li Haoyue took refuge in a safe zone.

The bait sank with a gulp into the water.

Ning Sheng stopped making a fuss.

“Ning Ning, watch them for me.” Xu Ling took off his outer pants, threw them on Ning Sheng’s lap, and was left with just shorts as he prepared to join Lu Peng in the water.

“If you dare to go deep into the water, I’ll tell your Dad.” Ning Sheng told him. “I’ll have him chase after you and spank you.”

But Xu Ling had already dashed far away.

Ning Sheng watched for a moment then felt that his worries were a bit unnecessary.

Although these two were wild, they still had some restraint, just playing and fooling around by the edge of the water.

Ning Sheng stared blankly for a while when suddenly, the twig in his hand moved. He lifted it with force and a little shrimp was pulled out of the water.

He actually caught one!

Li Haoyue also stopped doing his homework and stood up to call Xu Ling.

Xu Ling and Lu Peng came over with a bucket of small fish and shrimps.

“Ning Ning is awesome!” Xu Ling said.

“Hmph, just so-so.” Ning Sheng turned his head, blushing slightly.

Then Xu Ling and Lu Peng set up a makeshift stove by the shore and grilled the shrimps and small fishes.

Ning Sheng wasn’t interested in eating and didn’t touch any, but Li Haoyue liked them, flipping through his book while crunching on quite a few.

“I want to go to bed, I want to go home.” Ning Sheng said, noticing that it was getting dark.

Xu Ling: “Okay!”

“Wait a minute, I have to pee.” Lu Peng stood up and walked towards the pond.

Li Haoyue: “…”

Li Haoyue: “Vomit.”

When Ning Sheng went home, he still had a lingering smile on his face.

“School starts tomorrow, and you’re in such a good mood?” His grandmother asked him.

“En!” Ning Sheng drank a bottle of milk fiercely. “Grandma, do you think I’ve grown taller?”

While Xu Ling had grown taller bit by bit, his own height hadn’t changed a bit.

“It seems like it.” His grandmother assessed him somewhat uncertainly.

This child was beautiful from a young age. He often appeared on TV shows with his celebrity aunt, and there were many pictures and videos of him in the entertainment industry. However in recent years, he had become even more beautiful, and his future elegant and refined appearance was already discernible.

Moreover, during this break, he had been pushed out by Xu Ling to play almost every day, but surprisingly, he didn’t get a tan at all, and was especially conspicuous out among the group of sun-kissed children.

“Go to bed.” His grandmother urged. “Your little friends will come to wait for you to go to school tomorrow.”

“They’re not little friends!” Ning Sheng said.

The next morning, Golden Sun Primary School welcomed its second-grade students.

“Turn in your homework, turn in your homework!” The class monitor was a soft-spoken girl, so her voice was drowned by the noisy classroom.

Ning Sheng turned to look at Xu Ling, and the little devil king slammed his desk and yelled, “Let me see who’s still talking!”

Everyone in the class was afraid of him, so suddenly, it fell silent.

“These are mine and Ning Ning’s homework.” Xu Ling took the opportunity to slip theirs into the stack of checked assignments, then turned to give Ning Sheng an OK sign.

Ning Sheng turned his head, a slight smile on his lips.

Having a friend he had raised from childhood was really good.

As soon as the bell rang for the end of the first class, Xu Ling stood up, crouched beside him, and Ning Sheng reached out naturally and wrapped his hands around Xu Ling’s neck, letting Xu Ling carry him.

“Ai, Ning Ning.” The little devil king said as he walked steadily toward the restroom, “I just went to write a self-criticism and I heard from the homeroom teacher that we have a field trip this weekend. Hehe, I’m going to have my mom make sweet cakes to bring.”

“Why did you write a self-criticism again?” Ning Sheng rested his head on the side of Xu Ling’s neck.

“I went to the bathroom.” Xu Ling said mysteriously, “and beat up a sixth grader.”

Ning Sheng: “…”

Right, very good.

The little devil king’s ability to take on opponents from higher grades had grown stronger.

“Why did you beat him?” Ning Sheng asked.

Xu Ling snorted, “He was peeing crookedly.”

Ning Sheng: “???”

So strict.

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