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Chapter 83.3 Fanwai (2)

Mo Yi Yan clutched it in his hand and suddenly raised his head, “Chen Jiao.”

“Hmm?” Chen Jiao scooped up a piece of cream and was about to stuff it inside his mouth.

“I’ll raise you in the future.” Mo Yi Yan stood in front of the table, his large eyes revealing a seriousness and depth that didn’t match his appearance.

Chen Jiao was stunned.

Mo Yi Yan continued, “I’ll raise you in the future and I’ll never ask you to eat cake that you can’t afford and be bullied by others. “

“Ah, okay!” Chen Jiao froze. His eyes were a little hot and a warm current flowed through his chest slowly. Although the one who was talking was only an interdimensional being inside his cell phone, and a Q version of a doughnut at that, it still gave him an unprecedented sense of solace and security.

June 2010.

Mo Yi Yan had already reached level 52 but couldn’t meet his family nor could he reveal his identity because of the system’s restrictions, but he could already enter and leave the game freely. With his strong business acumen, he used the game’s ability to transfer items to ring up his first bucket of money in the logistics industry, and then started financial investments. He was truly a player who could provide for himself and raise his player as well.

Of course, there were worries that came with leveling up grew with each level, but one of the biggest problems that had been plaguing Eldest Young Master Mo recently was that, after he could enter and exit the game freely, the system automatically arranged an identity for him in the third dimension, and the name on his household register, ID card and other valid documents was – Chen Tuan Tuan.

Chen Tuan Tuan!

For this reason Chen Jiao expressed his sincere apologies several times, but Mo Yi Yan could clearly see his shoulders shaking after he turned around.

Helpless, he had no choice but to put on his dead eyes expression and stare coldly at the other person every time they checked his ID and saw his name, until they swallowed the smile that crept to the corners of their mouth.

“We have a club event tomorrow so we’re rehearsing in the auditorium today, will you come and watch?” Chen Jiao was leaning against Mo Yi Yan as he held his guitar in his arms.

The two men had just finished dinner and were blowing off steam on the balcony of their rented house.

After Mo Yi Yan regained his original appearance, he was more than half a head taller than Chen Jiao, and his shoulders were also wide, a full circle larger than the skinny Chen Jiao. He changed his position and enveloped him in his arms, strumming the strings of the guitar in Chen Jiao’s hand.

“Is that Wu Hang guy going too?” Mo Yi Yan asked.

“Hmm.” Chen Jiao had never known why Mo Yi Yan was particularly hostile to Wu Hang, but he was still on Mo Yi Yan’s side from the bottom of his heart, so he added, “We’re not going to be on the same stage. I’m a guitar player and he’s in a stage play.”

Speaking of this stage show, Mo Yi Yan couldn’t help but frown. If he hadn’t faked being sick 15 times a month, maybe Chen Jiao would have been pulled into the stage play.

“I happen to be fine today.” Mo Yi Yan decided he couldn’t give that kid a single chance, “So it’s okay for you guys to go on on the day of the show. “

As a result, on the day of the official performance, one of the actors in Wu Hang’s stage play suddenly came down with dysentery and was carried to the hospital on a drip, so he was unable to continue with the performance.

“Senior, you’ve read this script before, besides this character has only three lines and spends the rest of the time in a coma, so would you help out with a cameo?” Wu Hang had a sincere expression on his face.

Chen Jiao hesitated, “But I haven’t even rehearsed it.”

Wu Hang said hurriedly, ”It’s fine, it’s fine, just memorize the lines and follow my lead.”

Chen Jiao could only agree to it. He took the script and flipped through it; sure enough he, the unconscious protagonist childhood best friend, finally woke up smoothly at the end of the story, and then hugged the protagonist deeply…..

Mo Yi Yan went backstage with a box of fruit to look for him; the result was that he saw Chen Jiao holding a script with a very serious expression, his hands moving as he made gestures and practiced something. A bad feeling rose in his heart.

The lights went down…..

In a period of confusion in his life, the protagonist finally found his way forward. He had to step out of his safe circle bravely and follow where his heart truly longed to follow. He loved music, hence he went down this sacred path!

The twists and turns of the storyline were very shocking and emotional for many people on stage.

At the last moment, the piano prodigy who fell into a coma at the beginning of the chapter, the best friend the protagonist grew up with, opened his eyes slowly as if by a miracle…..

“Luo Feng!” With trembling hands, Wu Hang took a step towards the prop hospital bed that had just been pushed on stage where a man lay. The man who had promised to chase his musical dreams with him since childhood was about to wake up!

His heart pounded violently, but he wasn’t sure if it was because he was truly immersed in the story or because he could finally hold Chen Jiao in a fair and square manner. Wu Hang was convinced that this one hug would surely be a turning point in their emotions!

The man on the hospital bed moved, and probably to create a more tension filled and shocking atmosphere, Luo Feng’s back was to the audience as he got up slowly.

“Luo Feng, you’re awake.” Wu Hang said his lines, but as his eyes fell on the back in the hospital gown, he felt vaguely that something was wrong.

Luo Feng who had his back turned to the audience spoke, his voice low and husky after a long slumber, “Yes, your dreams are awake too.”

“No, it’s our dream that’s awake.” Strange, his voice too…. Wu Hang felt more and more that something was wrong, but could only barely manage to convince himself that his senior was able to act so well that he was able to change his voice.

Wu Hang walked towards Luo Feng.

Suddenly, Luo Feng turned around!

The audience below the stage who had been holding their breaths from being moved emotionally become restless.

“Oh my god, so handsome!!! Is he from our school? How come I haven’t seen him before?”

“Who knows which department he’s from?”

“He looks a bit older than us, maybe he’s a senior from another department?”


Wu Hang on the stage was no less shocked than those below the stage. The senior he was ready to embrace had actually turned into a love rival that had warned him several times not to approach Chen Jiao. His emotions dropped to the bottom instantly.

According to the plot, it was time for the two men to embrace each other and say the line ‘long time no see’ together, which was a double entendre, symbolizing both goodbye brother and goodbye to the dream.

But Wu Hang, who should have taken the initiative was frozen in place.

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