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Chapter 54.2 If I hadn’t met you

When Yuan Suo found out that Po Fei’s owner was the drunkard, he became very depressed, which fuelled his determination to do his part to help more.

He contacted Long Bow and Su Yi, and although the two of them were at very high levels, they both said that they had never heard of ‘forcefully’ changing an owner and that the system stipulated that the player’s transfer of authority was entirely based on their own will. It was only possible if the player’s life was in danger or an unpredictable eventuality occurred, and even with that, the consent of the elf was needed. In other words, it meant that Po Fei had agreed to transfer himself to Fang Gui at that time.

“Maybe at that time Fang Gui hadn’t fallen to this stage.” Long Bow messaged.

“Hmm, it must have been like this.” Yuan Suo replied to his message, then put his tablet down and walked around. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. Maybe…. Grandpa Abel would know! After all, among all the elves he knew, Grandpa Abel was the oldest and seemed to know a lot about the game.

Thinking like this, he waved at Mo Yi Cheng, changed his clothes quickly and got ready to go to the park. When Marshmallow saw him going out, he blocked the doorway and showed his little belly, refusing to get out of the way. Having no other choice, Yuan Suo could only attach his leash and take Marshmallow with his short legs out as well.

He took a bus to the park and the NPC lady in charge of checking identities at the entrance hugged Marshmallow and kissed him several times before letting them in.

From a distance, he saw two familiar figures inside the gazebo. There was English afternoon tea on the stone table and Grandpa Abel was rubbing his chin in contemplation as he looked at the stalemate game of chess in front of him while Anie flipped through a book calmly and elegantly with a blanket over her lap.

“Bark, bark, bark!” Marshmallow greeted before Yuan Suo could say anything.

Anie and Abel were very happy to see Yuan Suo. One couldn’t tell from Abel’s cold face face that he liked the fluffy marshmallow, but once marshmallow went up to him, he hugged him and refused to let go.

As they spoke, Yuan Suo revealed his purpose for coming today.

Abel thought silently for a while then said solemnly: “The situation of an elf not getting along well with his player has happened before, but it’s because the system only screened to a certain extent when it was matching the player and elf that was why such a careless mistake occurred. Usually, conflicts between the two can be resolved, so there’s no way to forcibly undo it for the time being. Otherwise you can resolve the conflict between the two, or help the player change, which is a more effective method.”

Anie who hadn’t spoken up until now finally couldn’t help saying, “But it’s easier to change the mountains and rivers than for a person to change his character.”

Three people fell into a long silence. It was only Marshmallow on the other hand that brought out his tongue, not bothered at all as his little dark eyes narrowed into a slit from smiling.

“Or…. there’s a way, although there’s a certain risk.”

“What way?” The tea in Yuan Suo’s hand almost spilled over.

Abel said, “After an elf reaches level 50, the system automatically alerts the player as well as the elf that they can use a certain permission and that is the game self-start mode.”

“Game self-start mode?” Yuan Suo was confused.

“As you know, every elf game start-up needs to be operated by a player, but after the elf reaches level 50, the player can choose to transfer some of the rights to the elf, and the elf can start the game outside the game itself.”

“Doesn’t that mean…. that the elf can be detached from the player?”

“To a certain extent, but the operation of this mode is difficult, after all, the carrier housing the elf is generally some sort of electronic equipment. It can get damaged, run out of power or experience some sort of unexpected situation. At that time the elf would need external help and that period is the best time to rely on their player. But I’m afraid that it would be very difficult to achieve this in Po Fei’s case, because for that mode to work and for the player to transfer some of the rights, the elf’s favorability level for the player needs to reach level 70 or more.”

In short, after all was said and done, the reality of Po Fei’s situation didn’t allow him to change his current owner.

Yuan Suo returned to the apartment from the park and saw that Mo Yi Cheng was already waiting for him and that lunch was ready in the dining room.

He told Mo Yi Cheng everything Abel had said and fed Marshmallow before coming out of the game. As he sat opposite Mo Yi Cheng, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Seeing that the little thing didn’t have an appetite, he realized that the already thorny situation had become much more thorny. He rubbed his forehead and sensitive to his emotions, only said, “Eat a little more.” Then he feathered his finger gently across his small nose. He was worried about Yuan Suo. The little meat that hadn’t been easy to put on the little thing’s bones had all vanished.

“Hmm.” Yuan Suo looked at his favorite braised meat inside the bowl then at the worried look in Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes and struggled to reveal a smile, “En!”

The sun was setting and the afterglow of the sun spread over the uneven slab of oily road. A black Land Rover pulled over to the side of the alley to take shelter from the blowing wind.

The man in the car had been here for two days. The man in the driver’s seat rubbed his slightly sore eyes and took two sips of the coffee that had become cold. The air condition in the car was at the highest level but it was inexplicably a little suffocating. He couldn’t help but roll the window down to get some fresh air.

At this moment, a thin teenager came from afar, carrying a handy bag in his hand, his back somewhat hunched uncontrollably. His peaked cap was pressed down so low that he could barely see his eyes, only his two thin lips that were pursed together were clearly visible.

Kan Ming subconsciously reached into his pocket but found that there was no cigarette inside. He rummaged around the car for a while, then found it was finished. He looked up only to see the teenager crouching on the ground and don’t know where he found the half piece of broken porcelain bowl, he carefully dished some of the food from the handy bag then put the rest away.

Soon, two kittens meowed as they ran over, looking to be very familiar with the teenager. They buried their heads to feast on the food in the bowl and although there wasn’t a smile on the teenager’s face, the air around him seemed to have softened at this moment.

Kan Ming’s eyes fell on the food that the teenager poured out and found that it was leftovers from his ordinary box lunch. The teenager brought back things like this two days in a row and he had basically determined that it was from his part-time job somewhere. The teenager saved his lunch….. not only to feed the kittens, but to use it for his own dinner as well.

Seeing that the teenager had gotten up and was walking towards him, he hesitated for a moment before opening the door and getting out.

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