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Chapter 77.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s punishment

Yuan Suo’s eyes were half-open, the strength that he had learned quietly in Mo Yi Cheng’s absence having long since disappeared.

As he couldn’t really see Mo Yi Cheng’s face clearly, he became more and more afraid in his heart and he clutched Mo Yi Cheng’s sleeve tightly, refusing to let go.

“Du Du…” Mo Yi Cheng really couldn’t bear to see Yuan Suo like this, it only broke his heart even as it ached. He once swore that he would raise him, protect him, and be by his side forever, but now they had all turned into promises that were hard to keep.

“Du Du, don’t be afraid.” He rubbed his back soothingly, when he suddenly felt a jerk from the person in his arms.

“Stop the car!” Mo Yi Cheng called out to the driver.

The moment he opened the door and took him out of the car, Yuan Suo held on to his arm and threw up forcefully, the sound coming from his throat close to a roar.

When Mo Yi Cheng saw him in this state, all remaining thoughts he’d had of punishing him for drinking disappeared completely. Feeling distressed, he asked the driver to bring him a bottle of water to help rinse his mouth then took his jacket off to wrap him up in case he got cold.

Yuan Suo had vomited up all the contents of his stomach, but his body felt even worse. He shouted that he had a headache and wanted to sleep, then slumped to the ground right away.

“Let me help you.” The driver offered to help.

Mo Yi Cheng responded, “No, you go and drive, let’s go home first, it’s too windy here.”

“Oh, okay.” The driver jogged to open the door.

Mo Yi Cheng, on the other hand, encircled the person in his arms and coaxed softly, “Let’s go home, let’s go back home to sleep…”

“No… I won’t go home, I’m drunk, if I’m drunk Yi Cheng will be angry, I’m afraid….. afraid Yi Cheng will be angry.” Even drunk, he still remember the words Mo Yi Cheng’s had said before.

Mo Yi Cheng’s chest tightened, thinking that he must have been terrified when he had tanned the little thing most of the night before because he was angry, “I won’t be…”

“You’re lying, you will! You will!”

“Okay, okay, I will.” This was the first time he was seeing the little thing acting up and it was a little hard to resist. It seemed impossible to expect him to walk into the car, so he simply picked him up.

When they got home, Mo Yi Cheng put him on the bed and looked at him for a while.

“Uhm…..” Yuan Suo was still a little uncomfortable, making him unable to help but curl up.

Mo Yi Cheng let out a sigh and with nimble fingers, took his clothes off, carried him into the bathroom, adjusted the temperature of the water, told Yuan Suo to stay in the warm bath for a while, picked him out at the right time, dried him off and then tucked him under the covers.

The frown that had been on Yuan Suo’s face finally went down and he fell asleep under the soft covers.

With sweat dotting his forehead, Mo Yi Cheng returned to the bathroom, rinsed off briefly, put on his bathrobe, then picked up his phone and dialed Chen Sheng’s number.

Chen Sheng had only just picked Long Bow up and brought him home, and when he saw Mo Yi Cheng’s call, he thought he was calling to criticize him violently.

“Yi Cheng, Long Bow said that the thumb fighting…”

“I don’t want to ask about that.”

“Ah…. then?”

“I want to speak to Long Bow.”

There was a rustle on the other end of the phone for a while, then Long Bow’s voice finally sounded, “Mo… Mo Ge, you’re looking for me?”

Mo Yi Cheng turned his head to look at Yuan Suo on the bed then asked, “Long Bow, I want to know, do elves have to leave this world after they reach full level?”

Long Bow didn’t expect Mo Yi Cheng to ask about this. He froze for a moment before saying, “Yes.”

“Isn’t there any way to stay behind?”

“… There has actually been a precedent of an elf staying behind.”

“What does it take?” Mo Yi Cheng’s grip on the phone tightened abruptly.

Long Bow hesitated for a moment, “Yuan Suo’s level isn’t high yet right? We shouldn’t worry too much about…”

Mo Yi Cheng asked again, “What does it take?”

An unprecedented sense of oppression crept over him, and Long Bow couldn’t help but pale, “The elf needs to stay inside the game forever, become an NPC in the game, and end his life as a virtual being inside the game.”

This was….. too cruel.

Mo Yi Cheng sat down dejectedly on the recliner by the window as he hung up, one hand on his forehead as a stabbing pain shot through his temples.

The reason he didn’t ask Yuan Suo directly if there was a way to stay, but asked Long Bow instead, was because he was afraid that the solution would come at a great cost to his elf.


Mo Yi Cheng’s dark eyes grew sharper in the darkness of the night.

Although it wasn’t possible to prevent leaving or turning into an NPC after reaching full level, perhaps it was possible to use a method to delay the speed of the upgrade.

When Yuan Suo woke up again it was already dawn.

Out of habit, he reached his hand out to feel the other side of the bed, only to come up empty. He didn’t know where Mo Yi Cheng was.

The hangover had left his whole body weak, with no strength at all, the slightest movement making him sweat profusely.

However at this moment, his belly was swollen and he really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he had to force himself to get up.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, he became dizzy, taking three steps forward and then two steps back, the front of his eyes dark for a while.

Mo Yi Cheng came back with a glass of lemonade and ran right into this scene. Yuan Suo was like a wind-up toy, spinning on the floor and gesticulating with both hands as if there was something in front of him.

Both amused and distressed, Mo Yi Cheng walked over to him.

Yuan Suo suddenly felt a warmth at his back and after crashing into Mo Yi Cheng’s arms, he was too scared to move.

“You had a lot of guts when you were drinking last night right, what’s wrong with you now?” Mo Yi Cheng had long since given up on trying to pursue the matter of him drinking, but seeing him like this, he couldn’t help but tease.

“Uh…” There was still darkness in front of Yuan Suo’s eyes and Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was both far and near.

“How should I punish you?”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t be angry!” Yuan Suo mumbled to himself in a low voice.

Mo Yi Cheng was happy. He really didn’t expect that Yuan Suo, who had been so drunk, would still remember his words.

“Okay, then I won’t be angry, but not being angry doesn’t mean no punishment.”

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2 thoughts on “Raising you this small stuff

  1. Can’t Du Du maybe just keep signing up for classes and never going so he fails them all? That lowers elves’ levels, doesn’t it?

    1. His life will still be connected to the phone. But phones aren’t made to last, even if you take very good care or it. At most, it will take 7-10 years before the phone stops working and the system will try to force-pair Du Du with a new player. Plus, there still might be some punishments for intentional stalling.

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