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Chapter 75.1 Mo Yi Cheng who has eaten to his fill →_→

The sunlight tore through the last bit of darkness.

Mo Yi Cheng kept his eyes open, looking at the person curled up beside him quietly.

He had once thought with certainty that if he could embrace someone forever, he would use all his might.

At the time when he had proposed that they should get married, he was unprepared, but over the years, all his love had piled up to the point where even these two words couldn’t fully express it.

The sky brightened.

He moved, but his arm was still under Yuan Suo’s neck.

After all that tossing and turning, he knew that Yuan Suo still needed to sleep for a while, but he would definitely be hungry when he got up later.

He moved to get up to prepare breakfast, but found that not only his arm, but his leg was also bound and he couldn’t move.

“Du Du, let go first, I’ll be back later, okay?” Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t sure if he could hear him, but he didn’t want to remove himself forcefully.

“Uhh…..” Yuan Suo mumbled in a haze, the soreness in his body more real than he could hear, so he immediately furrowed his good-looking eyebrows, “No, no more, I’m tired…”

Eh….. Mo Yi Cheng froze for a moment, then the corners of his mouth lifted and he started to tease, “Yes, rest for a while if you’re tired, then we will continue again.”


“Ha ha…” Mo Yi Cheng buried his head against Yuan Suo’s ear and laughed softly, then kissed him on the forehead a few times before he pulled his arm out, got out of bed and went to prepare breakfast.

It was already noon when Yuan Suo woke up.

Opening his eyes, he looked at the ceiling for a few seconds, then closed them tightly, blushing as the scene from last night played out in his mind.

Mo Yi Cheng was very gentle, but with the exception of his muscles that were a little sore, he didn’t feel much discomfort, but… it was better to pretend to be sick and not get up.

Mo Yi Cheng returned to the room after he finished cooking, only to see the tangled expression on Yuan Suo’s face.

“You’re hungry, right?” Mo Yi Cheng cut straight to the chase.

Yuan Suo’s eyes that were closed twitched.

“I’ve prepared the egg custard you like.” Mo Yi Cheng deliberately searched online and found that during this time, it was suitable for Yuan Suo to eat something liquid that was easy to digest.

Growl… his stomach was really disappointing, Yuan Suo opened his eyes in embarrassment.

Mo Yi Cheng was still wearing his apron. After he had eaten to his fill and swept away yesterday’s melancholy, his whole body was glowing radiantly, making Yuan Suo unable to help but do a double take.

Yuan Suo felt that he was really unpromising! He suppressed his nonsensical thoughts, lifted the quilt and prepared to get up, only to realized his body….. felt really cool….. and shrunk back inside the quilt hurriedly like a little snail.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and shaking his head, opened the wardrobe and took a robe out, “Wear this, the one from yesterday is torn.”

Ugh, why did he have to say it out loud…

Yuan Suo reached out for it and not caring that Mo Yi Cheng was standing there looking tall and relaxed, he lifted the quilt and put the bathrobe on.

The bathrobe was light gray with a wide open neckline, making Yuan Suo’s collarbone look even whiter, and the way he tightened the belt made his waistline become more pronounced. Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes darkened significantly.

Yuan Suo was oblivious to this and was about to run for the door barefoot as the smell of food from the kitchen had already wafted in, making him even more hungry…..

Mo Yi Cheng’s long arm reached out to stop him, “Brush your teeth first.”


“I’ve already squeezed the toothpaste.”


“Do you feel any discomfort….. anywhere on your body?”

“No!” Yuan Suo returned to the land of pain, but his legs were indisputably a little weak, and his back as he run into the bathroom looked a little wretched.

The previously agreed follow-up appointment with Andrew was at 3pm each day.

After dinner the two rested a little more, showered, changed then set off.

Andrew was staying in a suite in a fancy hotel.

When Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo arrived, Andrew had already asked someone to wait for them downstairs.

As was customary, Yuan Suo went into a separate room with his cell phone.

Mo Yi Cheng and Andrew stayed outside to talk.

Andrew was in a much better mood this time, as his tone was lighter.

The two exchanged pleasantries and talked about business matters for a while, before Andrew finally said, somewhat hesitantly: “Mr Mo, I… have one more request, but I don’t know if it’s possible.”

Mo Yi Cheng vaguely guessed what he was going to say and put away his smile, replying, “Go ahead.”

“As I mentioned to you earlier, Abel’s lover, who is also another elf, called Anie suffered from Alzheimer’s, commonly known as dementia, six months ago.

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