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Chapter 80.1 Du Du is getting married ~

Mother Mo had waited for so many years, and finally the first daughter-in-law of the Mo family had arrived… although the gender wasn’t quite the same as she had envisioned. However since the Mo family had decided to marry him, they couldn’t treat him badly.

“Then when, is the meeting with the in-laws?” Mother Mo asked. Although it was between the two children, to her it was also between the two families.

But seeing the expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face, she thought her son was worried that Yuan Suo’s family wasn’t so good and that she might have the so-called notion of family status.

“Yi Cheng, mom doesn’t even care whether it’s a boy or a girl anymore, let alone the status of the family.”

Mo Yi Cheng said: “Mom, it’s not what you’re thinking, Du Du’s… parents are gone, and he doesn’t have much family around.”

Mother Mo hadn’t expected this, “Du Du that child… sigh, you have to be good to him in the future. The Mo family’s door isn’t easy to enter, but once you have led him in, you have to be responsible and accountable.”

“Yes, I will.”

At the moment, Yuan Suo who is hiding inside the game, was so moved that his eyes turned red even as he felt guilty that he had hidden away like an ostrich because he was afraid that Mother Mo would object.

“When are you getting your license?” Although it was a marriage certificate that wasn’t even recognised in the country, it was still quite important, in Mother Mo’s opinion that an auspicious day be chosen.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “The flight is in three days.”

Mother Mo didn’t expect that the two would be so quick, “Why are you doing it in such a hurry? It’s better to get someone to check the dates before.”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “Go ahead.”

So Mother Mo called the housekeeper and asked for Mo Yi Cheng’s and Yuan Suo’s birth dates. Half an hour later, she came to the conclusion that two days later was the best auspicious day for marriage that had ever come by in the past three years!

Mo Yi Cheng’s fingers tapped his phone, a smile spreading across his face as his and the housekeeper’s eyes met mid-air, a tacit understanding passing between them before they looked elsewhere.

The day they finally received their certificates, six people walked through the streets of a foreign country.

Yes, six people.

Because the people coming to register as partners in the foreign country needed four witnesses with valid documents to go through the marriage procedure, Mo Yi Cheng had to bring Kan Ming and Chen Sheng with him. Naturally, they also brought their elves.

Everything felt so surreal for Yuan Suo whose hand was being held by Mo Yi Cheng. He was afraid that if he raised his hand, it would all collapse like a dream.

Long Bow and Chen Sheng teamed up to disturb Po Fei and Kan Ming, urging them to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to obtain their licenses as well.

Po Fei was greatly embarrassed by the remark while Kan Ming bickered with them causing them to get into a row.

“Are we going to stay here for a few days?” Mo Yi Cheng had previously stated that he would take him on a secret holiday trip, so Yuan Suo felt a tinge of excitement in his heart.

Mo Yi Cheng seemed to have failed to see the expectation in Yuan Suo’s eyes as he responded bluntly, “No, I still have to get back to the company to deal with business matters.”

“….. Oh.”

Mo Yi Cheng purposefully avoided looking at the disappointment on Yuan Suo’s face, “Du Du, you want to stay here for a few days?”

“Ah, no!” Naturally, Yuan Suo wouldn’t go out of his way to obstruct Mo Yi Cheng’s work because of greed, “I was just saying it, I don’t want to stay.”

For a moment, Mo Yi Cheng almost couldn’t help himself when he noticed the little thing’s eyes darken.

It was a good thing that Chen Sheng rushed over to interrupt at this time.

“There’s not much to do here, why don’t we go to the Caribbean together sometime later.”

Long Bow wrinkled his nose, “The Caribbean? Aren’t you afraid of being captured by pirates.”

Chen Sheng glanced at Long Bow with a caring gaze, as if he was looking at a mentally retarded person.

Actually, Yuan Suo’s first reaction to hearing about the Caribbean was also pirates, because he had once binge-watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ five times in the cinema.

Moreover the Caribbean was an excellent holiday destination, especially in winter. The scenery was breathtaking, mysterious, and romantic, and the blue sea and sky were both beautiful and vast….

Kan Ming spoke up, “It’s much easier to get to the Caribbean this way than at home.”

Re… Really? Yuan Suo looked at Mo Yi Cheng with some anticipation.

Who would have expected Kan Ming to add, “But we have an appointment with Director Li tomorrow night to talk about the script, we can’t miss it.”

Then work was more important. Yuan Suo’s lean shoulders caved in and his head dropped slightly.

Back at the hotel, very coincidentally, director Li Xilan’s made a phone call. Mo Yi Cheng spoke for a couple of minutes, then his eyebrows furrowed suddenly as he walked to the outer room.

Yuan Suo lay on his back and looking at his two thin white legs, quietly turned his phone on and looked up the Caribbean.

Looking at the desirable scenery of the mountain in the pictures, he couldn’t resist clicking on it again to read the travel guide below.

When I think of the half a year that I have spent with Mo Yi Cheng, I have never been on a trip, so I should still have the opportunity to go in the future.

He remembered that he had never been on a trip in the half-year that he had spent with Mo Yi Cheng, so he should have the opportunity to go in the future.

“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng returned from his phone call.

Yuan Suo was startled for a moment, then put away his phone hurriedly, “What’s wrong?”

For a brief moment, Mo Yi Cheng’s gaze was drawn to the white of Yuan Suo’s ankle, then he cleared his throat unnaturally, “Director Li Xilan just called, saying that there is a role that would suit you well and that he hopes we can consider it. He also said that the story’s original author intended the same thing.”

“Su Yi?” Yuan Suo was surprised.

“I think so. Director Li wants to arrange an audition after we returns. So…. do you want to give it a try?”

“Du Du, what do you think?” Mo Yi Cheng himself didn’t want Yuan Suo to be exposed to people; after all, an elf’s identity wasn’t like that of a normal person, so safety was of the utmost importance. But, regardless of what he thought, the end result was to respect Yuan Suo’s decision.

“I’m just afraid I’ll be a bad actor.”

With Yuan Suo saying this, the answer could already be deduced.

“It’s okay, don’t you still have Mr Mo? “Mo Yi Cheng had a selfish intention in this moment, if two of them really had the chance to film a complete a movie, it would be a constant memory that no one could take away.

Mo Yi Cheng thought so, so how could Yuan Suo not think so as well?

So the rest of the day was spent with Yuan Suo’s laptop in his arms, browsing through the electronic version of the script that the crew had sent to Mo Yi Cheng earlier, concentrating so hard that he even ate his dinner in a hurry.

“Don’t be nervous, take your time.” Mo Yi Cheng brought in fruit, “It won’t be good if you have dark circles under your eyes when we return tomorrow.”

Yuan Suo rubbed his eyes subconsciously, “But isn’t it true that we’re going to meet Director Li as soon as we return?”

“Meeting the director…. ah yes.” It suddenly occurred to Mo Yi Cheng that he had say something like that, “but that’s for my role, yours will have some time to prepare. ”

“But I’m still so nervous. The age span of the character isn’t that big, but the personality changes before and after are huge.” Yuan Suo didn’t have any intention of resting.

Sigh, how could he not help the person he had married?

Mo Yi Cheng could only sit down and help Yuan Suo work on the characters together.

Gu Xiao, the male protagonist’s teenage playmate’s most obvious character change was when he went from the initial intimacy between the two friends to foes in the end, with Gu Xiao being less bland and more pretentious.

The character’s personality as a teenager was very similar to that of Yuan Suo, so he should be able to portray it comfortably. But the character he had afterwards was a little more heavy and treacherous, which, he was afraid would be difficult to convey with Yuan Suo’s current experience.

The two were so involved in the work that it soon passed twelve o’clock, which forced them to rest because they had to fly back home tomorrow.

At three o’clock in the morning, Yuan Suo was woken up by Mo Yi Cheng and the six of them ate a pre-ordered breakfast then headed straight to the airport.

During this period, Chen Sheng and Mo Yi Cheng exchanged a few glances, but the two didn’t talk much, they only fiddled with their phones.

Yuan Suo didn’t know if it was his illusion or not, but when Mo Yi Cheng was looking at his phone, he intentionally or unintentionally deflected the screen, like there was something he was afraid of seeing.

Never having been put on the defensive like this, Yuan Suo suddenly felt a little uncomfortable inside.

What was wrong with Mo Yi Cheng? He’d heard that some people could have premarital phobia…. But that should have been before they had signed the certificate. Could it be post-wedding phobia?

Just as Yuan Suo was thinking about it, the plane took off and Mo Yi Cheng and Chen Sheng put their phones on flight mode.

The whole flight was a long one, and Yuan Suo lasted a while before falling asleep. Mo Yi Cheng held the half-awake person and put his blindfolds on for him and as Yuan Suo’s blanket was too small to cover his feet, he just put his own together to make sure it could cover his whole body without him catching a cold.

During the flight, Yuan Suo woke up twice and Mo Yi Cheng accompanied him in watching two movies, a comedy and a horror film. Afraid of disturbing the other passengers, Yuan Suo didn’t dare laugh loudly and when he was scared, he simply bit his finger and shivered. The way he curled up inside the blanket was as if they had returned to the beginning when he had first arrived, like a frightened little rabbit, so nice and soft.

Finally, after more than ten hours of flying, the plane landed at the airport in S City.

It was already evening in S City and the displayed domestic time was 6 p.m., the whole place already dark.

Before getting off the plane Mo Yi Cheng was already fully armed, with a hat, mask and sunglasses, but Kan Ming was still afraid that he would be recognized, so he took them through the vip channel.
Yuan Suo was also wrapped up just as tightly, and from a distance he saw three cars parked at the exit, with two bodyguards standing by each door, all dressed in sharp suits, not quite the same as before.

“Mr. Mo, please get in.” The bodyguard opened the door.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, gestured for Yuan Suo to get in first, then went around to the other side to get in himself.

Chen Sheng and the others got into the back of the other cars.

The three cars left the airport at an equal distance from each other as they headed towards the city.

“Are you hungry?” Mo Yi Cheng asked Yuan Suo.

Having eaten very little on the plane, Yuan Suo was a little hungry, so he nodded.

Mo Yi Cheng called out to his bodyguard in the passenger seat and a box of pre-prepared food was handed over immediately.

When Yuan Suo opened it the box, it was full of delicate little treats.

“Eat something to fill your stomach first.” Mo Yi Cheng was worried that Yuan Suo would be hungry later.

“Ah, okay. So, are we going to celebrate together later?” Yuan Suo’s voice became smaller and smaller as he asked this.

He was embarrassed to say out loud that they hadn’t seriously celebrated since they had received their marriage license, moreover everyone had acted as if it hadn’t happened at dinner before. Yuan Suo felt a little lost in his heart but consoled himself with the thought that everyone was only waiting until they got home….

Mo Yi Cheng pretended as if he hadn’t heard him clearly, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he asked, “What?”

“… Ah, it’s okay.” Yuan Suo shoved the little treat into his mouth, but the sweet taste didn’t seem all that appealing anymore.

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