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Chapter 6

Only naive little children are so obsessed with being friends. We big shots in the business world only deal with partners.

Ning Sheng silently scolded in his heart, but he didn’t provoke further.

Ning Sheng: “Ai, you…”

With a quick movement of his leg, Xu Ling raised his hand and tore off the band-aid.

“It’s crooked, it doesn’t look good.” The little devil king said.

Then he stuck it back on and tore it off again.

Ning Sheng: “…”

Hitting your teammate, right?

The small bruise on his leg turned into a slightly red one.

Xu Ling adjusted the band-aid again before he was finally satisfied.

Ning Sheng had trouble with his legs at the moment, otherwise, he would have kicked him a long time ago.

The caregiver probably wasn’t at ease and came out to find them again, saying, “Little young master, it’s cold outside. How about we invite your little friend into the house?”

Into the house?

Inviting his arch-nemesis inside?

Was this reasonable?

Xu Ling’s hand hidden in his sleeves had turned bright red from the cold.

Ning Sheng: “I do seem to need someone to help me tidy up my room.”

The large iron gate outside the garden opened and the caregiver carried Ning Sheng, leading Xu Ling into the villa’s entrance together.

Ning Sheng looked back at Xu Ling as he lay on the caregiver’s shoulders.

The little devil king didn’t look away, carrying a shiny thermos with him.

“Xu Ling, why is there a dent on top of your thermos?” Ning Sheng asked.

Xu Ling: “I accidentally dropped it on the ground.”

Ning Sheng thought about the bowl of peanut soup that the little devil king had handed to him earlier. “…After picking it up, did you wash it?”

“I wiped it with leaves.” Xu Ling replied confidently.

Ning Sheng: “…”

Damn, it seems he had eaten something dirty.

You might as well have not wiped it at all.

The three of them reached the entrance.

Ning Sheng immediately noticed Xu Ling’s dusty gray shoes.

“Find him a new pair of slippers.” He said to the caregiver.

After some thought, he told Xu Ling fiercely, “Take off your socks and coat too!”

Xu Ling did it.

Ning Sheng: “Your pants… never mind, just come in.”

Xu Ling followed them in eagerly.

Ning Sheng’s room was heated, and there was a soft, plush carpet on the floor.

Xu Ling was clearly curious and had been looking around since he entered.

Ning Sheng sat on the carpet and took out his children’s phone from a small bag. “What’s your home phone number?”

Xu Ling: “?”

“Call your dad.” Ning Sheng told him, “Tell him you’re at a classmate’s house.”

The little devil king seemed a little conflicted. “Do I really have to?”

“Hurry up.” Ning Sheng pushed the children’s phone towards him, “Take it.”

He didn’t want to be a kidnapper.

The little devil king hesitated then took the phone. “Are there any games on this?”

Ning Sheng blinked, “There should be, I guess.”

He hadn’t really examined this gadget that children used.

“Call first!” He said with a stern face, “You have a dad, right?”

Xu Ling: “En, I have a few.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

Huh? You have…. a few?

“Then the one who beat you up that day was?” He asked.

“A new dad.” Xu Ling said.

Ning Sheng: “…”

He probably understood now.

“Little young master, let me handle this.” The caregiver couldn’t listen anymore. She dialed the number for Golden Sun Kindergarten, asked about how to contact Xu Ling’s family, and explained the situation.

“All done.” The caregiver hung up the phone, crouched down, and said to Xu Ling, “Little friend, you can stay here tonight and go to kindergarten with Ning Sheng tomorrow morning.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

Ning Sheng: “???”

Ning Sheng: “Wait…”

Who said anything about letting him stay overnight!

“Your family said they’ll send your homework over later.” The caregiver told them.

Xu Ling: “…”

Both of the cubs seemed to be caught off guard, sitting on the floor in a stunned daze.

The caregiver, seeing her little young master so lively for the first time smiled, stepped back, closed the door, and let the two little cubs play on their own.

Ning Sheng felt quite uncomfortable being alone with his arch-nemesis in a confined space for the first time.

Fortunately, Xu Ling’s attention was elsewhere. Xu Ling wanted to play with his children’s phone and so held onto it tightly.

Ning Sheng watched as the little devil king opened a game and logged into his account.

A few minutes later.

[Stranger Player]: F*ck, a primary school student?

Xu Ling happened to understand all those words.

Kindergartener Xu Ling: “Is he complimenting me?”

Ning Sheng: “…Yes.”

Xu Ling replied with a thumbs-up emoji.

The other person broke down and cursed in a colorful manner, conveniently just beyond the little devil king’s reading range.

Xu Ling gave another thumbs-up.

Ning Sheng watching on the side almost laughed out loud.

Then the phone showed a call from ‘Grandma’ and Xu Ling gave the phone to him.

“Hello, Ning Ning.” His grandmother’s voice came from the other end.

Ning Sheng: “En! Grandma.”

“So happy today?” His grandmother chuckled.

Ning Sheng hesitated for a moment, then lowered his voice, “Not really.”

“It’s good to be happy.” His grandmother said. “Things have been going well lately, and Grandma hopes Ning Ning is happy every day.”

Ning Sheng let out a soft oh.

His grandmother continued, “I heard there’s a little friend playing with you today.”

Ning Sheng knew that the caregiver would have definitely consulted his grandmother about this.

“But you’ve been playing games together for two hours already.” His grandmother said. “There are plenty of toys at home so play with something else with your good friend. You have to take care of your eyes.”

Ning Sheng: “…”

He had forgotten that this children’s phone had parental controls, so whatever he did here, his grandmother could see on her end.

“I got it.” He responded.

Then the child lock on the phone was activated and the game was exited automatically, leaving them with nothing to play.

At this time Xu Ling’s homework book had also been delivered.

It was only now that Ning Sheng remembered he had been so engrossed in watching Xu Ling play that he hadn’t done his own homework.

The reborn Ning Sheng was a well-behaved cub, so he spread out his own homework book on the small table.

Today’s assignment was drawing, something he was good at.

The task was to draw various weather conditions like “sunny”, “windy”, and “rainy”. Ning Sheng took out his watercolor pen set and started painting on the paper. When he finished, he turned to look, and indeed, Xu Ling’s drawing was better than his.


“What about the ‘snowy’? You’ve eaten it?”

“Is it tasty?” Xu Ling asked him.

Ning Sheng tapped the little devil king’s head with his watercolor pen. “You only know how to eat.”

“What is “snow”?” Xu Ling asked again.

Ning Sheng: “Ah…”

Right, Qing’an Town was in the southern region where it could get cold and windy in winter, only it never snowed.

“You’ll see it in the future.” Ning Sheng replied.

After they grew up, the S City where they stayed at was more to the north, and they had heavy snowfall every winter.

Ning Sheng was patient today. He picked up a blue pen and taught Xu Ling how to draw snowflakes.

“Draw it like this, with six pointy tips and then draw on top of each point.” Ning Sheng demonstrated on the paper. “Now, you try one.”

Xu Ling imitated him, and it looked like a copy-paste job.

Ning Sheng was satisfied, but when he looked again, Xu Ling had filled all the other squares with snowflakes.

“You only need to draw one! Is this a blizzard? You’ve even drawn them in the “sunny” squares.”

“I call this “Changing Sky”.” Xu Ling told him.

Ning Sheng: “…”

Ning Sheng: “Shut up! Erase them.”

No wonder they say helping with homework is the most frustrating task.

Children would always have an early bedtime.

It was close to nine in the evening when the caregiver carried Ning Sheng out to wash up for bed.

When he returned to his room, he was wearing soft pajamas, his cheeks slightly flushed from the warmth and his skin porcelain-clear.

“I can wash myself.” Xu Ling raised his hand as he told the caregiver.

Ning Sheng glared fiercely at the messy watercolor pen marks on Xu Ling’s arm. “Take him away and scrub him clean.”

The little devil king’s resistance failed, and he was carried away.

Burying his face in his pillow, Ning Sheng snickered.

Sure enough, his happiness should be built on Xu Ling’s self-esteem.

Ning Sheng closed his eyes with a smile, but half an hour later, when the caregiver gently carried the freshly washed and fragrant Xu Ling and placed him on his bed, he couldn’t smile anymore.

“Get down.” He pushed Xu Ling away disgustedly, but couldn’t move him.

They were both just little cubs, but Xu Ling’s physique had long surpassed his.

Meanwhile, Xu Ling grabbed his wrist and looked at it carefully.

“It’s washed away.” Xu Ling said regretfully. “I’ll draw you an even better one tomorrow.”

“No more drawing.” Ning Sheng covered his wrist.

It hadn’t been easy to wash it away.

His arch-nemesis was really annoying.

Xu Ling was wearing his pajamas which were a bit small on him, with his elbows sticking out and his wrists covered in bruises.

This little devil king had earned himself more medals.

It seemed as if all the children in this town were like this, tough and resilient, like wild grass growing in the mountains, full of strength.

“You’re not allowed to crowd me.” Ning Sheng ordered. “You can only sleep on the edge of the bed.”

Xu Ling moved to the edge of the bed, his back turned to him.

Then to avoid falling off, he clung to the edge of the bed, trembling with determination.

Ning Sheng: “…”

“You don’t have to be on the edge like that.” he said.

“Yeah.” Xu Ling rolled around halfway to face him.

Ning Sheng was caught off guard as he met his bright and lively eyes.

“I’m tired.” He turned over.

The room grew dim as the night settled over Qing’an Town.

Surprisingly, the little devil king slept peacefully, not talking in his sleep or snoring.

Ning Sheng, on the other hand, had a bit of insomnia.

Suddenly, he had a brilliant idea.

Young Xu Ling seemed quite… lively and obedient.

But not entirely obedient, like a stubborn little wild dog.

People often liked to take shortcuts.

And Ning Sheng was no exception.

Xu Ling’s future status and achievements in the business world was undeniable.

So if he started now, building a friendly relationship with him, he could potentially transition from being Xu Ling’s arch-nemesis to a close friend. 

Moreover, he could even nurture Xu Ling’s growth, turning the great demon king into a giant demon king.

Wouldn’t that mean….

He would have to struggle for a few years less?

After all, even the crumbs from the giant demon king’s table would be enough to sustain him for many years.

Besides, the current Xu Ling would come to him if he just called and was very friendly to him.

Based on today’s experience of teaching him how to draw snowflakes, Ning Sheng decided it was feasible.

He wanted to be Xu Ling’s best friend and life mentor.

With this realization, Ning Sheng closed his eyes with peace of mind, ready to embrace sleep.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so let’s start tomorrow—

Step by step, build the foundation.

Ning Sheng drifted off to sleep.

The next day, the caregiver sent the chattering Xu Ling and the pouting Ning Sheng to kindergarten together.

“My backpack is really heavy today.” Xu Ling said.

“I added some knowledge for you.” Ning Sheng who hadn’t woken up much said in a daze.

Xu Ling: “?”

“Ning Ning, you’ve given me a gift?” Xu Ling asked in surprise.

The little devil king unzipped his backpack, dumping its contents onto the table impatiently.

Then a heavy textbook with the title ‘Advanced Mathematics’ thudded loudly onto the table.

Xu Ling: “?”

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