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Chapter 67.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s second condition!

Had it been that long already? Du Du’s profile showed his age as 22, but he disappeared when he was 19, which meant that three years had passed, and his personality had changed as well. From ‘timid’ to ‘brave. What had he been through in the days when he couldn’t see him?

But Mo Yi Cheng didn’t even ask these questions. At this moment, he was holding Yuan Suo who had come out of the game tightly in his arms. It was the greatest gift of fate, allowing him to find what he had lost.

“Wow, Dr. Mo, is this the person you always say you love the most in the world?” The little girl asked as she watched the two people hugging each other from inside the game.

Yuan Suo gave a vague response as Mo Yi Cheng hugged him, teary-eyed.

The little girl didn’t hear it, but Mo Yi Cheng heard it clearly. He couldn’t help but pull him away, hold his cheeks and kiss him hard.

Hot breaths entwined together and both of them trembled slightly. Mo Yi Cheng’s lips still tasted of red wine and Du Du, who had always been overly shy in such matters, was ignited by the aromatic taste of the red wine and took the initiative to wrap his lips and tongue around his. Mo Yi Cheng’s brain went blank for a moment, then turned defensive and intensified the kiss.

The fireworks burst into the night sky once again in all their splendour.

The rhythm of the New Year’s bells still lingered, lingering over the night….

“Umm…” Yuan Suo felt as if the last breath in his chest was almost drained before Mo Yi Cheng released him, then once again circled him into his arms and smoothed his back bit by bit.

“From now on, we’ll never separate again.” Mo Yi Cheng felt that this time he had lost half of his life, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on if it happened again.

“…. Hmm.”

Yuan Suo buried his head in Mo Yi Cheng’s shoulder. How could he want to separate?

A few minutes later, the two parted and their emotions calmed down a little, only to find that Thea inside the game was covering her eyes with her little hand, “Shame on you… it’s not suitable for children…”

Yuan Suo blushed, apologizing with a stammer, then he moved to push Mo Yi Cheng away, still….. looking like a cute teenager.

Mo Yi Cheng turned his head to look at Thea inside the game and faked a frown, “Kid, don’t be rude. Aren’t you supposed to avoid looking?”

Thea dropped her hand immediately and crossed her arms, “No way, my brother told me to protect Dr. Mo. What if you’re a bad guy!”

“Your brother?”

Yuan Suo explained, “Thea’s brother is a security officer.”

So it was like this, Mo Yi Cheng’s heart that was hanging dropped a little and then went up again, “Are you in danger inside the game?”

This time Thea rushed to answer, “Yes, he’s in danger. Dr. Mo is very powerful, so some people will come looking for trouble, but if he’s in the military area then it’s okay. My brother and I will protect the doctor!”

“Then thank you.” Mo Yi Cheng was truly grateful to the people who had helped Yuan Suo during his absence.

Thea waved her hand graciously, “You’re welcome, the doctor saved my brother’s life! Big brother even said he would give his life in exchange…..”

Mo Yi Cheng’s face sank instantly.

Yuan Suo also tensed.

Thea however didn’t notice this, still talking to herself, “But Dr. Mo said he already has someone he loves, but…”

“But what?” Mo Yi Cheng’s voice trailed off.

“But big brother said that there’s still a chance if he’s not married!” Thea raised her finger. Actually, she wished very much that her brother would be with such a beautiful and powerful doctor.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed coldly, “Tell him to give up, we’ll be receiving our marriage license soon.”

“Wha… what?” Yuan Suo stammered.

Thea’s mouth also opened wide, “Ma… marriage license? Then big brother just didn’t stand a chance! So angry oh!

Mo Yi Cheng pulled Yuan Suo’s hand, “Do you remember the three conditions you promised me before?”

Yuan Suo froze. He remembered it. That was when he was still in the game and because he wanted to save 10 pictures of Mo Yi Cheng, he summoned his courage and stood up for his rights for the first time and after a very fierce negotiation, he was able to keep all the pictures. He did, however, he agreed to meet three conditions.

The first condition was that Mo Yi Cheng forbade him from eating ice cream without restraint and the other two conditions were to be kept for a later date.

So, Mo Yi Cheng’s second condition was to uhh… marry him?

“It’s not what you’re thinking.” Mo Yi Cheng guessed what the little thing was thinking.

“…. Oh.” Yuan Suo lowered his head slightly.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “It’s not what you’re thinking now either.”

Yuan Suo: “…..”

Mo Yi Cheng said, “My second request is that you don’t consider any other factors, just give an answer straight from your heart. Are you willing to join hands with me for the rest of your life and stay together forever?”

Yuan Suo froze. Was that all? Mo Yi Cheng’s second request was also protecting him and looking out for him.

“Dr. Mo, this… this kind of thing can’t be answered casually…” Thea only said half of what she wanted to say when Mo Yi Cheng turned off the volume of the phone, but the little thing was still talking, gesticulating as well.

“Have you thought about it well?” Mo Yi Cheng looked into his eyes, into Yuan Suo’s eyes that looked like they were filled with stars. This young man was worthy of his life’s love and cherishment.

With tears in his eyes, Yuan Suo nodded firmly, “En, I’m willing, I’m willing.”

Thea inside the phone finally realised that her voice had been blocked. She crossed her arms in anger, then blushed, covering her eyes with her hands again, “Not suitable for children, not suitable for children…”

Half an hour later.

Mo Yi Cheng paced nervously in the same place. Yuan Suo needed to return to the second dimension to take care of the rest of the matters and only then could he apply to the system to restore him to his original state.

Half an hour, in the second dimension in the phone was enough time for Yuan Suo to finish the last task and take care of the other things, however Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t see this process hence this half an hour couldn’t have been more torturous for Mo Yi Cheng.

Luckily, after a few more minutes, Yuan Suo, who had changed into a casual beige suit came out of the phone.

Mo Yi Cheng hugged him again, not saying anything for a long time.

After a long while, Yuan Suo spoke first, “Mo Yi Cheng, were you terrified all these years?”

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