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Chapter 16.2

Editor: Jodi

Soon, Ning Sheng saw the arcade that was less than twenty square meters in size.

The gaming equipments were second-hand and worn out, most of them old arcade machines, but half of the children in the town were gathered here.

Ning Sheng: “……”

This wasn’t a place he should be in.

“I’m going to get some coins.” Lu Peng said, “Dog Xu, you take the Princess and hog a machine.”

“I’ll hog two.” Xu Ling told him.

“I want to go home.” Ning Sheng asked, “Can you push me back?”

Xu Ling: “What for?”

“I…. I want to take a bath.” Ning Sheng, having sweated during his rehabilitation exercise but having not yet taken a bath, felt uncomfortable, “I stink.”

“There’s no smell.” Xu Ling leaned close to his collar and sniffed, “You smell good.”

“Don’t get so close to me.” Ning Sheng pushed him away.

“I got the coins.” Lu Peng came over with a basket, “There are gold and silver coins, which do you want?”

“Either is fine as long as they are not dumb coins.” Xu Ling reached into the basket.

These old arcade machines, with worn-out joysticks that had been touched by countless people, Ning Sheng was reluctant to touch.

“It’s really fun.” Lu Peng told him.

Ning Sheng: “No.”

But Xu Ling had already grabbed a joystick and just as Ning Sheng was about to watch the fun, Xu Ling, having touched the game machine, grabbed his wrist.

Ning Sheng: “….. ah ah ah ah ah?”

“You’re also not clean now.” Xu Ling said, “So play.”

“I’m going to kill you!” Ning Sheng was about to hit someone.

“I’m going to kill you!” A few minutes later, Ning Sheng said to Xu Ling’s character in the game machine.

“Alright, I’ll let you win.” Xu Ling manipulated the little figure on the screen, jumping around.

Ning Sheng won the next round.

“Again!” Xu Ling wasn’t convinced.

The basket of game coins Lu Peng bought dwindled slowly.

The night in the small town deepened.

Ning Sheng rarely saw the town at this time; he thought it was quiet and peaceful, but he hadn’t expected its nights to have such a noisy side.

Just then, a few unemployed youths came to the “Arcade”, smoking and slamming the buttons of the arcade machines.

And unable to stand the smell of smoke, Ning Sheng kept coughing, his eyes wet with a thin layer of tears in them.

“Let’s go, we’re out of money.” Xu Ling said, “We’re going back.”

Ning Sheng took out his children’s phone and saw that his grandmother had called him three times and sent a message.

His grandma said: “Are you having fun? It’s late at night, so don’t come up the mountain. I’ve spoken with Xu Ling’s mom, so you can sleep over at Xu Ling’s place.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

But, Xu Ling’s bed was very small.

The little devil king didn’t seem to have any intention of sending him back as the two of them chatted and laughed, pushing him through the nighttime streets of the town.

The night stalls on the street were lit up, with people sitting under the lights, eating late-night snacks.

“I want to eat iron plate tofu.” He called out to Xu Ling.

“We don’t have money.” Lu Peng turned his pockets inside out, “Dog Xu, go and grab some.”

“Wait.” Xu Ling leapt forward.

“Don’t!” Ning Sheng grabbed his clothes.

He couldn’t pick up any bad habits, it was already not easy to raise him.

Xu Ling took out the last few coins from his pocket and tossed them into the small box the night stall owner used for collecting money.

“Half a portion, less spicy.” He said.

“Ey, you still have money.” Lu Peng was surprised, “Then why did we stop playing just now?”

“To protect our eyes.” Xu Ling told him, “Didn’t you see the princess glaring at me?”

Ning Sheng got to eat the iron plate tofu as he wished.

Lu Peng said goodbye to the two of them near the pork shop, then Xu Ling pushed Ning Sheng in the direction of the car wash.

“Have you finished your homework for today?” Ning Sheng asked Xu Ling.

Xu Ling: “Uh.”

“Then you need to finish it later.” Ning Sheng told him.

Xu Ling: “Have you finished yours?”

Ning Sheng: “No.”

Xu Ling: “?”

“It’s okay if I don’t, but you have to finish yours.” Ning Sheng insisted.

“Can I ask why?” The little devil king spoke up amicably.

“You can’t.” Ning Sheng said.

Xu Ling: “……”

As they talked, they stopped at the entrance of the car wash.

“What took you so long?” Xu Ling’s mom called out from the second floor, “The hot water is ready, wash yourselves.”

“Is there a bathtub?” Ning Sheng asked Xu Ling.

Xu Ling: “Sort of, I’ll find something for you.”

A few minutes later, Xu Ling lifted a completely undressed Ning Sheng into a large wooden tub filled with warm water.

Ning Sheng: “?”

“I just wanted to take a bath.” He explained.

If there really wasn’t a bathtub, that was fine, he would just rinse off.

“Ning Ning, sit still, don’t move.” Xu Ling struggled to lift a heavy wooden bucket, “I’ll rinse you slowly.”

“I don’t want to!” Ning Sheng, understanding what he meant, was extremely resistant to this way of bathing.

However his reaction was a bit strong, because with his shouting, Xu Ling’s slipper slipped, his hand shook, the bucket tilted, and a waterfall of water poured down from above, drenching his head.

Ning Sheng: “……”

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