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Chapter 71.2 Yuan Suo’s elf!

Yuan Suo said, “It’s best to go through the regular medical channels for simple illnesses, as cellular reorganisation is similar to major surgery in the real world, or worse. Although it can save lives, it still leaves a lot of damage to the body and shouldn’t be done until necessary. And even in severe cases, cellular reorganisation has certain limitations in terms of time and other conditions and doesn’t guarantee 100% success, so don’t over-mythologise this technical tool either.”

A silence fell over the table as Yuan Suo spoke.

“Cough cough, what you just said… is right.” Mo Yi Cheng was the first to come back to his senses.

“Du Du, you really are different.” Long Bow sighed again. It seemed the little thing had changed more than just in size.

“Yes!” Kan Ming said, “But even so, such technical medical means are still unimaginable in the modern world. If only the qualifiers were more than just elves.”

Yuan Suo replied, “Players… are probably also within the scope of treatment, because according to our projections, players are also invisibly bound to the game in some way, so they are technically within the game’s control, but because the technology has been developed for use in the second dimension, no clinical trials have been conducted on the players yet.”

Chen Sheng was shocked, “Then hurry up and do the trials. In case I have a natural or man-made disaster someday, I’ll be counting on you!”

The atmosphere was quite good as they ate.

After the meal, the four elves took care of clearing up, while the three players sat on the sofa comfortably, chatting as they watched the news.

Su Yi was very good at scrubbing dishes while Long Bow on the other hand, couldn’t even wipe the table without getting crumbs all over the floor. Together with Po Fei, Yuan Suo wrapped the rest of the food in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

“Po Fei, can you sit next to Su Yi when school starts again?” Yuan Suo was referring to the seat at the front in the school bus.

Po Fei’s movements stopped, “I’m used to sitting back there.”

“But then how will you talk to us?” Yuan Suo asked.

Not waiting for Po Fei to say anything more. Long Bow came up, “Come on, come on, the power of the three of us together will surely overthrow Su Yi’s tyranny, although that crazy woman won’t be able to run wild for much longer, she’s leveled…. ouch!”

The four elves emerged from inside the kitchen.

Yuan Suo and Po Fei walked together, joking and laughing. Su Yi had her arms crossed and was looking in askance at Long Bow who had a large bump on his head and was looking both sad and indignant.

After everyone left, Yuan Suo told Mo Yi Cheng about what had happened in the park. The reason why he didn’t tell everyone was because it involved Abel and Anie’s privacy.

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it. Because of Yuan Suo’s previous disappearance, concern and investigation into the elves around the world had gone a step further.

There had been some progress in the investigation of the British nobility. Pulling out the information Kan Ming had sent over earlier, the two found out which Earl had been looking for a good neurologist.

“Although we can’t be sure if there’s a connection between the two, I think we can give it a try.” That night, Mo Yi Cheng sent a reliable person to contact the British side, so that a meeting could be secured if necessary.

Surprisingly, a few days later, Andrew, an earl in England, reached out to Kan Ming. It turned out that this British nobleman had also been using all his forces to investigate the elf game.

And his elves were really Abel and Anie. Moreover it was also because of Abel’s connection, that Andrew’s ‘Elf Circle’ wasn’t any weaker than Mo Yi Cheng’s, that was why he was able to look into Yuan Suo’s disappearance and was also the first to find out about Yuan Suo’s return as a cellular reorganisation doctor after the Second Dimension.

“Yi Cheng, I want to give it a try.” Knowing that Abel hadn’t passed away, Yuan Suo wanted to lend a helping hand.

It was unknown when Yuan Suo had changed Mo Yi Cheng’s name to ‘Yi Cheng’, but when he said it, he liked to drag out the last word a little, softly and gently, causing Mo Yi Cheng to often give in as soon as he opened his mouth.

“I just…”

“Grandpa Abel is a very good and decent person, so I think his owner must be very good too and elves who live in the same world are supposed to help each other. Just like when I was in danger, it was Long Bow who stepped up to help.”


“Grandpa Abel is a good friend of mine, and I’m willing to help in any way I can. Besides, with the bond between him and Grandma Anie, we can’t… uh…”

Not knowing that Yuan Suo could unexpectedly talk so much now, Mo Yi Cheng had no choice but to use the most useful method — blocking his mouth.

It was only after the air in Yuan Suo’s lungs were almost squeezed dry that he was released. Mouth open, he gasped for breath, but he also asked on a whisper, “So are we helping?”

Mo Yi Cheng narrowed his eyes, “You still have the heart to think about something else?”

“… Not thinking… uh…”

“Hello.” Mo Yi Cheng took Andrew’s offered hand.

“This person is?” Andrew noticed Yuan Suo standing behind Mo Yi Cheng and although before he came here his knowledge of Yuan Suo was only limited to the name “Mo Du Du”, today, with just one glance, he could almost conclude that the person standing in front of him was an elf. After all, he had never seen such pure eyes before, except in the game.

Mo Yi Cheng introduced, “This is my lover, Yuan Suo.”

He wasn’t an elf? Andrew was quite surprised, but after his surprise, he extended his right hand politely and shook hands with Yuan Suo.

After exchanging pleasantries, the three men entered the villa.

Tea had already been prepared.

Andrew naturally didn’t have the heart to enjoy it and cut straight to the chase, hoping that Abel could be treated as soon as possible. After all, Abel’s brain cancer had spread further and he was now in a severe coma that could devolve into a life-threatening state at any moment.

“If I may ask Mr Mo, where is your elf?”

Mo Yi Cheng said with a light smile, “I’m not actually a player.”

“Huh?” Andrew froze then his expression turned serious, “Mr. Mo, I hope you’re not joking with me.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s aura was equally strong, “Naturally, I’m not joking.” Then the conversation turned, “But this doesn’t affect our previous agreement. Because the player is my lover and Du Du is his elf, so there’s no change in the rescue plan for Abel.”

In order to protect Yuan Suo’s identity and safety as an elf, Mo Yi Cheng decided to make a change in his identity and to keep ‘Mo Du Du’ in an invisible state from beginning to end. This way, even if there were any problems on Andrew’s side, there would at least be an additional layer of protection.

Andrew was relieved to hear Mo Yi Cheng say this. Turning, he got up and nodded to Yuan Suo, who was sitting next to Mo Yi Cheng, “Mr. Yuan, thank you for your help. If I may ask, when can we start?”

Yuan Suo, who didn’t know how to lie was a little nervous, “Any… anytime, but… Du Du, hmm, Du Du needs to run a physical test on your elf first.”

“Alright!” Andrew took his phone out.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “However, we hope that Du Du’s identity can be kept confidential, so the entire rescue process, Yuan Suo and Du Du have to be in charge, therefore Mr. Andrew, except for needing your help to a certain degree with the outside conditions, you’ll have to step back in the later half of the process.”

Andrew hesitated for a moment, “Okay, I trust you.” He didn’t have much choice in the matter.

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