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Chapter 83.4 Fanwai (2)

The corners of Mo Yi Yan’s expressionless face lifted slightly and with a stretch of his long arms, he dragged him over, encircled him by the neck and brought him viciously into his arms.

From the viewer’s point of view, the two men were in a brotherly embrace, when in fact Wu Hang was already being strangled to the point where he couldn’t breathe.

Mo Yi Yan attached himself to his ear and said, ”That person is mine, you won’t be able to touch him in this life, or the next.”

Wu Hang tried to lash out and retort, only to find that his opponent’s arm was literally like a steel bar, and he was strangled so hard he couldn’t breathe. He whimpered, unable to speak.

The audience on stage thought Wu Hang was too involved in the performance and offered enthusiastic applause with hot tears.


Mo Yi Yan’s eyes were dangerous, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Under….. cough cough….. understand….. cough cough…..” Wu Hang felt a huge shock and wimped out for a second, just begging in his heart that he should hurry up so he could take a breath of fresh air.

Mo Yi Yan smiled and relaxed the force on his hand, patting Wu Hang’s back vigorously and said, ”It’s been a long time.”

Hearing the closing lines.

The curtains on both sides closed slowly…..

The audience below the stage erupted into thunderous applause.

Chen Jiao clapped with all his might from the side of the stage, Mo Yi Yan did a great job!

The man in the limelight was so dazzling. There were so many people on stage, but in his eyes he was the only one…

The show was over.

The two men walked back to their rental house.

It was unknown who took the initiative, but the two hands that brushed against each other so often came together tightly.

Back at the rental house.

Mo Yi Yan brought him into his arms gently, bringing their foreheads together. The house was very quiet, and they could hear each other breathing, feel the burning heat between their nostrils.

The stars outside the window decorate the night like a song.

“From now on, only I can hold you.”


March 2011.

The peach blossoms were in bloom.

Chen Jiao got up and found that it was already dawn.

As he tried to get up he pulled a muscle in his body and the soreness made him fall back.

Mo Yi Yan had always known restraint in bed, taking great care of his feelings and Chen Jiao was also shy by nature, so there were very few situations as ridiculous as last night had been.

“Dinner’s ready.” Mo Yi Yan approved of the breakfast and came to call Chen Jiao to get up and as if he knew he had difficulty moving, went straight to the bed, scooped him up, carried him and went to the dining room.

Chen Jiao ate half a bowl of hot porridge. The inside of his stomach warmed up and he recovered some of his strength.

Mo Yi Yan took a big bite of something for himself, then stared at Chen Jiao like he couldn’t get enough of him.

After they finished their breakfast.

The two had planned to go out and have some fun. However, considering the reality of Chen Jiao’s situation, it was decided that they would watch a movie under the blankets in the house instead.

On the TV was a movie that Chen Jiao liked.

Chen Jiao’s definition of a ‘good’ movie was that no matter how twisted the process was, the ending must be a HE, which was also his expectation of his life.

“I’ve put everything inside the drawer of the bedside table, so you’ll be able to see it when you open it.” Mo Yi Yan took him into his arms and feeling his thinness like never before, began to regret his decision.

“Okay.” Chen Jiao’s eyes lingered on the TV. Mo Yi Yan had been preparing for the property transfer these days and he was aware of it.

“I’ve left pictures of us together in a lot of places, but they’ll probably be destroyed by the system, however I have your appearance engraved in my heart firmly and I swear, I won’t forget it.”

“….. okay.”

“We will definitely find each other.”

“I know.”

Looking out the window of the rental house, the peach blossoms in the neighborhood were in full bloom.

Chen Jiao, however, felt as if he had forgotten something…..

When he opened the drawer, there was nothing in it but a pile of lyrics he had written down by hand.

It was like, something was missing…..

Christmas 2020.

Wu Hang, vice president of a media company, clicked on Weibo.

Today’s headline was the shocking news that the new creative singer Chen Jiao had come out of the closet, and that the object of his coming out was the Eldest Young Master of the Mo family.

The pictures of the two holding hands in public was so dazzling yet a perfect match. Wu Hang was suddenly a little envious, even as his chest swelled with a vague feeling of something.

Actually, Wu Hang had always wondered, after all these years, why the Eldest Young Master of the Mo family who had suddenly awakened after a year of being in a coma always targeted him at every turn.

He thought back very carefully on his past but didn’t find that he had offended him or even had any dealings with him.

Could it be that he had forgotten something?

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21 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Gosh ! In a sense if author emphasised more on this chapter , it will become the k-drama cry fest when both of them didn’t remember each other. But gosh still it’s happy ending for both of them makes me so happy. Poor WuHang become canon fodder even he can’t remember.lolol. Thank you for your hardwork.

  2. Fate sure like to play with the Mo brothers.
    1.Being Elf and then Forgotting all but one thing.
    2.Get an Elf but there was a very Goodbye before they found out they could keep stayinv together for decades.
    3. Girlfriend mistaken as Drag by Mother. Lmao

    I still hope the author would make Mo Yi Yan and Chen Jiao thanking DuDu and Yi Cheng for what they had done for them. 🙁
    And more extra where Yi Cheng lived as Elf. :((


  3. Thank you for this book, all the leaving in this book reminds of my dad and makes me wish i could see him one last time. But I hope he is in a better place, he was truly a pure soul. Thank you, I love this book, I’m grateful to you who translated this book to us.

    1. So lucky to find this novel. I love it so much, Dudu is so cute and I love all the characters.
      Our ML is Perfect don’t have any bad thing to say about him. And I really also love Mother Mo for her understanding about her two sons being gay and accept it even though at first she didn’t really like it.
      Overall I’m very satisfied and happy with the ending but abit sad about Chen Jiao and MYY relationship as I wish to read more abit..
      Thank you so much for translating this novel, lot of love to you💕❤️❤️❤️

  4. I really was wondering how can author make the ending happy for the main story… And I didn’t expect that, It’s actually a good ideaa hahaha. Anyway, I’m glad big brother mo and chen jiao also had their happy ending…
    Imma do my paper now 😭
    Thank you very much for the translation! ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for your hard work and for picking this novel!! This novel really warmed my heart and made me shed afew tears too!

  6. This is a very well written and beautiful Story. Kudos to the Author. And most importantly Thank You Jessi for translating this Story for Us. 🌻💞💞💞

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