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Chapter 81.1 Love you for a lifetime [End]

Wedding night.

Mo Yi Cheng now had the license to perform his husbandly duties boldly and justly.

The tossing and turning for most of the night plus the long flight before that left both of them exhausted.

Yuan Suo was so tired that he passed out. Even though Mo Yi Cheng was exhausted, he had to clean the aftermath of the exercise for both of them, pulled Yuan Suo into his arms and wrapped him up in the quilt, and then fell into a deep sleep as well.

It was noon when he woke up to the ringing of his cell phone.

An extremely muscular arm stretched out from the quilt, grabbed the phone, swiped the screen and pressed it to his ear. He said ‘hello’ softly for fear of waking up the person in his arms.

“Second Brother, something’s wrong!” On the other end of the phone, Mo Yixu’s voice was unusually anxious.

Mo Yi Cheng sat up sharply but didn’t forget to put one hand on Yuan Suo’s head. Even so, Yuan Suo was alerted as he looked at Mo Yi Cheng sleepily.

Mo Yi Cheng’s face became increasingly ugly and in the end he hung up, lifted the covers and jumped out of bed hurriedly.

“What… what happened?” Yuan Suo asked.

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a moment, then, “Something has happened to big brother.”

“Big brother fainted again?” Yuan Suo remembered Mo Yi Yan’s illness.

“No, it’s a bit complicated, so I’m going to take care of it now, you just wait at home, okay?” As Mo Yi Cheng said this, he had already started changing his clothes.

Yuan Suo crawled out from under the covers, “I’ll stay with you…”

“Be good, rest at home, I’ll take care of it soon and keep in touch with you, ok? I’ll ask someone to bring food over later.” With that, he planted a kiss on Yuan Suo’s lips and hurried away.

An hour later.

Yuan Suo received a call from Mo Yi Cheng and realised what had happened.

It turns out that after the wedding yesterday, Mo Yi Yan was sending Chen Jiao home but was intercepted by Qin Tian Min on the way; Qin Tian Min had been drinking and had brought his men with him. Mo Yi Yan’s two fists were no match for all of them put together and could only watch as Chen Jiao was kidnapped and thrown into a car.

Mo Yi Yan then took off, driving after them only for the cars to crash into each other.

Mo Yi Yan only suffered a minor injury and Qin Tian Min’s life was saved, but he broke a few ribs and two legs.

As he was sitting in the passenger seat, Chen Jiao was restrained by the seat belt then ejected straight away on impact, causing serious head injuries and was still being resuscitated.

“Can I come to the hospital?” Yuan Suo was anxious. On the one hand, it was out of concern for his friend and on the other hand, it was out of the kindness felt by a doctor.

“Ok, I’ll ask the driver to come pick you up.” Mo Yi Cheng knew Yuan Suo wouldn’t be able to sit still at home. He hadn’t allowed him to come over before because it had happened so suddenly and he didn’t know what was going on at the hospital.

When Yuan Suo rushed to the hospital, he met Mo Yi Cheng at the entrance and as they were only two steps apart, he suddenly had an extremely bad feeling.

There was the instinctive sense that Chen Jiao was already….

“Is he okay?”

Mo Yi Cheng stepped forward and took Yuan Suo’s hand in his, giving it a soothing squeeze, “The doctor said he’s done all he can, but is afraid it’s going to be hard to make it through the night.”

Yuan Suo’s heart sank.

As his line of sight moved, he could see a dishevelled Mo Yi Yan kneeling by the hospital bed through the half-open door of the ward and the back of the person that had always remained upright had collapsed at this moment, both of his hands that still had blood on them clutching Chen Jiao’s hand.

“Chen Jiao…. Chen Jiao….” Mo Yi Yan repeated over and over again.

As a doctor, seeing such a scene made Yuan Suo feel that his whole body was instantly wrapped in a kind of powerlessness even as he became icy cold all over.

With something of this magnitude happening, a variety of rumours appeared online immediately.

The media swarmed with people lamenting the fact that it was sad that Chen Jiao suffered such a serious accident just after his career had taken off after being buried for so many years and after finally making his mark.

It was terrifyingly quiet inside the ward, with only the sound of various instruments running; the only thing they were doing at the moment was holding on to Chen Jiao’s last breath. Some of the doctors had also advised Mo Yi Yan very politely that in this situation, the instruments could be removed so that the patient’s last journey wouldn’t be so painful.

“Big brother.” Mo Yi Cheng entered the ward which was already lit up inside with incandescent lights, the eerily white walls like an abyss of despair.

Mo Yi Yan seemed to not have heard, still maintaining his original position, his fingers having already turned numb from his rigid grip, but he couldn’t feel it at all. For him at this moment, as long as Chen Jiao’s blood was still warm and there was still the slightest rising and falling of his chest, it meant he was still alive and that the world was still spinning.

Yuan Suo was behind Mo Yi Cheng with a glass of warm water in his hand for Mo Yi Yan, but looking at the situation, Yuan Suo could only put the water on the cabinet next to the bed and say, “Big brother, have some water.”, then step back again.

There was a long silence.

Mo Yi Yan suddenly spoke hoarsely, “I was wrong….” He placed the two clasped hands against his forehead, his steep grief breaking through all boundaries. It was as if he had been avoiding hovering on the edge of great pain before, unwilling to face it, unwilling to believe it, however in this moment everything was spread out bloodily before his eyes.

“I was wrong….. don’t leave ok? Is it, is it because I left once that you have to leave once too, you’re just angry with me, right?”
Mo Yi Yan’s voice choked, like a panicking child losing his head out of fear, “I’m scared now, I know I was wrong, come back, okay?”

There was a sudden clap of thunder outside the window, and the clouds that had been building up since early evening finally gave vent to their emotions at this moment….

Yuan Suo had experienced a few years of growing up, hence although he wasn’t as afraid of lightning as he had been before, he still shrank back instinctively out of fear, moving close to Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng took Yuan Suo’s hand in his and squeezed his fingertips lightly as a sign of comfort. 

“I shouldn’t have left the game…..” 


The sound of loud thunder outside the window almost drowned out Mo Yi Yan’s voice.

“I was too conceited, always thinking I could sway everything, that I could leave the game and be reborn and that it was possible to remember you again and to revive your memory…..”

Silver lightning ripped through the sky and rain poured down in a frenzy.

But at this moment, Mo Yi Yan’s voice was like the sound of ten thousand thunderbolts hitting the eardrums of both men.

“Big Brother…. Big Brother is an elf!” Yuan Suo blurted out in horror, only his voice was so low that Mo Yi Yan didn’t hear.

Mo Yi Cheng was just as stunned, and then what had happened to Mo Yi Yan over the years flashed through his mind. The rock climbing accident that put him in a coma for a year, the strange facial blindness he had when he woke up, the obsession with appearances that resembled Chen Jiao’s face, the abrupt change in attitude when he saw Chen Jiao again after he lost weight….

Everything made sense!

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    1. I saw all the hints pointing to the elf-player relationship between big brother and Chen Jiao BUT I had doubts since I didn’t think big Brother’s soul was pure…Sorry for doubting your innocence bro

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