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Chapter 77.2 Mo Yi Cheng’s punishment

Although Yuan Suo wasn’t convinced in his heart, he didn’t argue, because he also felt that what Mo Yi Cheng said was reasonable.

“But, can you wait until I… until I… go to the bathroom before you punish me.” Yuan Suo felt that he had reached his limit, and if he didn’t solve this problem, he wasn’t certain what kind of accident would occur.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed out directly this time, put the lemonade on the table beside the bed and held his waist with one hand, “Let’s go.”

“That’s not… that’s not too good, right?” Although they were already in the most intimate kind of relationship, this… this kind of thing…

Mo Yi Cheng pretended to deepen his voice, “If I don’t hold you up, I’m afraid you won’t be able to walk in for the entirety of the whole morning, at that time it’s not certain if we’ll be able to use this carpet again.”

Yuan Suo: “…”

Ten minutes later.

The whole process was something that Yuan Suo didn’t even want to think about, and when he came out of the bathroom, his ears were so red that blood could be squeezed out of them.

Mo Yi Cheng walked out with a calm expression on his face.

The hangover was so bad that it took until the end of the day for Yuan Suo to recover completely.

The room was no longer spinning, he had regained strength in his body, and his two swollen walnut-like eyes were back to their original state.

Then he was ‘punished’ by Mo Yi Cheng.

When he got up the next day, he was no more comfortable than he had been after his hangover.

His head hurt, his limbs hurt, his back hurt, and his butt hurt too…

He slumped under the covers, wanting to cry but not having the tears to. Gritting his teeth, he vowed in his heart that he would never get drunk again.

Chen Jiao participated in a singing competition program through Jiang Mu Yu’s recommendation a year ago.

Initially, the director’s team only allowed him to enter the competition because of Jiang Mu Yu. However, as the competition went on for a few episodes, he was able to showcase his strengths, both in terms of his singing, his songwriting abilities and his charisma, which caused him to be increasingly recognised.

Several of his original songs were also on the top of the charts. Of course, not only because of Mo Yi Yan’s high publicity, but also because of public opinion.

Naturally, Chen Jiao didn’t know that Mo Yi Yan had contributed to this. He happy about his rise to fame, but more than that, he was apprehensive and terrified on the inside.

For so many years, he had become used to the obscurity, even regarding it as his normal, so now that the limelight was suddenly shining on him, he was naturally at a loss as to what to do.

Moreover, it was not only the pressure of the competition that was bothering him now, but the fight between Qin Tianmin and Mo Yi Yan.

Since their last encounter at the banquet, Qin Tianmin had sent his men to him several times, first to make an offer, and then, when that failed, simply took up the task himself.

And it was precisely at that time that Mo Yi Yan’s temperament changed drastically after he fainted.

Mo Yi Yan almost treated him as his private property and wanted to guard him every second, so naturally, Qin Tianmin became a thorn in his side. At first, the two men disliked and spoke harshly of each other, but now they were fighting over business matters as well.

Chen Jiao’s heart was naturally on Mo Yi Yan’s side, but Qin Tianmin’s character was such that the more he couldn’t get something, the more he would fight for it. After Chen Jiao refused him several times, he became even more enthusiastic, and now he looked like an obsessed person.

“What’s on your mind?” When Jiang Mu Yu arrived at the coffee shop, he saw Chen Jiao sitting in a daze.

“Ah… I… nothing.” Chen Jiao came back to his senses and asked him to sit, “What should I order for you?”

Jiang Mu Yu asked for a cup of coffee then said, “You’re now a star, how come you want to meet you in such a public place?”

Chen Jiao froze, he hadn’t really thought of himself as a ‘star’.

“It’s okay, no one will recognise me.”

“It’s better to be careful, I heard a little bit of gossip about you two days ago.” Jiang Mu Yu lowered his voice.

“Really? What… what news.” Chen Jiao was a little scared.

Jiang Mu Yu asked, “Mo Yi Yan going in and out of your residence… it’s not a lie, right?”

Chen Jiao’s face turned pale.

Jiang Mu Yu actually had an answer in his heart. In the entertainment circle, paper could never be wrapped around fire1paper could never be wrapped around fire – the truth would always come out. and there were ears everywhere. Mo Yi Yan was always defending Chen Jiao and offering great help. Such unconditional support without a contract being signed was fishy.

“Chen Jiao, I shouldn’t interfere in your private life, but this person is Mo Yi Yan,” Jiang Mu Yu paused, “You’ve been with Mo Yi Cheng, so you should know better than me what the eldest young master of the Mo family is like after so many years. He and us… are not the same kind of people.”

Chen Jiao’s eyes visibly went grey, “I know.”

Jiang Mu Yu had been in contact with Chen Jiao for a period that wasn’t considered long or short, but he truly considered him to be a friend, “I just want you to know that with people like Mo Yi Yan, it’s best not to put your heart on the line, it might not be worth much to him.”

“… Hmm.” Chen Jiao’s coffee was hot, but for some reason his fingers were frighteningly ice cold.

“Right, is there a reason why you called me out?” Chen Jiao didn’t say anything on the phone, but it was obvious that there was something going on.

Chen Jiao cheered up, “It’s like this, the programme team said that the contestants need to find a helper each for the next round, so…”

Jiang Mu Yu understood what Chen Jiao meant. Chen Jiao didn’t know many people in the entertainment circle well, and he was indeed a good candidate.

“Chen Jiao, I’m especially honored that you thought of me at this time, but I had already decided when I returned home that I wouldn’t go back to the stage.”

Chen Jiao froze for a moment at the rejection, then smiled.

Jiang Mu Yu smiled again then continued, “But I have a very good candidate to recommend. If this person comes out and helps you sing, you’ll definitely win uncontested.”

“…. Who?”

“Mo Yi Cheng! As long as you ask, he will definitely agree.”

“But, Yi Cheng is an actor and I’ve never even seen him sing.” These days, Chen Jiao had been forced by Mo Yi Yan to change the name ‘Mo Ge’ completely.

Jiang Mu Yu said, “That is because he’s not willing to sing. When we played together in the early years, I saw his level and although it’s not up to the professional level, when he starts to sing, he can shake off certain small singers that have now come up a few blocks away.”

Chen Jiao was shocked.

“So, take my word for it and choose him. And I see you’re in second place in the popularity ranking of the competition, right?”

“Ah, yes it’s second place.”

“What’s the name of the person in first place?”

“Xu Jing Nan.”

“Ah, yes, it’s her. That little girl sings well, it’s just that she loves scheming. Who did she invite?”

Chen Jiao said, “I don’t know yet.”

“It’s alright, it doesn’t matter who she’s invited, Mo Yi Cheng will definitely kill it in seconds when he comes on stage!” Jiang Mu Yu was confident.

Chen Jiao hesitated a little. On the one hand, he was afraid that with Mo Yi Cheng’s schedule he wouldn’t have time, and on the other hand, this would more or less involve Mo Yi Yan.

Mo Yi Cheng’s agreement was more straightforward than he had expected. He didn’t even check his schedule in advance.

Chen Jiao thanked him again and again, calling out ‘Mo Ge’ again in passing.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed, “I don’t dare respond to the word ‘Ge’ anymore, otherwise I’m afraid big brother would be unhappy if he hears it.”

Chen Jiao: “…”

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