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Chapter 71.1 Yuan Suo’s elf!

The second day of the Lunar New Year.

Mo Yi Cheng took Yuan Suo back to their place and at that moment, it seemed that the two floating souls had finally found their home.

Yuan Suo remembered the wooden horse he had promised Grandpa Abel to give to Grandma Anie at the park every year on the second day of the new year.

He took out a little wooden horse Abel had given him earlier and placed it on the table. Although Mo Yi Cheng had seen all kinds of handiwork from skilled craftsmen, he was still blown away by the dozen or so wooden horses.

“Was that the condition Abel gave in order to teach you how to carve at that time?” The birthday present Yuan Suo had given him, a hand-carved picture frame was on his bedside. There was also the half-finished, chocolate cone ice cream without the cone, lying inside his safe.

“Yes, previously anytime I saw Grandma Anie, she always forgets what she said and what she did. Looking at it now, it seems to be Alzheimer’s.”


“En, that’s the common name for it.” Yuan Suo had a serious expression on his face, his brow furrowed.

It was only then that Mo Yi Cheng remembered that when he had seen Yuan Suo in the Second Trial Dimension earlier, he was wearing a white coat and the little girl called him doctor. The information also showed that his identity was that of a cellular reconstruction doctor in the military zone.

“Do you have a cure?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

Yuan Suo nodded, hesitated for a moment, then said, “Yes, I do. My area of expertise is in the field of cellular reconstruction, which is specific to elves, as they are bound to the system and therefore have different vital signs. I found a way to do this by taking advantage of my interstellar royal bloodline and given a certain amount of time, I’ll be able to cure most of the elves illnesses.”

Mo Yi Cheng was shocked, “What about a world problem like cancer?”

Yuan Suo said, “I’ve cured two cancer patients, but there have been cases of failures, as it depends on the patient’s cellular composition and so on. After all, even the flu can kill a person, let alone cancer.”

Looking at Yuan Suo as he spoke eloquently, it was hard for him to associate him with the Q version from the previous game. Yuan Suo had grown up, but as soon as he saw those starry eyes, he knew immediately that this handsome young man was his Du Du from a few years ago, the little elf who would always call him Mo Yi Cheng and who always trusted him.

Yuan Suo didn’t notice the change in Mo Yi Cheng’s emotions as he turned the conversation back, “But it was Grandpa Abel who entrusted me with delivering something every year on their wedding anniversary. Shouldn’t it be Grandma Anie who is afraid that she would forget and that she wouldn’t be able to do it?”

Mo Yi Cheng became serious, “What you mean is that Abel is likely to have…”

Yuan Suo nodded, “I never could figure it out before until later when I became a doctor in the military district, then suddenly it all made sense.”

Yuan Suo took the little wooden horse and set off for the park.

Just after Yuan Suo set out, Mo Yi Cheng received a phone call from Chen Sheng, proposing that they meet today. He had been scared by what happened to Du Du and even said that Long Bow almost didn’t make it through to the New Year.

After calculating the time, Mo Yi Cheng guessed that Yuan Suo probably wouldn’t be back until lunchtime.

“Alright, I made everyone worry these past few days. Let’s call Kan Ming too.”

Speaking of Kan Ming, Mo Yi Cheng learned from Chen Sheng that Po Fei’s player was still Tian Yao, however Tian Yao’s body was still recovering after she woke up and as she had difficulty moving around, her cell phone was still with Kan Ming for the time being.

“Where’s Chen Jiao? Let’s call him too!” Chen Sheng suggested.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Forget about Chen Jiao.”

Chen Sheng didn’t understand, “Why?”

Mo Yi Cheng said seriously, “This is the ethics of being a younger brother.”

Chen Sheng: ???

Holding the little wooden horse in his arms, Yuan Suo entered the park. The moment he entered, it was as if he had been here a lifetime ago. The leaves inside the park had almost fallen off in the short span of half a month, and the yellow leaves that hadn’t been cleared away in time were piled up on the ground.

Anie was still sitting in the rocking chair, covered with a thick wool blanket, holding a copy of Wuthering Heights that she had read many times. She raised her head when she heard the sound of movement, a little dazed when she saw Yuan Suo. It took a moment for her eyes to clear a little.

“It’s Du Du, come on, come over here and have a snack.” Anie put her book down, greeting him.

At the same time, Yuan Suo noticed a black watch on her hand. The shape of the watch suggested that it was a bracelet with location and health monitoring, which was consistent with her previous ‘dementia’.

“Grandma Anie.” He walked up and sat down.

Abel’s seat was empty, but the usual cup was still there, even with half-hot black tea in it.

“Grandma, why isn’t Grandpa Abel here?” Yuan Suo was vaguely uneasy.

“Abel?” Anie froze for a moment, then as if remembering something, gave a gentle smile, “He heard that there was a traveling exhibition of world-class wood carvings at the Lin City Museum which is very rare, so he left early in the morning. He said he would be staying there for two days and that he would be back soon.”

“Oh, it turns out it’s like this.” Yuan Suo observed Anie’s expression. The smile on her face was genuine and there was nothing wrong with it.

“Then… this tea?” Yuan Suo pointed to the black tea prepared for Abel.

A trace of confusion flashed through Anie eyes, “Yes, Abel has gone out, why did I still prepare the tea set, ha ha, I’m getting old.” She shook her head then suddenly took Yuan Suo’s hand again, “Du Du, Grandma hasn’t seen you for a long time, Abel usually talks about wanting to see you. Oh, right, did Grandma tell you that Abel has gone to see a wood carving exhibition? He’ll be back soon, wait for him to come back…”

Yuan Suo’s heart sank gradually as he held Anie’s hand…

“Grandma Anie.” Yuan Suo took the little wooden horse Abel had given him earlier out of his arms with one hand, “Look.”

Yuan Suo held a finely carved wooden horse in his slender and white hands. The wooden horse was very vivid, with its head held high and its hooves flying with great vigour.

“Grandpa Abel asked me to bring this to you. Today… is your wedding anniversary.” Yuan Suo choked, eyes hot, his throat blocked.

Anie looked steadily at the little wooden horse for a while, her eyes gradually filling with tears as well, “This old man… he still thinks about me even when he goes out. If I had known earlier I would have gone with him.”

“Grandma, why did grandpa give you a little wooden horse?” Yuan Suo guessed it was just a token of love for the two people back then.

Ever since then, every time Yuan Suo saw an NPC in the game again, he would speculate whether they were virtual characters set up by the game itself, or elves left over after they passed the full level. Though such elves were few and far between.

On the way back to his apartment, Yuan Suo’s mood was still down. The last emotion of deep affection he had seen in Anie, as well as the last look he had gotten of Abel’s appearance flashed before his eyes like a slideshow.

As a result, when he came out of the game he was still in a bit of a trance, completely oblivious to the dark figure that pounced on him!

“Oww…” His nose was a little sore from the bump.

“Little thing, where have you been!” Long Bow’s voice trembled with excitement, his one hand patting Yuan Suo’s back as he sniffled, “…. That, have you grown taller?”

Mo Yi Cheng who was standing on the side really couldn’t watch anymore. He picked Long Bow by the collar with one hand and yanked him back, while the other hand hooked Yuan Suo to his side.

“I’m sorry for making everyone worry.” Yuan Suo knew his disappearance must have scared everyone.

It was only after he was rescued from Long Bow’s bear hug that he noticed that there were quite a few people standing inside the room.

Chen Sheng, Kan Ming, Su Yi and Po Fei.

It had been a long time since he’d seen Po Fei, but there was a big difference between this Po Fei and the one he remembered. Although his skin was still so white that he could barely see any blood, his gaze had become much softer and he had put on a little bit of weight, moreover he had a faint smile on his face. The previous gloominess had long since disappeared and standing next to Kan Ming was a shy young man.

Lunch was ready for everyone before Yuan Suo returned. Of course the only two mainstays were Po Fei and Su Yi.

Everyone sat around the table, all curious about where Yuan Suo had been and what he had been through during the last half month of his disappearance, and the elves were even more curious about what the so-called Second Trial Dimension was like.

Apart from the little bit of a scare when he had first crashed into the second dimension, everything went very smoothly and he was soon sitting in a highly valued and protected position as a cellular reorganisation doctor. Everyone was a relieved when they heard this.

“Then does this mean that in the future, elves don’t have to be afraid of getting sick, and that Du Du can cure them with a random reorganisation?” Chen Sheng was amazed at this unbelievable medical technology.

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