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Chapter 75.2

“She doesn’t recognize me now, and occasionally didn’t recognize Abel before he became very ill. We’ve sought treatment from the most professional specialists, but the results were never good so I was thinking that if it was possible….. I would like Du Du to help save her.” When Andrew finished, he saw Mo Yi Cheng’s face sinking more and more, he added hurriedly, “I can agree to whatever conditions there are, as long as he can do it.”

If Andrew had made this request yesterday, Mo Yi Cheng wouldn’t have interfered too much, leaving the right to decide to Yuan Suo, because treating the sick and saving people was an act of virtue and charity, so he would help if he could. But right now, Mo Yi Cheng would never easily ask Yuan Suo to agree to such a thing!

After saving Abel, Yuan Suo’s level had been raised to 90. If he saved Anie, the consequences were predictable.

“I’m sorry.” Mo Yi Cheng refused decisively.

Andrew was surprised, before this he also knew that this kind of cell transplantation would take a lot of physical strength from the healer, and the resistance might be weakened for a certain period of time, but it would not hurt the body at all, so he was really not prepared for such a dry rebuff.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Mo, I’m not asking your elf to perform the surgery right away, we can wait.” Andrew added hurriedly.

Just then, Yuan Suo came out with the cell phone after finishing the check up.

Mo Yi Cheng jerked to his feet, with Andrew getting up as well

“There’s nothing we can do about Anie, please never bring it up again.” Saying this, he turned his head and smiled lightly at Yuan Suo, “How did it go?”

Yuan Suo, slightly aware of the unusual atmosphere, responded, “Very… well, Abel is recovering nicely.”

“That’s good.” Mo Yi Cheng took the phone from Yuan Suo and placed it in Andrew’s hands.

Andrew adjusted himself quickly, smiled as well and nodded his head in thanks to Yuan Suo, “You’ve worked hard.”

Yuan Suo waved his hand in reply, “You’re welcome, Abel…. is my friend.” More than that, he was the hero of the Ninth Region, so he should have stepped in to help anyway.

“No, to thank you properly, why don’t I treat the two of you to dinner?” Andrew asked.

Yuan Suo’s eyes immediately lit up a little the moment he heard dinner. The food Mo Yi Cheng had prepared for lunch was of the soup kind, all of which he had digested a while ago.

“I heard there is a very famous Sichuan restaurant around here, why don’t the two of you…” Andrew was interrupted halfway through his sentence.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled lightly, one hand circled around Yuan Suo’s waist: “Sorry, Yuan Suo isn’t well enough to eat spicy foods.” Without waiting for Andrew to say anything else, he led Yuan Suo out the door.

In the days that followed, Abel’s follow-up appointments came as usual.

It was just that Mo Yi Cheng tried to avoid any and all communication between Andrew and Yuan Suo. He knew he was being a little selfish and not respecting the little thing enough, but… he had to do it.

On the day Andrew left, Mo Yi Cheng asked Kan Ming to see him off, and took Yuan Suo to the script discussion of director Li Xilan’s new movie.

The script was called called and the original was said to be just a short story. The story was about the growth of a war god during the warring period of seven countries, the friendship between comrades before the favor from the emperor, the mutual support and suspicion between the rulers and ministers, the treacherous nature of war and the killing of a warrior. Mo Yi Cheng’s character was the male protagonist ‘Fu Yun’, the god of war who liked to go on to the battlefield wearing white, not stopping until blood was shed. Just like his life, so quiet that one didn’t dare breathe, but so hot that it was blinding.

“This is my assistant.” That was how Mo Yi Cheng introduced Yuan Suo, then he took the initiative to give him a cup of hot tea, then also urged him to blow on it before drinking.

The people in the room froze, then looked at each other in disbelief. There had been some rumours in the circle for a long time, but it was important that they kept their mouths shut, after all, Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t just an actor.

Director Li Xilan arrived a little late due to traffic, but he wasn’t too late.

Li Xilan was about thirty-five, thirty six years old, with a tall figure and a rather tough appearance and although he wasn’t all that handsome, he was still very attractive. Many fans mentioned that it was a pity that he didn’t become an actor with such a temperament, but on second thought, it would have been a greater loss for everyone if he didn’t become a director with such talent.

There was a momentary pause as the director entered the room with large strides, his hawk-like sharp gaze catching the delicate cheeks…. both in appearance and temperament, this person was very suitable for the one he had been looking for.

Fu Yun’s childhood playmate, who appeared in few scenes but had dark lines, the only person who Fu Yun shed tears for in the entire movie. But he didn’t make a sound as he told everyone to carry on as usual.

The latest version of the script was handed to everyone.

Yuan Suo who was sitting next to Mo Yi Cheng froze when his eyes fell on the front page.

Originally written by: Li Su Yi

Screenplay by: Huang Yue

Directed by: Li Xi Lan

Su Yi? Was there really such a coincidence in the world? The script Mo Yi Cheng had received before only had the screenwriter’s name on it, so this was the first time he was seeing Su Yi’s name appear on it, and he couldn’t help but be surprised.

Could it be someone with the same name? Yuan Suo locked eyes with Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head, meaning that with such a special name, the chances of it being someone with the same name was very unlikely. Moreover….. the script was filled with a strong sense of ‘brotherly’ love! Who else would it be if it wasn’t that Su Yi?

As soon as the script discussion was over, Yuan Suo sent Su Yi a message, asking about it.

Su Yi replied quickly: “Ha ha, I was going to surprise you guys! Didn’t expect that you’d find out first.”

Yuan Suo: “That’s really awesome! We have to celebrate!”

Yuan Suo remember that Su Yi had once messaged that she hoped her novel would one day be turned into a movie.

Su Yi replied modestly: Actually, my novel is very short. It’s just a synopsis, most of the credit goes to the screenwriter.

In any case, Su Yi’s dream has come true.

With a wave of her hands, Su Yi told everyone in the group that she was holding a celebration, and that she would treat everyone!

In addition to Yuan Suo, Long Bow and Po Fei were also on the group.

Long Bow sent an oversized emoji of a villain getting hit by a cannonball and exploding into black fumes: “Your novel is actually being adapted into a movie! Are you sure it’ll pass the review?”

Su Yi sent a minute long voice message scolding him.

Po Fei, on the other hand sent: Alright, congratulations Su Yi.

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