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Chapter 4

Ning Sheng felt both annoyed and amused.

With a snap, he took the pendant hanging from his little backpack and tossed it into the little devil king’s hand.

In that instant, it was almost as if lasers were shooting out of the little devil king’s eyes.

“Hey, how can I accept this?” Xu Ling said as he tucked the pendant into his pocket.

He was afraid that if he hesitated for a second, Ning Sheng wouldn’t give it to him.

“…It’s ugly, I was going to throw it away anyway.” Ning Sheng said with a cold expression.

Xu Ling jumped with excitement, “I’ll be your trash can!”

Xu Ling dried himself on the armrest of his wheelchair and fiddled with the candies on his leg, “The red one is apple flavor, the blue one is blueberry, and the yellow one is pear. They are all delicious.”

He asked, “What’s your favorite color?”

Ning Sheng didn’t like any of them.

His snacks were carefully selected by the caregiver. Not only were they expensive, the proportions of the ingredients were also considered.

He had never tasted these shoddy street snacks, whether in his past life or now.

But the little devil king clearly didn’t understand rejection.

“I’ll give you a color just like Ultraman Tiga’s.” Xu Ling vigorously wiped his hands on his pants, peeled a red one, and stuffed it into Ning Sheng’s mouth, not being gentle.

Ning Sheng was caught off guard by the candy being shoved into his mouth.

“It’s not that I want to eat it.” He felt that it was embarrassing, “I was just being nice to you, you know?”

“Great! Then be nice a bit more!” The little devil king said.

After the cheap apple-flavored essence taste, there was a refreshing sweet and sour taste.

Ning Sheng: “?”

Well… it was kind of tasty.

“It’s just like that.” He said.

“No, you don’t know anything about this candy.” Xu Ling told him, “Take a bite, it has a filling inside.”

Ning Sheng bit into it, then wanted to cry when the QQ balls popped and stretched, sticking to one of his baby teeth.

On the little devil king’s side, he had already unzipped Ning Sheng’s little backpack and dumped all the candies inside.

“Hey, your backpack smells so good.” Xu Ling stuck his head inside the bag and took a deep whiff.

“….. I roared at you like that just now, aren’t you angry?” Ning Sheng asked him.

“Hmm?” Xu Ling pulled his head out.

Ning Sheng: “?”

Xu Ling patted his shoulder, motioning for him to look at something.

Then taking a deep breath, he yelled loudly at the nearby sausage stall, “Auntie! You’re too stingy! If you don’t put more sauce next time, none of us from the middle class will buy from you!”

A flock of sparrows in the forest flew away in shock, and the auntie’s hand shook, breaking a piece of ham sausage.

Ning Sheng: “…”

“Now that’s what I call a roar.” Xu Ling turned back, saying proudly, “Yours wasn’t.”

“You talk like a buzzing mosquito.” He added.

Ning Sheng: “…”

Ah yes yes yes, I’m the buzzing mosquito and you’re the locust swarm passing through.

“But this isn’t a problem.” Xu Ling told him, “Just hum more, I can hear it.”

Ning Sheng was stunned.

This little devil king could really shine when given a bit of sunlight.

It seemed that in his past life, when he was classmates with Xu Ling, he hadn’t given him any light at all.

“Little Young Master?” The caregiver’s voice came, “Why weren’t you waiting in the classroom today?”

Ning Sheng flattened his lips and raised his head slightly. “Because… it’s stuffy in the classroom.”

“Let’s go, we’re heading home.” The caregiver pushed his wheelchair towards the parking area.

Ning Sheng turned back and saw Xu Ling waving at him frantically, tilting his head and even pointing to his own upturned mouth.

What was he acting cute for? Ning Sheng sneered.

Then he was lifted into the car by the caregiver, who stared at him for two seconds before giving him a mirror.

“Did Little Young Master eat something messy at school?” The caregiver asked him.

Ning Sheng: “…”

What a lousy candy, it even bleeds color.

His thin lips were tinted with the candy’s vibrant red pigment, giving them a rosier hue than usual. The caregiver took out a wet tissue and carefully wiped it away.

“You shouldn’t eat snacks of unknown origin from outside.” The caregiver retrieved a box of lollipops from her bag, “Little Young Master, if you want something, please tell me.”

Ning Sheng responded with an “oh” and obediently stashed the lollipop in his pocket, not having the desire to eat it.

His grandmother wasn’t home every day, so today it was just him and the caregiver in the house.

There were some missing ingredients for dinner and the caregiver needed to go to town to buy them, but she didn’t want to leave Ning Sheng alone in the vast house, so she took him along.

And so, after a long time, Ning Sheng once again found himself in this town hidden among the mountains.

It was seven or eight in the evening and the sky had already darkened, but the town’s lights were shining brightly.

While the caregiver went shopping at the supermarket, Ning Sheng sat in his wheelchair by the entrance, waiting.

Next door was a car wash shop and it was a bit noisy; an adult was scolding a child. Ning Sheng moved a bit closer to watch the commotion.

“You’ve got some skills now, biting people when you’re just in kindergarten, do you want to become a cannibal in the future?” The man held a stick in his hand. “The doctor even brought the rabies vaccine prescription home!”

“How is that possible!” The child became even more agitated. “Even without going to kindergarten I can still bite. I’ll teach myself!”

“…..I just gave money and now you’ve found time to bite someone!” The man was almost going mad.

“He was going to get a shot anyway, so one bite or two doesn’t make a difference!” The child who got beaten was hopping around. “He insulted Ultraman Tiga! Plus, he bullied my person!”

Ning Sheng: “…”

“Ey, Ning Ning?!” Xu Ling sprinted over, stopped, and took a solid hit on his butt.

Xu Ling: “Ouch.”

“That’s enough!” He turned around. “Stop hitting so much. Have you finished washing your car?”

The man: “…”

Just a few hours after parting ways, another Xu Ling was hanging on Ning Sheng’s wheelchair.

“Did you get beaten?” Ning Sheng asked.

“I did. Want to see?” Xu Ling undid his belt. “A new medal for a man.”

Ning Sheng: “I don’t want to!”

“Why did he beat you?” Ning Sheng asked.

It was just a bite, not a big deal.

“They want over five hundred.” Xu Ling told him, “My dad only charges three hundred for a car wash.”

Ning Sheng: “Oh…”

He was used to a life of luxury and had never had much of a concept of these things.

Xu Ling thought for a moment and tried to explain, “Opening their mouths for a shrimp’s share.”

“It is opening their mouths for a lion’s share.” Ning Sheng couldn’t help but correct him. “Shrimp don’t have mouths that big.”

Xu Ling: “Okay, I’ll remember it.”

“Do you want me to help you pay?” Ning Sheng asked.

After all, Xu Ling had bitten someone for him, and he didn’t want to owe a debt to his nemesis.

“Didn’t you already give it?” The little demon king pulled an Ultraman pendant out of his pocket, brought it close, and said in a hushed tone, “You don’t understand how valuable it is to Earth.”

Ning Sheng: “…”

This town seems to be at a higher altitude, he wanted to inhale oxygen.

“Why do you always want to play with me?” This question had been bothering Ning Sheng for two days.

“It’s because you’re beautiful, Ning Ning. Everyone’s looking at you.” The little demon king glanced around.

Ning Sheng disagreed, “They just think I’m disabled, they pity me.”

“Then they have disabled brains.” Xu Ling said.

Xu Ling didn’t stay long. He was called by the man from earlier to help wash cars.

Because it was December, the little demon king’s hands turned bright red from the cold and sitting on the hood of the car, he held a high-pressure water gun, occasionally turning to look at Ning Sheng, smiling at him.

Too foolish, Ning Sheng turned his head away.

The next day, Ning Sheng got up early and went to kindergarten as usual.

But today was unusually quiet, Xu Ling didn’t show up.

Teacher Zhang started the roll call, and when she reached the name “Xu Ling.” there was no loud and affected “present here” in the class.

Ning Sheng sat in his small wheelchair, flipping through a picture book out of boredom.

How should he put it? He wasn’t quite used to being without the constant chatterbox beside him.

And why hadn’t Xu Ling come to school today?

Was he beaten again, or did he catch a cold from washing cars in the cold?

He shook his head to clear these thoughts.

Stop it.

Why was he even concerned about his arch-nemesis?

This peace and quiet, wasn’t it his ideal life of a carefree little cub?

Teacher Zhang approached, placed a blanket over him, and asked if he felt uncomfortable anywhere.

“If you need to use the restroom, remember to tell teacher.” Teacher Zhang reminded. “Why aren’t you singing with everyone today?”

“I don’t like singing.” Ning Sheng replied.

The classroom door was opened with a bang.

Xu Ling stood at the classroom door, panting heavily, holding a winter coat in his hand with a duckbill cap on his head.

The entire class turned to look at the door.

“Hello, everyone, hello everyone.” He made his way into the classroom.

Teacher Zhang chuckled in exasperation, “Why are you coming at this hour? Do you look like a student? Hurry and take your seat.”

With a low grumble, he took a seat next to Ning Sheng.

“What did you do?” Ning Sheng wrinkled his nose. “You smell all sweaty.”

On such a cold day, the little demon king had taken off his coat, and his black hair was still damp with sweat.

“I ran from downhill to uphill.” He responded.

Ning Sheng: “Is your mind disabled too?”

“Don’t worry.” Xu Ling said cheerfully. “My dad says I’ve never had a brain to begin with.”

Ning Sheng couldn’t even come up with a response.

This guy, he had an incredibly good attitude and nothing could faze him.

He could do whatever he wanted, he didn’t care.

“Ning Ning, don’t ignore me.” Xu Ling, noticing his indifference, tugged at his hand. “I dreamt yesterday that you were ignoring me.”

In the dream, Ning Sheng was wrapped in oversized adult clothing, sitting in a corner of the kindergarten, thin and small, with a cold, pale complexion. His eyes were lowered, like an abandoned doll, and no one paid him any attention, not making a sound or looking at him.

“Why should I pay attention to you?” Ning Sheng turned his head.

“When I climb more mountains and grow taller, I’ll be able to carry you, and we can go pee together.” Xu Ling told him.

Ning Sheng was speechless. Who wants to make that kind of arrangement with you?

The little demon king had quite the strong ego, he remembered this.

This guy, in the future, would grow to be 1.89 meters tall, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, a body so enviable that when he stood in front of people, his presence would be imposing. But he was practicing so intensely now, who was he trying to impress?

Ning Sheng, who wanted to grow taller, picked up a bottle of milk and took a sip.

“Did you all complete the homework I gave you yesterday?” Teacher Zhang was getting ready for class. “Bring it out, I’ll collect it shortly.”

“Okay!” The small cubs shouted.

Ning Sheng was now a good cub. He had done what he was supposed to do, so he neatly placed his workbook on his desk.

The little demon king rummaged around in his tiny backpack before finally laughing sheepishly, “Uh-oh, I can’t find it.”

Teacher Zhang was used to it. “You didn’t bring it right? Bring it tomorrow.”

“You didn’t write it, right?” Ning Sheng didn’t hold back. “Stupid.”

“I didn’t write hers.” The little demon king waved to him and whispered by his ear, “I wrote the one you gave me.”

Ning Sheng: “?”

I didn’t give you anything, don’t talk nonsense.

The little demon king pulled out a crumpled notebook and mysteriously unfolded it before him.

The page was filled with densely written pencil characters, all of them spelling “Ning Sheng” and this time it was correct.

“You told me to copy it two hundred times yesterday.” Xu Ling said. “So I did.”

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