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Chapter 66.2 Du Du who disappeared into the black hole!

The New Year’s Eve dinner had already been prepared downstairs. Everyone was seated around the table, and the atmosphere was pleasant after the meal, which was of course mostly due to Mo Yixu.

After eating, Mo Yi Yan went out.

“Going to Chen Jiao’s?” Mother Mo had a very good impression of Chen Jiao. Compared to the ones that were around Mo Yi Yan before, it could be said that he was both pleasing to the eye and desirable.

Mo Yi Yan nodded, “Let Xiao Xu accompany you to celebrate New Year’s Eve, I’ll bring him back next year to wish you a happy new year together.”

She smiled then waved her hand, “Go, go!”

Mo Yixu put his arm around her and said with a smile, “Big brother, you can do it ha ha, try to add to our family next year.”

When he left, Mo Yixu turned his head and saw Mo Yi Cheng, who was nestled on the sofa, his face not looking well. “Second brother, if you’re tired, go upstairs and take a rest.”

Mo Yi Cheng, who couldn’t sit still any longer, took his phone from the table, apologized to his mother, and turned to go upstairs.

New Year’s Eve.

The night went away to welcome the New Year.

It was a new start. In a few minutes, the little thing would be one imaginary year older.

The sound of the wall clock ticking in his ears was like a magic spell.

The sudden panic he felt in his heart was overwhelming.

A text message came in. He picked the phone up and clicked on it. It was a New Year’s message from Chen Sheng, asking him by the way if there if there would be a get-together tomorrow for everyone.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t reply. He turned off the screen and was about to throw the phone to the side when the screen suddenly flickered.

What was going on?? He pressed the button on the side, the screen lit up, he pressed it again and it went dark. There was nothing wrong with… before he could come to a conclusion, the screen flickered extremely fast a few times.

A vague feeling in his heart, he unlocked the screen and sure enough, a message popped up immediately, while the flickering screen phenomenon also disappeared.

“Welcome again to the Elf Rebirth Project game again, congratulations on becoming an elf player. From now on you will have an elf of your own.”

His hand shook.




A little man popped up on the screen, carrying the familiar plastic magic wand and waving it cheerfully.

“Congratulations player, you have been matched with the most amazing elf and are now assigned your own game bar, enjoy your game!” As soon as the words left his mouth, he did a backflip and disappeared in a puff of white smoke behind his butt.

“Du Du….” The small phone seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, making it so that Mo Yi Cheng could barely hold it.

He sa w a small room.

However this room didn’t belong to this time and space. It was more like the set of a science fiction movie, but the layout wasn’t much different from the room Du Du had before. In the corner was a white bed made of indistinguishable material, and in the middle of the room was an electronic swivel chair with an interface that was dense with unreadable numbers. A small half-circle window was half open and the sun was shining right inside…

Suddenly a small figure pushed the door open.

Mo Yi Cheng’s heart hung in the air, then plunged into the abyss!

The elf inside wasn’t Du Du!

The tiny figure inside the game peeked in after pushing the door open. Short in stature, a Q-skinned elf with two round pigtails, a red skirt and very animated black eyes.

It was as if Mo Yi Cheng had fallen into an ice cave. He didn’t even notice the pop-up screen displaying the elf’s information.

“Yah! Who are you?” The little girl shouted! It should be because she saw Mo Yi Cheng who suddenly appeared on the bamboo wall.

The blood on Mo Yi Cheng’s face faded as much as it could as the wall clock crossed over from the old year and the New Year’s bells rang out at that moment.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you here? Are you a spy from Akkadian Star!” With a wary look on her face, the little girl pulled out a strangely shaped gun from her back and pointed it at Mo Yi Cheng, “If you don’t say something, I’ll shoot you!”

Just then, an extremely familiar voice rang out behind the little girl, “Thea, what’s going on?”

Mo Yi Cheng shuddered then held his breath.

The little girl spread her two small hands and tried to block the person behind her, “Doctor Mo, don’t be afraid, I’ll deal with this bad guy!”

But because she was too short, there was no way she could block the slender and tall young man behind her.

The teenager’s back was now facing the sun, his light brown hair a little longer than before and the lines of his thin, delicate face had an air of maturity, wearing a white lab coat with both hands in his pockets, looking at the wall with a shocked expression on his face!

“Mo…” the teenager opened his mouth but found that he was shaking so much that he couldn’t make a sound at all.

“Du Du!” Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t believe his eyes, afraid that everything would shatter in the next second, as it had many times in his dreams these days and that the teenager would turn around and walk away, leaving him with only a back that he couldn’t catch up with….

“Hey? Dr. Mo, this bad guy knows you!” The little girl said, but when she turned her head, she saw that Dr. Mo behind her was already in tears.

“Mo Yi Cheng, Du Du finally found you.”

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the tears on Du Du’s face and couldn’t control his tears anymore. Immediately, a large piece of information flooded into his mind…..

System prompt: Elf Du Du, accumulated 1000 points in the second trial dimension, now connected to the original space game, matched with his original player, congratulations elf.

System Prompt: Now matched with Elf Du Du, does the player accept it or not: YES or NO

Elf information:

Name: Mo Du Du

Gender: Male

Age: 22 years old

Place of origin: Ninth Interstellar region

Personality: Simple, persistent, brave

Level: 75

Skin Mode: Advanced Mode

Note: Second Trial Dimension Identity Military Zone Cellular Reconstruction Doctor

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