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Chapter 72.1 Prince Yuan Suo!

Andrew’s father died ten years ago and ownership of Abel and Anie passed into his hands.

Andrew remembered that the secret compartment in his father’s study was what he was most curious about as a young boy. At that time, he and the rest of his siblings were strictly forbidden to enter the secret room.

As a young boy, he was so naughty that he once made a bet with his sister and contrived to sneak into the secret room. To his surprise, there was nothing special about it. The layout and decoration was just that of an ordinary study.

When he entered, the TV on the table was on and that was the first time he saw Abel and Anie on the screen.

The first time he saw Abel and Anie, they hadn’t yet degenerated into their Q-skins. They were an elegant middle-aged couple walking and talking in a courtyard on a warm and breezy morning.

At that time, Andrew thought it was just an ordinary TV programme and didn’t pay much attention to it, but the two people on the screen were startled by the sudden appearance of the little guy and when they looked at each other, Andrew was also startled. This ‘creepy’ feeling scared the little Andrew and as he rushed, scrambling out of the secret room on his hands and knees, his father caught him.

He was confined to his room for a week, after which he promised not to reveal any details about the secret room.

The secret room with the old television set, the people in the screen who could look straight into your eyes, all of this fed like a mysterious fairy tale in the young boy’s mind.

Andrew never told anyone about it until he was an adult and then he guessed, that this was probably one of the reasons why his father had given him the elves.

Half an hour later, Yuan Suo came out from the room with a serious expression on his face, which made both Mo Yi Cheng and Andrew nervous.

“Grandpa Abel’s current state isn’t good. It he undergoes cellular reorganisation, the chances of success are only about fifty percent.” Yuan Suo stated his judgement. Abel was getting older, but the fact that his condition was in an advanced stage wasn’t the most serious problem. The most serious problem, after the detailed examination was that Abel had a number of old wounds and there were even a lot of shell fragments in his body, which would be a major obstacle if he underwent cellular reorganisation.

Andrew had a momentary mix of both sadness and joy; it was unexpectedly a 50/50 chance of either success or failure.

“Then, before your elf carries out the treatment, can I see him?”

Yuan Suo answered, “Yes, I can bring the phone out.”

“Thank you.” For more than ten years, although Abel had existed as a ‘secondary’ character in the game, he had still given Andrew a lot of elderly advice in his life, encouraging him in his difficult moments of disappointment. For Andrew, he had long become a father to him.

In the game, Yuan Suo had sent Abel to the public medical area provided by the system and had put him in a separate ward. Abel lay quietly on the bed, a short, Q version figure, but the deep wrinkles on his face, the bulging veins in his hands and the dry skin all pointed to the signs of a dying old man.

“Abel, Anie’s waiting for you to come back from the exhibition….. so am I.” Andrew’s voice caught in his throat as he raised his hand to touch the screen, but didn’t let it fall. He closed his eyes.

This scene made Yuan Suo’s eyes tingle, the tip of his nose turning red.

The relationship between players and elves was always very special. Whether it was friendship, kinship or love, there was always an extra layer of destiny in it.

Mo Yi Cheng stepped forward and put his hand on Yuan Suo’s back, soothing him gently.

“Don’t be nervous, you… and Du Du will be fine. No matter what the outcome is, we would have already done the best we can.”

Yuan Suo’s originally trembling body calmed down gradually under the soothingly warm and firm palm of Mo Yi Cheng’s hand.

“Mr. Andrew, we will do our best because Abel is a very important person in Du Du’s life.”

Andrew looked at Yuan Suo for a moment, then handed him the phone solemnly.

The ‘cellular reorganisation’ skill that Yuan Suo had obtained in the Second Dimension was a unique method of cellular repair that could replace or renew the cells of the entire body in a short period of time, similar to that of a system restored to its original state.

Yuan Suo had helped restore the bodily functions of many soldiers in the Second Dimension before, including the regenerating of limbs, repairing organs and restoring sight and hearing and he had long since become very skilled at it.

But an operation of Abel’s magnitude still required a great deal of effort.

The three hours or so were unbearably long.

From time to time, Mo Yi Cheng would walk to the room where Yuan Suo was and stop to listen to the sounds inside, but there wasn’t even the slightest sound…..

Andrew was even more anxious. His two hands were interlocked and raised at his brow, his thin lips opening and closing quickly, as if in a silent prayer.

“Mr. Mo, can I have a cigarette?” Andrew asked.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded. He didn’t like cigarettes, but at this moment he could understand Andrew’s feelings.

Andrew took a cigarette from his pocket and handed one to Mo Yi Cheng who took it and cupped it in his hand, without the intention of lighting it. Andrew lit the one in his hand silently and took two hard puffs.

The smell of smoke filled the room immediately.

“Mr. Mo, are you afraid of partings?” Andrew asked, a sour taste in his mouth.

Mo Yi Cheng froze, then turned his gaze in the direction of the door and said, “I am.”

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