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Chapter 16.1

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“Giving me the ones that are spoiled, then what about the good ones?” Xu Ling asked.

Ning Sheng: “I’ll give the good ones to you once you match them.”

“Then when do you think I’ll match?” Xu Ling was relentless.

Ning Sheng got annoyed by the questioning: “Depends on my mood.”

“If you don’t want it, give it back to me.” He reached out to snatch it.

Xu Ling, however was one step ahead and put the flower in his pocket, “Princess gave it to me, why wouldn’t I want it?”

“Ning Ning.” Ning Sheng’s grandmother’s voice came from beside the tree, “I’ve finally caught you.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

“Little rascal, I came back specially today to supervise your training.” His grandma, wearing high heels and agile, grabbed his wheelchair and had someone drag him towards the car.

“No, I don’t want to go!” In a panic, Ning Sheng hooked his hand onto Xu Ling’s pocket and refused to let go.

As a result, Xu Ling, with a green rose in his pocket, was packed off back to the small villa on the mountain.

Ning Sheng’s grandmother came back today specifically for Ning Sheng, insisting on not letting him skip the training and even moved a chair to sit in the rehabilitation room.

“He’s recovering very well.” The doctor told her, “Already beyond expectations. Doing more standing and walking exercises, he will gradually recover.”

Ning Sheng’s hand that was holding the walker trembled slightly, and the few short steps having almost exhausted all his strength, he gasped lightly, sweat sliding down his cheeks, wetting several strands of his black hair.

“Very good.” The doctor added, “The effect is excellent.”

“This child is incredibly lazy.” His grandma said, “He’d rather sit than stand if he can.”

“Stop chatting, I really can’t walk anymore.” Ning Sheng spoke out.

“It’s still okay, we haven’t reached the training goal, so let’s hold on a bit longer.” The doctor coaxed him.

Ning Sheng, feeling helpless, moved forward a few more steps and noticed the little devil king sitting on a bench by the door, staring at him intently without blinking.

That was when he remembered that he seemed to have grabbed Xu Ling along just now.

“You’re not allowed to look at me.” He said fiercely.

Xu Ling didn’t move.

“Turn your face away.” Ning Sheng said again.

For some reason, he didn’t want him to see him in this embarrassing state.

“Did you hear me?” He emphasized again, “Don’t look at me.”

Remaining silent, Xu Ling turned towards the wall and faced away from him.

After Ning Sheng completed the day’s training goal, it was as if his whole body had been soaked in mist, even his eyelashes damp.

“That’s enough for today.” The doctor told him.

The group quietly withdrew, and the butler brought desserts for the two children.

“When did I tell you to turn back?” Ning Sheng picked a quarrel, “Turn away.”

“Ning Ning.” Looking at him, Xu Ling suddenly said, “Learning to walk is not something to be ashamed of.”

Stunned, Ning Sheng fell silent.

After a long pause, his voice slightly hoarse: “What do you know?”

Yes, it was he who was struggling with himself, what was the point of taking it out on Xu Ling and yelling at him?

It wasn’t something to be ashamed of.

But no one had ever told him this before.

Except for the little devil king he was raising himself.

The butler brought blueberry cakes with two servings.

Ning Sheng, using a fork to prick the blueberries off his portion, held them up to Xu Ling’s mouth: “Eat this.”

It didn’t matter if he was a waste, Xu Ling had to be well-nourished.

Making a disgusted face, Xu Ling closed his eyes and chewed the blueberries.

Then a small stone hit the window, startling Ning Sheng.

Xu Ling, however opened the window calmly and Lu Peng’s head loomed in from outside in the garden.

“Do you want to play games?” Lu Peng asked.

“We have school tomorrow.” Ning Sheng answered.

“Yes.” Xu Ling said.

Ning Sheng: “Are you guys crazy! How can I possibly go out to play some random game at this time!”

And so at nine o’clock in the evening, Ning Sheng, through rolling around and making Xu Ling roll around, got his grandma’s permission and was pushed down the hill by Xu Ling.

“Where are we going to play?” Ning Sheng asked.

“The arcade.” Lu Peng said proudly.

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