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Chapter 15.2

Editor: Jodi

Ning Sheng was pondering over the little devil king’s recent handwriting which seemed to have taken on the style of a flamboyant, dragon-and-phoenix.

Once, a collaborator mentioned that they had gone to great lengths to obtain Xu Ling’s handwritten plan for a project and asked Ning Sheng if he wanted to see it.

Ning Sheng, disdainful of such behavior, frowned and declined on the spot. However, due to the collaborator’s enthusiasm, the document was still handed to him.

It was simply just…. he couldn’t recognize a single f*cking word.

It was good to have a built-in encryption feature, but-

This won’t do, it needed to be changed.

“Why are you slouching when I ** told you to sit straight?” Ning Sheng asked. “Possessed by a ghost?”

“Maybe.” Xu Ling replied. “Suddenly, my back feels a bit cold.”

The next day, Ning Sheng brought Xu Ling a stack of copybooks.

“Don’t need too much, just write ten pages a day.” Ning Sheng told him. “No rolling around, otherwise you’ll write twenty pages.”

“No more rolling, I’ll hit you instead.” Xu Ling replied.

Ning Sheng: “You dare.”

The little devil king grabbed his cheeks and pinched hard, also observing:

“Eh, your eyelashes are so long?”

“Your mouth is so small.”

“Your eyes are so big, pretty good-looking, they’re growing so well.”

“My…” Ning Sheng was furious, mumbling angrily, “hands… are also growing very well!”

Xu Ling: “……”

“Yo, Xu Ling.” A few minutes later, the next class’s class teacher who was going to his class passed by the window and peeked in, “Did you use your face for the tug-of-war yesterday? Why is there a palm print on it?”

Xu Ling: “Yes, that’s why we won. You guys should learn from us.”

Ning Sheng: “……”

Ning Sheng knew the importance of giving a reward after punishment, so while urging the little devil king to improve, he also focused on rewards.

He searched his backpack, found some chocolates and stuffed them sneakily into Xu Ling’s pocket when he wasn’t looking.

What’s this, so full?

He pulled out a packet of tissues.

They were the kind from the school store, soft and fragrant, costing one yuan per pack.

“Dog Xu, want to go cycling after school?” Lu Peng came over and asked.

“Sure.” Xu Ling said.

Recently, many students in their class were learning to ride bicycles, and those with slightly better financial conditions at home had bought bicycles.

Lu Peng’s family had bought one, and he rode it to Xu Ling’s house every day to show off.

“What about the princess?” Lu Peng asked.

“The princess has a four-wheeler.” Xu Ling told him. “It’s more advanced than yours.”

Ning Sheng had a means of transportation, but he still went with them anyway.

He wasn’t going home because he had rehab training again today.

Ning Sheng sat under a tree outside Xu Ling’s family car wash, holding a box of iron plate tofu bought from the school gate, eating it slowly.

Lu Peng’s bicycle was a bit too big for him, as his legs couldn’t reach the ground. The chubby boy on the bike wobbled towards Ning Sheng.

“Fall over there.” Ning Sheng pointed to the side with his chin.

Lu Peng tried hard but ended up crashing into a tree.

“Princess, hehe.” Lu Peng lay on the ground, looking up and laughing, “Once I learn, I’ll take you to school.”

“With your skills, are you taking him to school or to his grave?” A voice came from the tree branches.

“Move over a bit.” Ning Sheng instructed. “Don’t sit right above my head.”

Ning Sheng: “I won’t grow tall.”

Xu Ling: “……”

Xu Ling jumped down from the tree and rode away with Lu Peng.

Ning Sheng was happy to have some peace and quiet, sitting under the tree, eating his iron plate tofu.

Delicious, this place really knows how to grill.

Should he let the little devil king learn some skills? That seemed like a good idea.

“Why don’t you play with them?” Xu Ling’s mother brought him a serving of sugar cake. “Xu Ling can ride a bike, let him take you around the town.”

“Not going.” Ning Sheng shook his head.

The back seat of the bike was so hard and uncomfortable that it made his bottom sore when he sat on it.

A few days ago, Xu Ling carried him forcefully onto the back seat of the bike, riding down a steep slope without using the brakes, saying it would let him experience the thrill of childhood.

The result was Ning Sheng’s voice going hoarse from him screaming and dozens of scratches on Xu Ling’s waist plus a hole in his clothes.

Both were worse for wear.

He definitely wasn’t going again.

“Auntie, how do you weave this?” Ning Sheng asked.

Every evening, Xu Ling’s mother, a woman with a gentle voice, would sit under the tree, weaving small toys from banana leaves.

Many students in their class had bought these toys made by Xu Ling’s mother.

Having watched for many days, Ning Sheng became interested in learning.

“Ning Ning wants to learn? I’ll teach you.” She handed him washed leaves.

Ning Sheng unfolded the leaves, learned to cut them with scissors, and then how to weave them into a rose.

And because the leaves weren’t soft, they pricked his hand several times.

But fortunately, it wasn’t hard to learn. By the time Xu Ling and Lu Peng returned from their wild ride, he had already woven a rose.

“With this pace, I’ll soon be able to ride to school.” Lu Peng said loudly.

“With this pace, you’ll soon have no bike left.” Xu Ling told him, looking at his increasingly damaged bike.

Under the tree, Ning Sheng sat in his wheelchair, chatting and laughing with someone, his head down as he wove a grass leaf, his white and delicate fingertips slowly shaping the form of a rose.

The setting sun’s light filtered through the gaps in the leaves, casting him in a mix of light and shadow.

Ning Sheng looked up and caught Xu Ling’s clothes, stuffing a leaf-woven rose into Xu Ling’s hand. His pale, slightly curved fingers showed red marks from the rough leaves, looking like thin red clouds against snow-capped mountains.

“It was so hard to make, it fits you.” Ning Sheng told him. “You’re getting a bargain.”

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