I raised my nemesis into my husband

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Chapter 3

Ning Sheng trembled at Xu Ling’s shout, nearly having an accident.

But the person in the neighboring stall had an even more dramatic reaction, with a loud crash that sounded like a dropped phone, probably resulting in a cracked screen.

“Are you done?” Ning Sheng asked, “Shut up.”

Too embarrassing.

“One more thing.” Xu Ling said, “Wait a moment.”

Then he roared loudly, “I will become stronger!”

Ning Sheng sighed, feeling like crying. In the neighboring stall, someone dropped their phone, but in his stall, he felt like he was the one being thrown around.

“Ning Ning, are you done now?” Xu Ling asked. “I’m done.”

“…. En.” He gripped the door handle then was half-dragged, half-carried back into the wheelchair by the little devil king.

He sat back down, gasped softly, and then saw Xu Ling’s red face once again.

Life was really marvellous.

Ning Sheng couldn’t have imagined in the past that he would have such an odd connection with Xu Ling.

“Back to the classroom.” He ordered.

His order didn’t have any effect as the little devil king simply ignored them.

He crouched down and examined him seriously, as if he were evaluating something.

Ning Sheng: ?

Xu Ling got closer, pulled down the hem of his down jacket, adjusted his pants, and neatly tied his belt for him.

“Silly Ning Ning, you can’t even dress yourself properly.” Xu Ling looked at him with a look of hating iron for not becoming steel.

Ning Sheng: “…..”

Isn’t it because I don’t have any strength?

“Your own pants have been on backwards the whole morning!” Ning Sheng said angrily, “I held it in all morning without saying anything!”

Xu Ling nodded, “I know.”

“My mom says if the outside is dirty, you can turn it inside out and wear it again.” Xu Ling waited for the wheelchair to move forward, “You don’t have to be embarrassed, feel free to say whatever you want.”

Ning Sheng was already not angry.

Facing the adult Xu Ling, he might have been able to contend, but this little devil king had him completely helpless.

Xu Ling paused for a moment and said, “But you’re different from us, you’re a little princess.”

This statement was a bit vague, and Ning Sheng didn’t quite catch it.

But he also didn’t press further. After all, the current thought processes of this little devil king could easily send him soaring into the sky.

Just pushing a wheelchair could send him flying.

So when they passed by the sink, he quickly interrupted, “I want to wash my hands!”

“That’s a good habit.” Xu Ling stopped and assessed the height of the sink in relation to Ning Sheng sitting in the wheelchair, “But sitting like that, you can probably only wash your head.”

Ning Sheng was furious. Was this his arch-nemesis taunting him?

“Wait a moment.” Xu Ling reached into his pocket, found a handkerchief, unfolded it, wet it under the running water, and then wrung it dry.

Then he pulled Ning Sheng’s hand out from under the sleeve and carefully wiped it with the damp handkerchief.

Ning Sheng’s hands were small and delicate, and Xu Ling’s movements had already become very gentle. The rough handkerchief wiped over each fair finger, neatly trimmed nails, but still brought out a thin layer of pale pink.

“How’s my wiping?” Xu Ling asked.

Having the Little Devil King do something as simple as washing hands was quite embarrassing.

Ning Sheng’s cheeks warmed slightly as he lowered his head. “It’s just okay.”

“Then let me do it again.” The Little Devil King took a deep breath then rubbed vigorously, causing his skin to sting.

“Woo…” Ning Sheng glared at him and pulled his hand back forcefully, “It hurts!”

Even after all that rubbing, the writing “Xu Ling” on the back of his hand still hadn’t faded.

What kind of watercolor pen was this? So long-lasting.

Xu Ling stood by the sink, washed the handkerchief skillfully, wrung it out and spread it open—

Then hung it on the armrest of his wheelchair.

Ning Sheng: “…”

“Can you hang it somewhere else?” So disgusting.

“No problem.” The Little Devil King pushed the wheelchair and, as they passed by the principal’s office, he hung the handkerchief on the window sill where the money tree stood.

The principal held his cracked phone, looking outside suspiciously.

They strolled back to the classroom and coincidentally, Teacher Zhang walked in, getting a surprise when she saw the two of them.

“Why did you take Ning Sheng out so casually?” Teacher Zhang scolded, taking the wheelchair from Xu Ling and draping a set of warm blankets over Ning Sheng’s knees. “Quickly go back and sit.”

This class was for playing games.

Xu Ling and Ning Sheng happened to be assigned to different groups, giving Ning Sheng a temporary peace, making the world quiet down.

There were several sets of toys on the tables, and Xu Ling’s group got a mini kitchen, while Ning Sheng’s group got a little store.

Ning Sheng wasn’t very interested in these kinds of kids’ games, so he sat at the table, watching the excitement without getting involved.

The neighboring kitchen group was in full swing, with some kids washing vegetables, some at the stove, and others wielding ladles.

“Where’s our pot?” One kid in the kitchen group asked.

Ning Sheng lowered his head, and there was a small pot on his table, with a few strands of dogtail grass mixed inside.

Sure enough, Xu Ling was sitting very close to him.

“Xu Ling!” Teacher Zhang called out, “Why did you go to another group?”

“Ah, I’m delivering takeout.” Xu Ling confidently replied.

Teacher Zhang: “…”

Ning Sheng: “…”

“I’ll give you a good review.” He dismissed him. “Go back.”

Xu Ling left.

Five minutes later, Xu Ling returned.

“Takeout?” Ning Sheng was already numb.

“No, that was an excuse.” Xu Ling said. “I just wanted to come and see you.”

“…See me for what?” Ning Sheng asked.

“Don’t you want to play with me?” Xu Ling asked. “You’ve been eavesdropping on our conversations.”

Ning Sheng was surprised. This Little Devil King had quite the insight.

While he was thinking, Xu Ling had already set up a table with all sorts of playthings – pots, bowls, and utensils.

“We’re playing house.” Xu Ling said. “Do you know how to play house? I’ll be the dad, and you can be the mom. We’re a family, okay?”

“I want to be the dad.” Ning Sheng said coldly.

“I knew it, you really want to be in the same family as me!” Xu Ling said happily.

Ning Sheng: “…”

He held a tiny ladle and boredly tapped on a small frying pan. “Where are the vegetables? Bring them over, I’ll stir-fry.”

On the second day of his rebirth, playing house with his arch-nemesis. The more he lived, the more he understood life.

The day at the kindergarten passed quickly, and it was already time to go home.

Ning Sheng didn’t wait in the classroom today; he had Xu Ling push him outside the kindergarten.

Qing’an Town was beautiful, with hazy mountains in the distance. Being there, Ning Sheng felt incredibly relaxed.

A group of kids surrounded a snack stall, some eating snacks, and others watching others eat snacks.

Ning Sheng wrapped his scarf tightly, enjoying the mountain breeze when suddenly he caught a whiff of food.

Xu Ling held up an oversized starch sausage next to him.

“I can give you a bite.” Xu Ling said.

“I want a bite too.” Another kid, Lu Peng, chimed in.

“No problem.” Xu Ling replied without looking, “I’ll let you have a bite later.”

The scent of charred starch mixed with the aroma of oil wafted through the air, tickling Ning Sheng’s nose. He pressed his lips together and turned his head. He had no intention of eating street food.

“Really not going to eat?” Xu Ling asked. “I can only buy one a week.”

“I won’t eat.” Ning Sheng refused firmly.

“It’s really delicious.” Xu Ling persisted.

He held it too close, and the sauce brushed against Ning Sheng’s light-colored lips.

“Xu Ling!” Ning Sheng was getting annoyed. “Can’t you understand when someone says no?”

He took a tissue from his pocket and wiped his lips clean.

“You can’t impose your likes on others.” Ning Sheng said. “Don’t you understand that?”

The little devil king froze for a moment, said “oh”, and walked away without looking back.

Ning Sheng sat in his wheelchair, sighing. After scolding him so harshly, Xu Ling probably wouldn’t come back this time.

It was the time when school ended and people were bustling around. He sat alone in the wheelchair, clutching his small backpack, feeling a tinge of loneliness for no apparent reason.


He would never want to play with his arch-nemesis anyway.

“What a beautiful kid.” A voice came from the side.

A few fifth or sixth grade boys, carrying their bags nonchalantly and looking a bit unruly, stood in front of Ning Sheng.

“Your eyelashes are so long, like my sister’s doll.” Someone said. “What’s written on your hand? Xu Ling? Your name is Xu Ling?”

“Kid, call me ‘big brother,’” One of the students crouched down.

Call me Dad.

Ning Sheng said in his heart.

These older kids were circling around him like they were looking at a panda, trying to get him to speak.

He really didn’t like being stared at like this.

“Move aside.” He told them, his tone proud and cold.

But these older kids didn’t back down.

“So small, but quite the attitude, hahaha.”

“Is that bracelet made of gold? Looks like you’re rich.”

“What’s hanging on your backpack? Ultraman Tiga? Trash Ultraman.”

“Gold? What’s the use of having money? You little cripple who can’t even walk.”

Ah, yes yes yes, I’m a cripple, but my wheelchair costs more than your dad’s monthly salary.

Ning Sheng snorted in his heart.

“Good dogs don’t block the way.” He told them.

As soon as he said this, Xu Ling jumped out of nowhere, standing in front of him.

Ning Sheng: “…?”

“What did you guys just say?” The little devil king glared coldly at the group in front of him.

This expression, this momentum, Xu Ling suddenly had shades of the future him.

“Apologize!” Xu Ling shouted loudly.

Ning Sheng was really moved.

It seemed quite cool to be under the protection of the little devil king.

The several older students who looked like street ruffians initially didn’t take it seriously, but Xu Ling turned into a black streak of lightning and pounced on them, biting one of them on the wrist.

The primary school student: “Ah ah ah ah!”

“Don’t bite!”

“Apologize!” Xu Ling didn’t stop, clinging to the other like a wild dog, fierce and unrelenting. “This is my kindergarten. If I shout, our entire class will come and bite you.”

“Primary school students picking on kindergarteners!” Xu Ling yelled, “Shameless!”

The street ruffians had never encountered such a fearless little kid. He not only bit but also threatened them. Unable to win and not wanting trouble, they apologized again and again.

“Alright, alright, we’re sorry, we’re sorry.”

“Get lost.” Xu Ling said coldly.

The lone hero turned and stood in front of Ning Sheng’s wheelchair. He grabbed a handful of candy from his pocket and placed it in Ning Sheng’s small backpack.

The candies were colorful, with various flavors.

“I’ve found so many flavors, you’ll like one of them, right?” Xu Ling said. “Don’t be angry anymore.”

The cheap candy wrappers pricked Ning Sheng’s fingertips, but suddenly, he found these colorful things pleasing to the eye.

“Ning Ning.” The Little Devil King leaned over his wheelchair, ran his hand through his slightly messy black hair and watched as he opened one of the candy wrappers. “Don’t be upset, they all apologized.”

He swallowed and asked, “Do you like the yellow one? If you don’t, you can give it to me.”

Ning Sheng handed him the candy, catching a glimpse of the wound on his hand.

“Why did you fight so hard?” Ning Sheng grabbed Xu Ling’s hand.

There was a scratch on the back of that hand, bright red, with a bit of skin broken, looking somewhat unsightly.

He wasn’t really a little kid, so those hurtful words couldn’t touch him.

“I had to make them apologize!” Xu Ling said angrily. “Ultraman Tiga is the strongest!”

Ning Sheng: “…”

Was this sentence what you were f*cking defending?!

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