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Chapter 2

Ning Sheng was a bit depressed.

Most people, when they had a rebirth and came back were all powerful protagonists, radiating charisma, defeating enemies left and right, and achieving peak success in life. 

But here he was, on his first day of rebirth, his parents getting called in because he accepted a gift from his arch nemesis in the form of a mini sun.

Xu Ling really was steeped in evil.

The “sun” symbol at the entrance of Golden Sun Kindergarten was gone, leaving a round hole, turning it into “Golden Hole” Kindergarten.

Under the tree, Xu Ling was in timeout and Ning Sheng was playing the part of the troublemaker.

“I did it.” Xu Ling said loudly.

“En en en.” Ning Sheng nodded repeatedly. This dog really took responsibility for his actions, admitting it.

Xu Ling turned to look at him. “You wanted it and I got it for you. See, I’m really nice to you.”

With that one sentence, their relationship had escalated to accomplices.

Ning Sheng: “….”

Alright, this was really his f*cking arch nemesis right?

A Maybach pulled up the hill and stopped at the kindergarten’s entrance.

The car door opened and out came an elegantly dressed old lady, carrying a precious leather handbag and wearing high heels. It was Ning Sheng’s grandmother whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

The old lady walked straight toward the principal and Teacher Zhang, her mouth pressed into a thin line, devoid of any smile.

“What’s going on?” She asked coldly.

Teacher Zhang raised a shaky hand, pointing at the entrance and then at the incriminating evidence in Ning Sheng’s hands.

The old lady turned her head coldly and looked at Ning Sheng. “You are…”

Ning Sheng lowered his head in shame, expecting to be scolded. Then he heard his grandmother say, “Too wonderful.”

The scent of white jasmine surrounded him as his still youthful grandmother knelt down, tucked him into her arms, and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe her tears. “Our Ning Ning is finally causing trouble! You’re like a lively little child now!”

Ning Sheng: ?

Teacher Zhang: “…. That that that, our sun…”

“We’ll definitely compensate. We can compensate for fifty of them.” His grandmother said generously.

Ning Sheng: “….”

Teacher Zhang: “….”

There was no need to go that far. Even Hou Yi couldn’t shoot that many suns.

His grandmother swiped her card without hesitation and even donated a new set of slides to the kindergarten. Only then did she let the caregiver push Ning Sheng into the car.

Inside the car, the air conditioning was on and it was warm. Ning Sheng huddled in the back seat. The caregiver handed him a warm bottle of milk and placed the plastic sun that Xu Ling had removed in the rear of the car.

The town of Qing’an was small, and the kindergarten and elementary school were on the same narrow road.

It was the close of school, so the road was crowded. The car moved at a snail’s pace.

Feeling bored, Ning Sheng cracked open the car window just a bit to look outside.

Beside a roadside stall selling starch sausages, a large group of young children were gathered, chattering and pushing each other.

Ning Sheng saw Xu Ling again. The little devil king was leaning against a flowerbed, holding a bunch of sparkling Ultraman trading cards in his hand.

Xu Ling happened to look up, and his gaze met Ning Sheng’s through the car window.

“Ning Ning!” The little devil king jumped up and waved at him. “Look, I got an SSR card!”

Ning Sheng: “….”

Ning Sheng’s hand trembled as he rolled up the window.

“Hehe, let me see.” A chubby hand reached out to Xu Ling.

Xu Ling slapped the chubby hand away.

Xu Ling: “Did you wash your hands? Don’t make my Ultraman Tiga dirty.”

“Xu Ge.” The soccer ball kid called  Lu Peng said, “The princess ignored you.”

“He didn’t. He saw me with just one glance.” Xu Ling told him, “That’s called eye contact.”

“My dad said the car at the princess’s house could buy our whole neighborhood.” Lu Peng said enviously. “I really want to sit in it too.”

Xu Ling didn’t want to. 

He just felt that the black, massive thing was like a beast, imprisoning the beautiful Ning Sheng within. He wanted to call Ning Sheng out to play.

“Why didn’t you talk to the child?” Ning Sheng’s grandmother sitting next to him in the car asked. “Our Ning Ning has finally learned to make friends.”

“We’re not friends.” Ning Sheng said.

He and Xu Ling were destined to be lifelong arch-nemesis.

“You say you’re not friends, but today you’re talking more.” His grandmother ruffled his hair. “This is how a child should be. Normally, you don’t even want to talk to grandma.”

Ning Sheng was taken aback.

It seemed like he used to be like that.

Always quiet, keeping his head down, lost in his own world, unwilling to open up even a little bit. Looking back, he realized he had missed out on a lot.

Given a second chance and now living in Qing’an, he wanted to fully enjoy his childhood.

“Grandma, I want to have coconut chicken tonight.” he said.

“Alright, alright.” His grandmother was thrilled. “Grandma will have someone make it for you.”

Being a kid was truly joyful, but going to school wasn’t.

The next morning, Ning Sheng was dug out of bed by the caregiver, dressed, and then sent back to the kindergarten, where he saw that familiar face again.

“Good morning.” His arch-nemesis smiled.

Ning Sheng smirked, “Not good.”

Teacher Zhang took attendance and distributed everyone’s homework books, placing them in front of each child.

Ning Sheng tilted his head, watching as Xu Ling opened his homework. It was such a simple assignment, yet it was covered in red X marks.

Ning Sheng couldn’t help but laugh.

“You fool.” He said.

What could be more enjoyable than seeing his arch-nemesis make a fool of himself?

Xu Ling was playing with building blocks, but surprisingly, he nodded enthusiastically in agreement. “Yes! You noticed too!”

Xu Ling: “So I copied your answers yesterday.”

Ning Sheng: “….”

Ning Sheng: “….”

On his open homework book, there were the same red X marks.

He remembered now.

During this period when he was withdrawn and not keen on studying, his homework was a mess. It wasn’t until he returned to S City to study and realized he couldn’t keep up with kids his age that he buckled down and worked hard.

But now, the little devil king in front of him seemed completely oblivious to his sarcasm, happily pushing a few building blocks over.

“I built a castle for you.” Xu Ling told him.

Ning Sheng couldn’t be bothered to look.

Was Xu Ling this clingy when he was little?

He still remembered when he was 18, the first time he represented his family’s company at an industry summit. That was also the first time he met the legendary king of the business world. The man was impeccably dressed, with an air of seriousness, standing before him and extending a hand for a gentle shake.

“Xu Ling, “Xu” as in the peak of a mountain.”

And now, here was Xu Ling bothering him persistently.

“Do you want to live in it? It’s very beautiful.” Xu Ling pushed the building blocks towards him.

Ning Sheng glanced at the “castle” which was clearly just a box and didn’t seem very auspicious.

“Stop bothering me.”

As he spoke, the back of his hand accidentally knocked the blocks on the table, causing them to crash down.

Xu Ling stared at the “ruins” on the table, momentarily frozen.

He was unusually quiet for a few seconds before pushing the blocks aside.

Ning Sheng fell silent too.

Why was he arguing with a six year old?

Over on Xu Ling’s side, he rummaged through the mess and pulled out the box of watercolor pens that Ning Sheng had seen yesterday.

In the process, Ning Sheng suddenly noticed a scrape on Xu Ling’s arm, haphazardly covered in red antiseptic.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“A man’s badge.” Xu Ling replied.

Ning Sheng: “….”

Ning Sheng: “Who gave it to you?”

Xu Ling thought for a moment and said, “Yesterday, when I tried to reach the sun for you and couldn’t, I picked up four bricks. The bricks weren’t very flat.”

Meaning, he fell because of those bricks.

“Don’t do this kind of thing again next time.” Ning Sheng slowed down his speech slightly and added a touch of patience.

“Do I need you to tell me that?” Xu Ling replied, “Next time, I’ll definitely bring a chair to reach it.”

Ning Sheng: “…”

Alright, he had reflected, but not completely.

Feeling a slight itch on the back of his hand, he looked down and in just a few short sentences, Xu Ling had drawn a few lines on his hand. They were messy and looked like the word “Xu Ling.”

“”Ling” as in horizontal viewing appears as a ridge, viewed from the side appears as a peak?” Ning Sheng suddenly asked.

Xu Ling: “?”

“What is that? I don’t understand.” Xu Ling said, “My dad hopes that I can become a leader in the future.”

Ning Sheng: “…”


With two extra words on the back of his hand, Ning Sheng who was a bit of a neat freak rubbed his hand for a while, but couldn’t get rid of them. He decided to leave it alone.

He turned his head to see what else Xu Ling wanted to do.

“If you don’t like the castle, how about we draw?” The little devil king was lying on the table, holding a colored pen. “I can even write your name.”

Ning Sheng watched him quietly, watching him pretend.

But what the little devil king wrote was “宁笔” (Ning Bi).

“I’m called 宁笙!” Ning Sheng couldn’t hold back and snatched the pen to demonstrate on the paper. “笙, make the lower horizontal line longer!”

“Idiot! Copy it two hundred times!”

Really pissed him off.

He was so annoyed that he even wanted to go to  the restroom.

Considering that he would grow up to be much shorter than Xu Ling, which he felt gave him a lack of dominance when he spoke, he had decided to drink a large glass of milk this morning after he woke up.

But now the problem was….

At home, there was a professional caregiver to assist him, but at the kindergarten….

He remembered that it used to be Teacher Zhang who would carry him to the restroom. 

It was okay when he was really a child, but now he couldn’t afford to be carried by someone like this. 

He slumped over the table, feeling a hint of the helplessness he experienced in his childhood.

Meanwhile, Xu Ling was busy decorating his own name when he noticed that the princess suddenly seemed unhappy.

“Is my drawing ugly?” Xu Ling asked him.

Ning Sheng pursed his lips, lowered his head, and his soft black hair hung over his forehead. His amber eyes seemed to lose their luster, and his eye sockets looked a little red.

With a snap, Xu Ling closed his watercolor box.

“It’s time for you to go to the restroom, isn’t it? It’s usually around this time.” He asked.” I’ll push you there.”

Ning Sheng blinked in surprise.

Xu Ling was a man of action, because he had already put his hand on the wheelchair’s armrest.

But he didn’t push properly. Instead, he half-hung himself behind the wheelchair, using his legs to kick it like a scooter, smoothly gliding away amidst the envious gazes of the other cubs.

“Hahaha, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!” Xu Ling shouted.

“Ahhhh!” Ning Sheng was forced to experience the sensation of drifting in a wheelchair, his body flying ahead while his spirit struggled to catch up.

Fortunately, they both safely reached the restroom, Ning Sheng somewhat shaken.

The little demon king was naturally strong. He could remove the Sun Garden sign and, in reverse, lift Ning Sheng out of his wheelchair and drag him into the stall.

“Get out.” Ning Sheng said as he struggled to stand and gripped the door handle.

But although he was the one who looked the most disheveled, he couldn’t help but laugh when he turned and saw the red-faced little demon king struggling with all his might.

Xu Ling was determined.

“I’ll be able to carry you someday.” Xu Ling’s shout echoed all over the kindergarten, “I’ll grow up!”

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