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Chapter 66.1 Du Du who disappeared into the black hole!


Du Du doesn’t want to change players!

“I refuse!” Yuan Suo’s voice was resolute and decisive, without the usual softness it had previously, his eyes filled with stubbornness in his not-so-bright apartment.

System Alert: Elf is about to enter the initial…

“I refuse!”

The system’s mechanical voice: Asking the elf to explain his reasons.

Yuan Suo’s gaze was like a torch, the astringency in his throat not letting up. “The game controls everything about the elves, even their souls, but not our minds. I have a mind of my own and it’s not up to the game, or the player, or any other being to decide. My player can only be Mo Yi Cheng!”

After a brief pause, the system’s voice changed and the mechanical voice became ethereal, “But your soul is attached to the system, what’s more owe your life to the system and now you’re saying you don’t want to be subject to the game?”

Yuan Suo clenched his fists. The hair on his forehead was already damp with cold sweat, but his voice was uncharacteristically firm, “My soul can be broken, but no one can decide where it ends up.”

The system fell into a long silence and in that silence, it seemed as if he could feel the air around him thinning.

Then the system made a series of loud noises, making Yuan Suo shiver uncontrollably, but he bit his lips to keep from making a sound. Don’t be afraid! Du Du don’t be afraid! Du Du is Mo Yi Cheng’s elf! Du Du can’t disgrace him!

Inside the hospital.

Kan Ming and Po Fei had just finished talking and gone upstairs, the corridor was quiet.

At the end of the corridor, there was a ward with double wooden doors. Kan Ming knocked gently and someone came out immediately.

“Third young master.” He was a little surprised when he saw that it was Mo Yixu keeping watch.

Mo Yixu came out and turned back to close the door gently, “Brother Kan, call me Yixu. Third young master sounds too awkward.”

Kan Ming nodded then asked, “How is second young master doing?”

Mo Yixu sighed, “He fell asleep after reading the script for a while, but he’s better today. He wanted to leave the hospital but stayed when my mum cried a lot.”

Kan Ming’s brows furrowed, the guilt inside him even greater. Although Mo Yi Cheng didn’t blame him for anything from the beginning to the end, he knew that he was at fault for mishandling this matter that was why all this happened. He was the one who took on the matter concerning Po Fei in the first place and made an impulsive decision without thinking things through, which led to the consequences today.

“Third… Yi Xu, how long have you been here?”

“Ah, I came over in the morning. Brother Kan, what’s wrong?” It was almost 8pm now.

Kan Ming said, “How about I keep watch over here? You go back and rest.”

Mo Yixu shook his head. He had never seen his second brother like this ever since he was a child. At the beginning he didn’t eat or drink for days on end, then later on he started working his ass off. He hadn’t been involved in the company’s affairs much, but now he was doing everything himself, as if he was anxious to use up every second of his life.

“Brother Kan, I want to ask you something.” Mo Yixu said.

Kan Ming said, “What question?”

“I’ve asked Brother Chen Jiao and Brother Chen Sheng this question, but they’re… both being secretive, I think you can….. give me an accurate answer.” This question had been on his mind ever since his second brother’s accident in C City.

Kan Ming vaguely guessed the question, “Is it related to… second young master?”

Mo Yixu said, “It has to do with my second brother and it has to do with Du Du.” Speaking of this, he paused for a moment and observed Kan Ming’s expression and sure enough, he really had the same flicker in his eyes that was hard to ignore just like the others, “After Fang Gui died in C City, everyone came back but I never saw Du Du again, and second brother became like this. Brother Kan, can you tell me the truth about what’s going on? Where did Du Du go? What happened between him and my brother? If it’s possible I want to find him. I can’t watch my brother go on like this anymore.”

Kan Ming opened his mouth, his throat clogged, “Yixu, Du Du….. you won’t be able to find him.” No one would be able to find him.

When he returned from C City, Mo Yi Cheng poured all his efforts into repairing his phone, but the phone that had been repaired with the maximum retention of the chip had returned to its initial state when he turned it on again. It was as if the elf raising game had never existed.

Long Bow and Po Fei searched the game for a breakthrough, but the answer they got in return was even more heartbreaking: the elf had been logged out of this space and was nowhere to be found, which meant that even if the little thing was matched again, he had been assigned to another space, either through time or across space, both of which were difficult hurdles to break through even in life and death.

“Kan Ming?”

While the two were silent, Mo Yi Cheng’s voice came out from inside the ward.

“Come in.” Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t slept well these days. In fact, it was better for him when he was awake, because once he was asleep, there would always images of Yuan Suo walking further and further away from him in his dreams and then there was always the sense of despair that he had made a promise to find him but now there was nothing he could do about it.

Kan Ming bypassed Mo Yixu and pushed the door into the ward.

Mo Yixu wanted to follow him in, but Mo Yi Cheng said he wanted to talk to Kan Ming alone.

“Second young master…”

Mo Yi Cheng interrupted what he was about to say, “There’s no need to say sorry, you’re not at fault. I also mishandled things and it has already happened…”

Mo Yi Cheng was sitting on the hospital bed, the lines of his face obviously thinner than it had been before, more rigid and cold.

“What we can do now is to continue the investigation of the game. Since it exists, then there must be a pattern and there is a breakthrough.” Of course, this so-called ‘breakthrough’ would probably never be found in a lifetime, but it had to be done all the same.

New Year’s Eve.

The Mo family.

The constant sound of fireworks was heard from outside the window and the brilliant colours came in through the window. Mo Yi Cheng put the work he was doing down when he was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Everyone is down there, very worried about you.” Compared to them, Mo Yi Yan could best understand his brother’s feelings.

Mo Yi Cheng pointed to his laptop, “I’m left with a bit of work, I’ll be down soon. Has Chen Jiao come over yet?” Chen Jiao’s parents died early and he didn’t have any close relatives, so he spent New Year alone a lot of the time.

A touch of loss flashed across Mo Yi Yan’s face, “No, I’ll go over to his place later after the family has finished dinner.”

“It’s not going well?” During this period, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t even have the energy to inquire about other people’s affairs. He only vaguely heard Mo Yixu mention that his big brother was just the opposite of him. A person who was a workaholic for many years just dropped his job to dive headlong into the crazy frenzy of chasing his wife.

“He has no memories of the past, so it might be hard for him to understand my emotions, and a gradual approach is too difficult for me. It’s inevitable that some misunderstandings would arise.” Mo Yi Yan couldn’t resist taking out a cigarette, lighting it, taking two puffs and then putting it out.

Neither of the brothers spoke, each with something on their mind.

Bang! Another series of fireworks exploded in the sky. This was supposed to be a happy New Year…

Mo Yi Yan turned and went out.

Mo Yi Cheng moved his mouse, closed his work interface and opened Weibo.

He was automatically logged in. He clicked into the special followers, Du Du’s name was lying there alone. He clicked it.

The last update had stopped at over half a month ago. The plot of the comic was at the point where the elf was trapped inside an elevator due to a system failure, where it was dark and scary. The comments below had already exploded, there were all kinds of requests to update, there was no abuse and there were some who also sent emojis of knives raised a few dozen meters high, but they were all like Mo Yi Cheng. No matter how much they pressed for updates or shouted, they didn’t get a single response.

He tapped his long fingers on the keyboard and typed out the New Year wishes that he should have said in person.

Mo Yi Cheng: Du Du, happy new year, I’m waiting for you to come back.

Soon, there were follow up posts below Mo Yi Cheng’s reply, all of which contained surprise, pleasant surprise and then enquiry.

[It’s not a a fake!!! A group photo, Happy New Year, Mo the great!]

[Ahhhhh, I thought the two big guys would never interact with each other again in my lifetime.]

[Please I want to ask, what happened to our Du Du? He hasn’t shown up, I’m so worried!]

[Movie emperor Mo, go to Du Du’s house and ask him to update!]

[Look at me, look at me [sobbing loudly] Is Du Du still coming back?]

Mo Yi Cheng turned off his laptop, went into the bathroom to wash his face, changed his shirt and went downstairs.

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