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Chapter 55.1 (Po Fei’s owner) Po Fei’s final destination A

Po Fei lowered his head habitually as he walked and didn’t pay attention to the man getting out of the car, let alone notice the man’s gaze that fell on him.

As he approached, Kan Ming looked at him more carefully. The teenager was wearing an old style sneakers and his trousers were a little wrinkled most likely due to his part-time job, but you could see clearly that they were usually washed very clean because the cuffs and the legs of the trousers didn’t have any stains on them. Fatigue could be seen from his obviously malnourished face and the bag he was holding revealed a thin wrist that was particularly blinding.

Po Fei was walking hurriedly when a dark figure suddenly accelerated towards him and bumped into him. It was unavoidable and it appeared as if the other party was aiming at the bag in his hand as his wrist became loose from the collision and the bag fell to the ground with a snap.

The man, who was half a head taller than him stiffened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Po Fei: “….” How come this explanation didn’t sound so unconvincing at all?

Kan Ming bent down to pick the bag for him. Po Fei moved to take it but he didn’t let go, “I’m really sorry for wasting your dinner.”

Po Fei frowned and moved to take it again, “It’s okay.”

Kan Ming took a half step back, avoiding his hand then said with a sincere tone, “I’ll pay you back. It’s just as well, I’m going out for dinner.”

“There’s no need.” Po Fei felt that the man in front of him was getting more and more suspicious. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was holding his dinner in his hands, afraid he would have already turned his head and left.

“You live here?” Kan Ming looked like a roadblock bully molesting a little girl.


“Join me for a meal??”

Po Fei finally couldn’t stand it and turned to leave.

Kan Ming said hurriedly, “It’s a pity that you wouldn’t be able to eat some of the braised elbow, lion’s head…”

Po Fei’s feet stopped.

Then he looked at Kan Ming suspiciously. They were both men, so eating together shouldn’t be a problem, moreover this big silly thing in front of him… didn’t look like a bad person. Of course, he wasn’t attracted to that elbow, lion’s head or whatever he said…

Kan Ming drove him to a very famous restaurant then ordered a copy of what he had just ordered for him before asking Po Fei what else he wanted to eat.

Po Fei gulped untraceably but still said with a cold expression on his face, “Just these.”

Kan Ming nodded, closed the menu then said to the waiter, “Two more bottles of juice and two portions of rice.”

“Alright sir, please wait for a while.” The waiter left.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while, and after a few minutes of silence, Kan Ming finally spoke first: “Do you live in that neighborhood?”


“You seem like, a university student?”

Po Fei replied, “No.”

“Then… a worker?”

“Hmm, sort of.”

“What kind of work do you do?”

Probably too annoyed by Kan Ming, Po Fei took his peaked cap off, revealing his slender eyebrows, “Big brother, you have a lot of questions.”

Kan Ming froze for a moment, “….. Alright, then I won’t ask.” Anyway, he was already clear about the teenager’s life experience a long time ago because the investigation had been very thorough, making him feel distressed for the first time in his life for a stranger he’d never met before.

The teenager, in addition to the time spent in the game inside the classroom, spent most of his time working part-time jobs to pay for the basic needs of the vegetative person in the care center. He couldn’t even imagine how much pressure an elf who was only 17 years old, under the circumstances of a player who abused alcohol and gambled indiscriminately was under and endured as he struggled to support a broken home. Moreover the investigation revealed that Fang Gui had violent tendencies when he got drunk. The teenager’s life in this kind of environment could only be imagined.

Soon the food was served one after another and Po Fei buried his head and ate up, eating fast and barely chewing, not even drinking the juice that had been poured out for him.

“Have something to drink, eat slowly.” Kan Ming said.

Po Fei’s chopsticks paused, perhaps seeming to feel that his appearance was a bit wretched, but he still stuffed a piece of stir-fried pork in mouth then drank two mouthfuls of juice, “You… how come you’re not eating?”

“Ah, I’ll eat, I’m…. I’m waiting for the rice.” Just as he said this, the waiter brought in two bowls of rice. Kan Ming placed the meat on top of the rice and mixed it well.

Probably a novelty to Po Fei who was looking at it, he also placed a piece meat on top of the rice, mixed it, then fetched a big mouthful with a spoon then put it in his mouth — it was so delicious!

Thus the two guarded the table of food. They each ate two large bowls of ‘mixed rice’ then leaned back contentedly in their chairs, so comfortable that they wanted to sleep.

“Thank you for this meal….” Po Fei opened his mouth. Although he didn’t know what medicine this silly big man was selling in his gourd, the food was real.

“You’re welcome.” Kan Ming said with a smile, “I’m the one who bumped into you first…. and, since we’ve had dinner together, we could be considered friends, so how about you do me a favor?”

“What kind of favor?”

Kan Ming said, “There’s a girl living on the third floor of the first unit of a certain building… I… am pursuing her, she likes… garlands made of willow branches, so I want to send one to her every day, but I’m too busy at work and want to find someone who lives in that neighborhood to help me.”

Po Fei: “….” So insincere.

Kan Ming continued, “If you know someone who is suitable you can recommend him to me, I will be paying him a salary.”

Hearing the word salary, Po Fei’s narrow eyes lit up, “How much?”

Kan Ming stifled the smile at the corners of his lips. This was an authentic foodie plus a money fan!

“Every day….” If he mentioned too much it would seem too fake right? “200 yuan. Yes, not more than that.”

Po Fei covered his bulging stomach and sat up straight, “200 yuan a day just to deliver a garland?”

Kan Ming said: “It’s not only that, you also have to do it by hand, the rougher the better, so as to make it seem like I did it myself. Deliver it twice a day and also imitate my handwriting to write notes on the card.” Kan Ming struggled to weave his lie, pretending not to see Po Fei’s blank stare.

The world of the rich and stupid people really didn’t need to be understood by someone like him, but the money earned was very good. It just so happened that he needed to pay the fees for the care center tomorrow and he was still more than a thousand yuan short and didn’t know where to get it. So Po Fei patted his chest and took the job. As he left the restaurant, Kan Ming immediately contacted his subordinate to rent a house in the neighborhood where Po Fei lived.

As he sent Po Fei back to his neighborhood, the sky was already dark. Looking at the teenager’s back under the dim yellow street lamp, Kan Ming felt as if his chest was being blocked by something. The first time he had seen Po Fei here, he had unconsciously compared him to Yuan Suo. One was held in the palm of a hand for fear that he would fall, so loved and cherished and one was doing heavy manual work and sometimes went hungry, but the two…. were once both pure souls who didn’t know anything about this world.

When Kan Ming went back to Mo Yi Cheng’s hotel room, he saw Yuan Suo sitting on the sofa watching a movie with his ‘limited’ snacks, but when he saw Kan Ming greet him, he knew it had to be because of the issue concerning Po Fei so he turned the TV off quickly and sat upright. Mo Yi Cheng patted him on the back to make him less nervous, then motioned for Kan Ming to sit down.

Kan Ming sat down and went straight to the point, “Fang Gui’s debts have now reached seven figures and it’s impossible for him to pay it back by himself and he has already scrapped Fang Ya dry over the years, so we can consider starting from this area.”

Mo Yi Cheng thought about it for a moment, “But even if you give him more money, he has no way of transferring the ownership of the elf so it can only be a temporary solution, and once you open this opportunity, it will become a bottomless pit.”

The look on Kan Ming’s face turned grave. This was a problem he hadn’t thought about, but there was no better solution right now.

“Second young man, I want to give it a try. First take back the person…. the elf from Fang Gui’s hands. Although the things that will follow would be uncontrollable, at least it’s a positive solution.”

“You want to give it a try?” Mo Yi Cheng heard the extra meaning behind Kan Ming’s words.

“Yes, I’m willing to do my best to help Po Fei.” Kan Ming’s gaze was unusually firm, and Mo Yi Cheng knew Kan Ming’s character well enough to know that his mind was now made up.

“Alright, if there’s anything you need me to do, just ask.”

“Alright, I will.”

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  1. Yesssssss get that cute guy out of there. I wonder if the vegetative woman was the original owner? Or was it the husband always but he used to be much kinder.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  2. Thanks for translating! Poor Po Fei… I hope Kan Ming can adopt him and become his player <3

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