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Chapter 11.1

With all this commotion, Ning Sheng forgot he had motion sickness and forgot to vomit.

The teacher in charge hurriedly rushed over and carried Ning Sheng to his wheelchair, then grabbed Xu Ling and went to find the school doctor who was traveling with them for a check-up.

“It’s nothing serious, just a minor scrape. Endure a little.” The school doctor used iodine to clean Ning Sheng’s wound.

Ning Sheng was a bit sensitive to pain, and normally, he was very careful and tried not to hurt himself. But with so many people watching now, he felt embarrassed to admit it, so he gritted his teeth and endured the pain while the school doctor applied a band-aid.

“This bruise should go away by tomorrow.” The school doctor reassured Xu Ling, patting his head. “It’s not too much of a big issue.”

“Why do I feel like it’ll take until next week…” Xu Ling scratched his head.

He stood up.

“Where are you going?” Ning Sheng held onto his sleeve firmly.

“The restroom.” Xu Ling replied.

“Do you still feel it’s embarrassing?” Ning Sheng asked him.

Xu Ling waved it off nonchalantly, “It’s a minor thing, I’ve already forgotten.”

At the entrance to the parking lot restroom, a sixth-grade elementary student had just pulled up his pants and walked out cheerfully when he ran into Xu Ling who had beaten him up the previous week.

Shivering, he smiled flatteringly, “Hello, Ning Sheng’s dog.”

A few minutes later, Ning Sheng was guided back to his own class lineup by the teacher, and on the way, he overheard some elementary students complaining.

“He kicked me in the butt!” The sixth-grader was sobbing, “And he was clearly the one who told me to call him that. Moody big devil!”

Ning Sheng: “?”

The first and second-grade students had come to the zoo today, a place that Ning Sheng hadn’t visited much before, so he was very happy.

The teacher led everyone in a line into the zoo–

“I want to see the dragon, I like the big ones.” Lu Peng said, eyes filled with anticipation.

“… That, you might have to catch it first.” Ning Sheng said.

“I want to see math problems.” Li Haoyue said.

“Give the math book in your bag some water and see if it grows.” Ning Sheng said, “Maybe it’ll grow up.”

“What does Xu Ling want to see?” Lu Peng asked.

“Do you still need to ask?” Ning Sheng snorted, “It’s definitely Ultraman.”

Ning Sheng scoffed, “Can’t you all look at the things in the zoo?”

Then he frowned, “What are you looking at me for?!”

Xu Ling averted his gaze.

The elementary students from the small town, many of them visiting outside their town for the first time, chatted excitedly by the grand entrance of the zoo.

“Let’s go.” The teacher held up a small flag, “We’re starting the tour.”

A group of elementary students set off in a grand procession.

Ning Sheng scorned everyone, but he was probably the one who was most excited.

When he was a child, he didn’t have company, and as he grew up, he didn’t care about that anymore, so he had never properly visited a zoo.

Sitting in the wheelchair, he was wearing a white thin sweater that his grandmother had bought for him, with a light brown pair of overalls over it, and a small red cap from Golden Sun Primary School on his head.

Because of the recent motion sickness, his lips were still a bit pale, and his mouth was slightly pouting. His daily expression was one of indifference and unhappiness, but right now his fair little face had a hint of rosy excitement.

Ah ah ah ah, the flamingos are cute, the little pandas are so cute.

Giraffes turned out to be so….. huge.

Even the monkeys fighting looked interesting, and there was voice acting involved.

“Hit his hand!”

“Hold onto his waist!”

“Xu Ling! Come help! Bite him!”

Ning Sheng: “?”

Xu Ling? Did this monkey have that name too?

Ning Sheng and Xu Ling, by the side of the monkey enclosure, both turned their heads.

By the entrance of the fried chicken shop, Lu Peng had gotten into an argument with students from another school.

Li Haoyue had been sitting on the steps working on his math problems when he got kicked by a passing kid who told him to move if he couldn’t afford it and to get out of the way quickly.

Li Haoyue was about to pull out money to prove he could afford it when Lu Peng shouted from behind, “Yes, we just can’t afford it. Who’s stupid enough to eat a chicken leg that costs 30 yuan at the zoo!”

And that was how things escalated.

Ning Sheng: “…”

“My dad says you’re a bunch of country bumpkins.” The kid taunted arrogantly.

Ning Sheng sneered, “We are country bumpkins and you are a country egg?”

Surprisingly, the Little Devil King didn’t start a fight today.

Xu Ling seemed uninterested in the fight and was looking at him with interest.

“I’m not a bumpkin!” The kid fumed, “You’re the bumpkin!”

He pointed at Xu Ling’s faded clothes, which were the everyday wear of the town kids that had been washed to the point of turning white and held his nose, saying, “My dad says you all stink.”

Ning Sheng wasn’t happy.

It was okay to scold others, but not okay to scold Xu Ling.

Even when it came to scolding a dog, one needed to consider the owner, and Xu Ling was someone Ning Sheng had nurtured with knowledge and milk with great effort.

“Shut up.” Ning Sheng said.

Everyone fell silent.

Lu Peng rolled up his sleeves, ready to fight, while Li Haoyue hesitated then pulled out a heavy math textbook from his backpack.

Ning Sheng wailed without tears, “Teacher, woo woo woo woo woo, he insulted me.”

Everyone stopped looking at the animals and turned to look at Ning Sheng.

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