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Chapter 15.1

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Ning Sheng brought blueberries to Xu Ling for a month straight. After a month, whenever Xu Ling saw blueberries, he would turn blue.

“Ning Ning, is it possible that no matter how delicious something is, eating it for a month straight can make you tired of it?” Xu Ling asked.

“Then you eat rice every day why don’t I see you throw your rice bowl away?” Ning Sheng replied.

Xu Ling: “……”

However the next day he started bringing boiled eggs to Xu Ling, as it was said that the yolk was also good for the eyes.

“My dog only gets to eat half an egg yolk every two days.” Lu Peng said enviously.

Xu Ling’s hand that was knocking the eggshell shook.

“That’s your problem.” Xu Ling said.

“What’s all that noise outside?” Ning Sheng looked in the direction of the playground.

“There’s a tug-of-war competition today.” Li Haoyue told him, holding a math exercise book. “It’s a waste of precious study time and very noisy.”

“Tug-of-war?” Ning Sheng had only seen it on TV.

“En, it’s almost our class’s turn.” Lu Peng said. “But Princess, you’re so light, you definitely can’t participate.”

“Who from our class is going?” Ning Sheng asked.

Lu Peng listed a series of names and then said, “And me and Dog Xu.”

“En?” Ning Sheng became interested. “Take me downstairs, I want to see!”

He had never seen the little devil king participating in a tug-of-war before and was very curious.

The competition was held during the physical education class, and Ning Sheng was pushed to the playground to watch the excitement.

“Here, one for each person.” Their class teacher handed out small colorful flags to those watching. “Wave them, cheer them on.”

Li Haoyue: “It’s meaningless, it’s better to study.”

Ning Sheng: “I won’t do such a foolish thing.”

After the whistle blew—

Li Haoyue: “Hurry, hurry, Lu Peng use your weight to crush them, I’ll look down on you if you lose!!!”

Ning Sheng: “Xu Ling, give it your all, can you even do it, take them down, are you weak?!”

Their class teacher: “……”

The two flamboyant little flags were waved up and down vigorously.

In excitement, Ning Sheng even kicked away his wheelchair and stood for a while, challenging a medical miracle.

Their class teacher had never seen this child so lively.

Ning Sheng, holding his flag, waved and shouted, his pale cheeks flushed with excitement. The effort to stand caused a thin layer of sweat to form on his forehead, dampening a few strands of his black hair.

The opposing class was full of heavyweights, and their class faintly showed signs of losing.

Ning Sheng: “……”

Wuu, don’t lose.

This was the first time he was watching a competition with such genuine emotion. If they lost, wouldn’t it make him seem overly sentimental?

“Lu Peng.” Xu Ling spoke up, “Make them laugh.”

Lu Peng: “?”

“How do I make them laugh?” Lu Peng asked.

Xu Ling: “Just be yourself.” Saying a few silly things should do it.

“I get it.” Lu Peng grinned, then imitated a pig’s oink several times.

Xu Ling: “……?”

The opponents fell over laughing, but immediately steadied themselves and quickly imitated, turning the intense tug-of-war competition into an animal world.

But because Lu Peng was really funny, their class won by a narrow margin.

Ning Sheng put his hand on Li Haoyue’s shoulder, holding the small flag and laughed with his eyes curving.

It turns out watching a game in a crowd was so much fun.

He actually looked a little bit of mess, as his poor physical health meant that shouting a few times had left him gasping for air and unable to stand steadily.

As a result, the teacher responsible for taking pictures snapped a picture of him.

“So cute.” The teacher muttered to herself. “Our school’s students are really good-looking.”

“Where is it cute, you’re not allowed to take them!” Ning Sheng said.

“Teacher, we won!” Lu Peng and others came hopping over.

“It’s just luck.” Ning Sheng hummed when he saw Xu Ling. “You need to try harder next time.”

Xu Ling walked past him, went under a tree, and kicked back the wheelchair that had rolled away.

“Math nerd, Dog Xu means don’t let the princess fall.” Lu Peng explained.

Ning Sheng made an “oh” sound, took his hand off Li Haoyue’s shoulder, and sat back in his wheelchair.

“Give me a tissue.” He tugged at the corner of Xu Ling’s shirt.

Xu Ling dug into his pocket and pulled out one.

“Princess, how come you, who didn’t participate, seem more tired than us who did!” Lu Peng asked.

“Too much rookies, it’s was exhausting to watch.” Ning Sheng said expressionlessly.

He took the tissue from Xu Ling and pressed it against his forehead, trying to wipe the sweat.

Ah, this tissue is so rough, how can there be such coarse tissues in the world.

His skin was pale and delicate, and rubbing so hard with the tissue, he caused a small red patch.

Huffing, he stuffed the tissue back into Xu Ling’s hand.

Xu Ling: “?”

Xu Ling: “Want me to wipe it?”

Ning Sheng: “Don’t…”

This lousy tissue, combined with Xu Ling’s force, it wouldn’t be wiping but more like skinning.

“Ning Ning, you’re so delicate.” Xu Ling flicked the tissue in his hand and threw it into a trash bin a few meters away.

The reward for the tug-of-war competition was a notebook with the Golden Sun Primary School’s logo on it.

Xu Ling seemed quite fond of this trophy, lying on the table and writing his name on the cover.

“Sit up straight.” Ning Sheng told him. “Lying down is bad for your eyes.”

Xu Ling sat up straight.

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