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Chapter 76.2 Drunk Du Du~

Although Yuan Suo liked to drink, he had never learned to how to thumb fight, so he was new to the game. He had poor skills, but he was still unconvinced, so in less than half an hour he was dizzy.

When Su Yi saw that he had drank so much that he could hardly keep his eyes open, she warned Long Bow on the side, “Fu Changgong, you should know that it’s Du Du you’re drinking under the table, but it’s Mo Yi Cheng you’ll have to explain to.”

Long Bow: “…”

Yuan Suo’s mouth was sweet, his nose was hot and his head was dizzy, so he started gesticulating carelessly with his hands. Anyway it wasn’t a bad thing to drink because he lost.

“I lost oh!” He tried to pour himself a drink.

Long Bow stopped him hurriedly, “Forget it, forget it, you don’t have to drink this time.”
“No!” Yuan Suo liked to drink, but Mo Yi Cheng had always been very strict and except for the one time when he was slightly drunk, he had never been drunk again, but this time he was really drunk, as his drunkenness starting showing, “I… I lost, I have to drink! If you stop me, I’ll call… I’ll call Yi Cheng to settle accounts with you!”

Long Bow snorted, snatching the wine glass from him with lightning speed, “If you continue drinking, someone will really come to settle accounts with me!”

Yuan Suo, whose wine glass was snatched away became aggrieved: “Hu! Bully! I’m going to look for Yi Cheng, look for Yi Cheng…”

Long Bow nodded, coaxing him, “Hmm, okay, you go and tell,” when his eyes suddenly lit up and he whispered in Yuan Suo’s ear, “Hey, are you going to tell on me later?”

Yuan Suo saw two Long Bows and decided to answer twice, “En en! En en!”

Long Bow was in complete agreement. He even instructed him, “Make sure you say it clearly, I’m the one who stopped you from drinking!” 

“En! It’s you! You’re the one who won’t let me drink!”

Long Bow laughed, that’s it!

Mo Yi Cheng sent two WeChat messages in a row, but Yuan Suo didn’t respond and knowing that something was up, he asked the driver to drive him over to pick him up.

The car was halfway down the road when a call suddenly came in.

It was Yuan Suo’s number.

“Did you dial it or not? Are you lying to me!” Yuan Suo’s slurred voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Then Long Bow’s voice sounded as well, “Little ancestor it has gone through, just speak into the receiver! Ai-ya, it’s this way.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s brows furrowed instantly.

Then the soft voice of the drunk Yuan Suo sounded again, “That…. Yi Cheng oh, Long Bow, Long Bow won’t give me a drink! Hurry up, hurry up and come and help me, he snatched my glass away.”

Long Bow gave a thumbs up off to the side. It only got a double blank stare from Su Yi and Po Fei.

“Fu Changgong?” Mo Yi Cheng suppressed the fire in his heart and only answered the words for the time being.

“Hmm, hmm, it’s him, he…. uh, in a while don’t punish too badly ha, he stole my drink, but….. but he taught me how to thumb, thumb fight….. we fought for a long time…”

Mo Yi Cheng’s voice was cold: “Oh? Fu Changgong?”

“Puff…” Su Yi patted Long Bow’s back in fake sympathy, “Fend for yourself.”

Long Bow gulped weakly, “Even….. even if he knows I’m not afraid, I’m not his elf, why should I be afraid?”

Yuan Suo still mumbling on the side, only it was all nonsense as he rambled incoherently, then finally spoke about what he wanted to eat tomorrow morning.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t hung up until he entered the restaurant and found them.

As soon as he entered, his powerful aura created the illusion that there was a sudden drop in the temperature.

“Where is he?” Mo Yi Cheng only saw three people as soon as he entered the room, but there was no sign of Yuan Suo.

“Uhh……” The three of them looked at him with difficult expressions at the same time, then pointed under the table.

Mo Yi Cheng’s face was extremely unpleasant as he walked over, crouched down and lifted the table curtain and sure enough, he saw Yuan Suo sitting underneath. His fair cheeks were tinged with an attractive pink colour due to the alcohol, his hands were hugging his knees and his big eyes blinked continuously at Mo Yi Cheng. 

Mo Yi Cheng took a deep breath, “Come, come out.”

Yuan Suo shook his head, “I can’t come out. I’m a little mole, I can’t come out, I’ll get beaten up if I do!” 

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Yuan Suo reached out carefully and pointed at Long Bow, “He’s a bad guy who specializes in beating moles.” Actually, Yuan Suo said this because he remembered that Long Bow was a game expert, and ‘whac-a-mole’ was also a game, so naturally Long Bow ‘specialized’ in mole hunting!

However, not to mention Mo Yi Cheng, even Long Bow himself didn’t understand the inner workings of this game, so when Yuan Suo said this, it would naturally lead to a misunderstanding.

“Mo Ge, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lifted a finger! If you don’t believe me, you can ask Su Yi and Po Fei.” Long Bow tried his very best to prove his innocence.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t even bat an eyelid. He crouched down to peek under the table again, “Du Du, I’m Mo Yi Cheng, come out, let’s go home.”

“Mo Yi Cheng?”

“Hmm, Mo Yi Cheng.”

Yuan Suo’s brain and nerves, which were no longer functioning, switched back into gear, “I like Mo Yi Cheng the most.”

As soon as Yuan Suo said this, the anger in Mo Yi Cheng’s heart dispersed, and his tone softened, “Be good, come here, let’s go home.”

Yuan Suo didn’t move, he only repeated, “Du Du likes Mo Yi Cheng the most…. but Du Du is now a mole, and moles can’t come out, if they come out, they will be…. ah….” Along with a cry of unwillingness, Yuan Suo was pulled out by Mo Yi Cheng and just as his body turned limp and was about to fall to the ground, Mo Yi Cheng’s hands caught him quickly, holding him directly in his arms.

Yuan Suo struggled a little in Mo Yi Cheng’s arms, but once he sensed the familiar scent, he stopped moving.

He still remained obedient even after he was carried into the car, his eyes closed, with his long eyelashes laying down obediently.

Mo Yi Cheng told the driver to drive more steadily, then asked Yuan Suo to lean in his arms, feeling his forehead and asking every once in a while if he was uncomfortable.

“No….” Yuan Suo responded instinctively.

“Don’t ever drink so much again, okay?”

Yuan Suo tried to nod, but when he moved, he felt dizzy, his stomach churned a little, and he was so upset that he could hardly breathe…

“What’s wrong, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Mo Yi Cheng asked worriedly.

Yuan Suo didn’t move. It was after a long time before he suddenly said unconsciously: “I’m so scared… I don’t want to leave… I don’t want to leave Yi Cheng…”

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