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Chapter 55.2 (Po Fei’s owner) Po Fei’s final destination A

Po Fei had officially started his job a few days ago and every morning when he came out from the game, the first thing he did was to bypass the bottles all over the floor, open the door, then go downstairs.

Because it was an old-fashioned neighborhood, there was no greenery around, but there were two large willow trees with lush leaves at the entrance of the alleyway. The first thing he did was to take the willow branches and weave a ‘garland’ according to Kan Ming’s ‘rough’ standards, then deliver it to the address Kan Ming gave him yesterday.

Po Fei knocked on the door and the person who answered the door was a young lady. She looked beautiful and was dressed very fashionably…. it was just, he hadn’t been able to figure out how such a person could live in such a place. The girl, as usual, took the garland made of willows, said thank you, then closed the door. Although he still had some doubts in his heart, the card containing the 2000 yuan salary Kan Ming had paid in advance was really tempting.

Fang Gui got up and went straight to the bathroom. After dry heaving and getting tired from cursing in the kitchen when he didn’t find any food, he shouted Po Fei’s name twice and after no one responded, kicked the table twice then went back to sleep.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. He didn’t move, but the person outside didn’t seem ready to give up. Disturbed, he finally jumped up to open the door.

Once he opened the door, he saw two tall men in black standing outside. They didn’t look like the usual debt collectors, but they they looked aggressive.

Before he could close the door, Fang Gui was pulled out by the collar of his shirt.

“We don’t mean any harm, we just want to discuss something with you.”

“There’s nothing to discuss! Let go of me! You’re breaking the law! I’ll call the police…” They covered Fang Gui’s mouth and took him downstairs as he struggled desperately all the way.

When Po Fei returned after sending the garland and buying breakfast, the door was half open. He didn’t see Fang Gui and there was no sign of a fight inside or outside the house, so he wasn’t too concerned. He went inside to eat breakfast then changed into his best clothes to prepare for a visit to the care center later to visit Fang Gui’s wife who was also his closest person in this world.

“You can help me pay off all my debts?” His initial fear disappearing, Fang Gui’s arrogance rose immediately after knowing the intentions of the person opposite him.

Kan Ming’s gaze was bitingly cold, like a knife that couldn’t wait to gouge his flesh, “Yes.”

“Ha ha, you think you can buy away such a big secret with just that bit of money? If that elf is really sold on the market, it wouldn’t be at this price.” Fang Gui looked like he was ready to open his mouth wide for a lion share.

Kan Ming snorted coldly, “Do you think I don’t know that such an intelligent game has a self-protection mode? If you maliciously expose the game it would shutdown and even the highest-end technical talent now would simply be unable to break through. In their opinion, it’s just one of the most common low-end cell phone games. So you’ll never get the opportunity to sell it on the market.”

Fang Gui’s face paled after being exposed but soon shrugged his shoulders with brazen look on his face. “But you’re trying to buy it now, aren’t you? Since you want to buy it, don’t be afraid to spend money.”

Kan Ming’s face was gloomy, “How much do you want?”

Fang Gui spread his hand that was still stained with oil and gestured, “Five million, not a penny less otherwise don’t even think of taking that boy away! And after I get the five million, I guarantee that in the future, if the game crashes and you need the player to reboot it or to authenticate whatever permission settings, I’m at your disposal.”

Kan Ming’s eyes dropped as he considered it, not saying a word. It wasn’t that he wasn’t able to pay the five million, but whether Fang Gui would really honour the promise he had just made after he gave him the five million.

After a long time, Kan Ming said slowly: “I can give you the price you’re asking for.”

Fang Gui’s eyes flashed, his whole person excited.

“But it can’t be a one time payment.”

“What do you mean?” Fang Gui was dissatisfied.

“The five million, has to be paid in five years. During this period, I need you to strictly honor your promise.” According to the clues provided by Yuan Suo, Kan Ming had discovered after calculating that as long as he had his help, it was entirely possible for Po Fei to reach full level within five years.

“That won’t work!” Fang Gui was naturally dissatisfied with this kind of ‘payment in installment’.

Kan Ming added: “What I mean is, it’s in addition to helping you pay off all your current debts.”

Fang Gui froze for a moment then fell silent, as if he was thinking about it but said after only a few minutes, “Ok, I promise you.”

Kan Ming breathed a deep sigh of relief, “Good.”

Fang Gui grinned, then swayed a few times because the hangover made him a little unsteady, “Bring the contract, we’ll sign it now.”

Kan Ming’s eyebrows rose, “No need, this kind of thing isn’t legally guaranteed even after we sign a contract.”

“Ha ha, it’s okay even if we don’t sign it.” Fang Gui didn’t care, he had the advantage.

Seeing Fang Gui’s appearance, Kan Ming stood up suddenly, put his two hands inside the pockets of his trousers, rolled his neck then walked over in an imposing manner. Fang Gui gulped subconsciously, taking two steps back.

“But if you dare play tricks, I guarantee that there are many effective methods than the contract that would make you perform your duties.”

“… You… you don’t have to scare me… I’m not afraid of you.” Even though he said this, his legs weakened a little, because the aura of the man opposite was too regal.

After selling the elf at a good price, Fang Gui handed his phone over generously after taking the money.

After Kan Ming got the phone, he clicked on the screen and saw an empty but humble apartment inside the game. His complexion finally eased and he asked someone to send Fang Gui back.

The first thing Kan Ming did was to tell Mo Yi Cheng about the latest development. Yuan Suo was also very happy to hear this, but they all knew in their hearts that although he had temporarily gotten control of the ownership over Po Fei through money, they had also planted a very big hidden danger. Afraid that there would be more problems to be dealt with, but at least at the moment, everyone was happy.

Po Fei’s whereabouts had been reported to Kan Ming so coming out from the office, he drove all the way to the care center hurriedly.

Tian Yao, Fang Gui’s wife, had been here since she entered a vegetative state five years ago after being in a car accident. Po Fei came to visit her whenever he could, keeping watch by her bedside.

Through the small window on the door of the ward, Kan Ming saw Po Fei squatting by the side of the bed as he wiped Tian Yao’s cheeks with a handkerchief. After years of being in a coma, Tian Yao’s condition was very bad. Her mouth was half open and her face was pale and gray as she lay on the hospital bed as if she was a skeleton.

Kan Ming stood outside the door watching them until Po Fei inadvertently looked up and saw him. Surprised and confused, he went out.

“Why are you here?” Po Fei thought it was a chance encounter.

Kan Ming smiled, “I came to ask if you’ve finished your work this morning.”

The corners of Po Fei’s mouth twitched, “You have a fever, right? Don’t come here even if you’re sick, go to the mental hospital.” Although it was a sarcastic remark, it was the longest sentence Kan Ming had heard him say ever since he met him and although it was said in a mocking tone, his whole body softened.

Kan Ming shrugged, a helpless look on his face, “Maybe, that’s why I reached here in a daze.” Saying this, he took a cell phone from his pocket.

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