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Chapter 80.2 Du Du is getting married ~

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t ask any more questions, but turned his head to look out the car window, which reflected Yuan Suo’s appearance as he ate the snacks seriously, making his heart seize violently.

He had to, he had to hang in there a little longer, it’s all come to this. Just at that moment, he received a message. Mo Yi Cheng tapped on the screen and saw that it was from Mo Yi Xu.

[Second Brother, everything is ready!]

After three snacks in a row, the car finally arrived at its destination.

“This is?” Yuan Suo was a little confused as he looked at the unfamiliar building.

Mo Yi Cheng said indifferently, “Auditioning for a movie.”

Yuan Suo was so shocked that he dropped the snack in his hand, and because he was so surprised, he simply didn’t notice the unconcealable smile at the corner of Mo Yi Cheng’s mouth as he spoke.


Mo Yi Cheng said, “Director Li called and said he was pressed for time and wanted you to audition for a scene first. We didn’t say anything because we were afraid you would be nervous.” 

“But… but I haven’t yet…” Yuan Suo stammered incoherently.

How could it be so sudden?!

Just then, the car door suddenly opened from the outside and Kan Ming, who had gotten out of the car and changed into a suit at some point, was standing outside the door, “Second young master, everyone is waiting.”

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng patted the back of Yuan Suo’s hand, “Go with Kan Ming first to freshen up. After such a long distance travel, it’s not too good to see Director Li like this.”

Yuan Suo touched his face. Yes, he stayed up late last night, he definitely had to look awful by now.

Getting out of the car stiffly, he followed Kan Ming, who appeared to have entered the courtyard through a side door. It wasn’t possible to see the whole scenery, but the place was very much like an old European-style castle. The plum blossoms in the courtyard were in full bloom and probably because it had snowed last night, snow had been left behind on both sides of the path deliberately, which looked extraordinarily meaningful when illuminated by the moonlight.

Only, at this moment, Yuan Suo wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it at all as his mind quickly recalled the character and the lines he had studied with Mo Yi Cheng yesterday, his whole body taut like a bow.

The side entrance of the old castle opened at the end of the walk, and dazzling lights shone out, welcoming them inside all the way to a dressing room.

Professional make-up artists, costumers, and other professionals were already present, as if by pre-arrangement. The moment they saw Yuan Suo, they got to work immediately.

At last Yuan Suo stood in front of the mirror, a little surprised as he stared at himself in disbelief.

“Is it really… going to be this formal?”

The figure of the already upright and slender teenager was accentuated by a custom made white suit, with every line astonishingly smooth, making his exquisite face even more compelling at the moment, his star filled eyes clear and lively.

Kan Ming who was on the side, froze for a few seconds before answering, “Cough… it’s the order of second young, Direc… Director Li.”

“Oh, then….. it’s okay. Are we going to see the director now?”

Kan Ming looked at the time then tapped the earpiece in his left ear with one hand, seeming as if he was listening to something, “Okay, you can go out now.”

At that moment Long Bow and Po Fei knocked on the door, letting out an uncharacteristic whistle when they saw Yuan Suo.

“I thought you two would only look like handsome grooms, but now it seems Mo Yi Cheng has won a great deal.” Long Bow sighed emotionally.

They led Yuan Suo through a dimly lit corridor, the silence terrifying.

“Is Yi Cheng here too?” Yuan Suo was a little scared to face the director and a group of strangers alone.

Long Bow stifled a laugh, “Of course he has to be here.”

“Oh, then that’s… that’s good.” He let go of his worry a little.

After another two minutes of walking, they finally reach the end, and in front of them was a double door in the shape of a round arch, with light streaming through the slit below.

Kan Ming and Po Fei exchanged glances then walked quickly to the front, each standing in front of a door, one hand ready to push it open.

Long Bow, on the other hand, walked up to Yuan Suo and straightened his bow tie, smiling as he instructed, “When you go in, remember to behave yourself.”

Yuan Suo thought Long Bow was talking about the audition and nodded vigorously.

Long Bow took a step backwards, giving way. Meanwhile, Kan Ming and Po Fei pushed the round archway open.

Yuan Suo gathered his courage and walked in.

A huge light shone so bright that there was a momentary blur in front of Yuan Suo’s eyes causing him to subconsciously lift his hand to block it. It wasn’t until his eyes adjusted a little that he could see what was in front of him clearly.

A magnificent and stately hall lay behind the door, with crystal lamps shooting out light, gilding everything about the scene with a touch of opulence and romance. The red carpet was from the entrance to the ceremonial dais, with rose petals strewn across the top in a meaningful manner.

On both sides of the red carpet sat the guests who had come to attend the ceremony. They were small in number, with only a few relatives of the Mo family and Mo Yi Cheng’s closest friends in attendance, however everyone was dressed up, many of whom had returned from abroad, clearly attaching great importance to this ceremony.

This was…

Yuan Suo’s breath almost as his mind went blank.

Wasn’t he coming to meet the director?

Just at that moment, Mo Yi Cheng walked over from the other side of the red carpet.

Mo Yi Cheng had many, many expressions in Yuan Suo’s memory, serious, happy, doting, gentle…… which were the best-looking expressions in the world and he remembered them vividly, but Mo Yi Cheng’s expression at this moment was unlike anything Yuan Suo had ever seen.

He was so careful, as if every step he took was unusually solemn and worth cherishing, as if he were walking not on an ordinary red carpet inside the castle, but on the path to the holy land of life.

Yuan Suo stood there, his heart racing as he watched Mo Yi Cheng get closer and closer to him…..

Finally, Mo Yi Cheng walked up to Yuan Suo.

There was an unusual silence inside the hall as everyone held their breath.

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand was deep, the lines on the palm of his hand clear, his fingers long and slender, but he still trembled a little despite his efforts to calm himself, “Du Du, are you willing to give me the rest of your life in exchange for the rest of mine? The kind that can’t be undone.”

Yuan Suo’s lips opened and closed, his throat sour. He opened his mouth only to find that he couldn’t make a sound at all, so he nodded vigorously while handing over his equally trembling hand.

Their palms intertwined.

Yuan Suo realised at this moment that this was their wedding.

Slowly, the music began to play, and the lights in the hall dimmed, with two beams of light shining on Yuan Suo and Mo Yi Cheng.

Climbing the steps, the two men stood at attention.

An unspoken round of applause came from below the stage.

Mother Mo who was sitting at the front of the room had tears in her eyes.

Mo Yi Yan grabbed the hand of Chen Jiao who was at his side and surprisingly, his hand wasn’t thrown away this time.

Jiang Mu Yu, who had prepared all the music for today was sitting with Mo Yi Cheng’s friends.

“Bark bark!” Suddenly, there was a clear sound of a puppy barking.

Yuan Suo looked down and saw Marshmallow, dressed up in a pink dress with a bow on its head being led inside by Mo Yixu. It had its pink tongue out, its black and round eyes shining brightly, a small bag hanging at the bottom of its neck, swaying as it run.

Mo Yi Xu squatted down and took a velvet box from the bag; there was no need to guess what was inside.

Mo Yi Cheng took the box and patted Marshmallow on the head as a sign of encouragement.

Opening the box, there were two rings inside, slightly different in size, but of the same style.

Mo Yi Cheng took one of them out and held it up, “We all know that time will eventually separate everyone, but there is a power that transcends time, because it overpowers the fear of separation, life and death, even years, and that, is eternity.

Yuan Suo, before you came along I couldn’t imagine what my future lover would look like, but after you came along, there’s no need to imagine it, because… you are it.

Now, I would like to put this ring on my beloved’s hand, is that okay?”

Yuan Suo, who was already in tears, responded clumsily, “Yes… yes.”

Mo Yi Cheng placed the ring on Yuan Suo’s jade-like finger, put the ring that belonged to him in his palm, then held his left hand put, gestured for Yuan Suo to put it on for him.

Yuan Suo’s hands shook and took two tries before he was able to place the ring on Mo Yi Cheng’s finger.

Mo Yixu who was hugging Marshmallow on one side was so moved that snot flowed as his tears came down. Chen Sheng really couldn’t continue watching and handed him a tissue.

Inside the hall, the music began to play once more, with pink petals floating down from above…

A refreshing fragrance drifted under their nostrils, the sweet music hitting a most dear place in their hearts, as soft, light and pink petals fluttered down on them from above.

But none of this compared to the two people who were holding hands as they stared at one other…

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