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Chapter 34.1 Mo Yi Cheng lied!

Grandpa! Long Bow jumped up immediately, but because Mo Yi Cheng had rushed to Grandpa Fu who had fallen down, the phone was on the table with the camera facing the ceiling. Yuan Suo and Long Bow couldn’t do anything, which made him even more anxious.

“Mo Ge, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with Grandpa?” Long Bow asked repeatedly

Yuan Suo was also frightened, at a loss as to what to do.

A few seconds later, Mo Yi Cheng appeared in front of the camera, a nervous expression on his face, “Long Bow, does the old man have any old illness?”

Long Bow said anxiously: “Grandpa…. Grandpa has always been in good health, it’s just that his blood pressure can be a little high sometimes.”

Not knowing the specific illness, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t dare act rashly, calling the emergency line.

Long Bow didn’t have time to say goodbye to Yuan Suo. He hurried out of the apartment, stopped a cab and rushed back to his own apartment as fast as he could, because only in his apartment, would he be able to reach the real world through the system’s transmission.

His heart burning all the way, he arrived one step ahead of the ambulance.

He jumped out of the game and turned back into a big yellow dog. Rubbing his wet nose against Grandpa Fu’s face, he barked anxiously.

Kan Ming went downstairs to meet the ambulance and soon, the paramedics brought a stretcher up. Grandpa Fu was carried downstairs, with Long Bow following all the way down, but when the medical staff entered the ambulance, they didn’t allow him to get inside.

Long Bow barked a few times, so anxious that tears came out of his eyes.

The paramedics pitied him, but they really couldn’t bring him up, so they raised their hands and coaxed him twice, “Go back, go back, grandpa will be back when he is better.”

The back door of the ambulance closed and the car roared away.

“Long Bow!”

Someone was calling him! The moment he turned around, a car stopped beside him. The door opened and Mo Yi Cheng said, “Get in, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Long Bow jumped up, leaping to the passenger seat

Half an hour after Grandpa Fu was pushed into the emergency room.

The doctor came out, “The patient is still unconscious, but he’s out of danger. However from the current test results, the results aren’t very optimistic…. May I ask if you are the patient’s family member?”

The expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face was grave as he said, “I’m not the patient’s family member, but I will contact the old man’s family as soon as possible.”

Long Bow who was standing by Mo Yi Cheng’s feet barked, as if he wanted to talk to Mo Yi Cheng. But after leaving the game, he couldn’t even say a word and Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t take him back to the computer now…


Mo Yi Cheng dialed Kan Ming’s number.

Twenty minutes later, a high-class artist car parked in the hospital’s parking lot.

Mo Yi Cheng took Long Bow to the car. The computer he had used to run the game had already been set up and started. Long Bow jumped up, entering the game.

Long Bow who had returned back to human form inside the game was full of anxiety, “Mo Ge, grandpa must be cured. I can afford any treatment or medicine that he needs. Grandpa’s children can’t rush back in time and I can’t communicate with the outside world. You have to help me! Please help me! I can’t do anything now!” Long Bow words became somewhat incoherent at the end of his sentence.

Yuan Suo was inside the game watching everything that was happening outside. Seeing Long Bow almost about to cry, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

“Mo Yi Cheng, let’s help Long Bow, okay?”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled at him comfortingly, “We’ll help, I will do my best to help Grandpa Fu.”

After that, Kan Ming took over the subsequent procedures, including all the formalities and related issues.

Long Bow left the game again and waited outside the operating room with Mo Yi Cheng.

A few hours later, Kan Ming finally couldn’t resist persuading: “Second young master, you haven’t rested for a whole night, why don’t you go to the car to rest, I will take care of things here.”

Mo Yi Cheng glanced at Long Bow who was at the door of the operating room, “I’ll wait a little longer.” Then he glanced at the little thing who was tossing and turning after he had forced him to go to bed inside phone.




A series of message notifications sounded. Afraid of disturbing Yuan Suo’s rest, he quickly turned it to silent mode.

Then he saw the system messages popping out one by one. Most of them were sent last night, which should have been sent by Du Du when there was a glitch in the system.

He clicked on them one by one.

“Mo Yi Cheng, are you busy with work? It’s okay if you can’t come back today.”

“Mo Yi Cheng, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong, I will never do it again.”

“I’m sorry.”


“Mo Yi Cheng, don’t you want Du Du anymore?”

“Mo Yi Cheng, Du Du misses you!”

“Mo Yi Cheng, thank you.”

Mo Yi Cheng’s hand shook as he read the messages, thinking about how helpless and desperate the little thing had been when he had curled up alone on the ground yesterday.

“Du Du.” He called out softly.

Yuan Suo wasn’t asleep at all, so he opened his eyes in a daze.

“Mo Yi Cheng…”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t say anything. He just typed and sent a message: No matter what happens, Mo Yi Cheng will never not want Du Du, this is a promise.

Looking at the message that popped up on the screen, Yuan Suo who was moved hid in the quilt, wiping his tears away secretly. Although Mo Yi Cheng had already said these words once, he… wouldn’t get tired of hearing it many times….


When Chen Sheng woke up, he realized that Mo Yi Cheng and the others were at the hospital. Not knowing the specifics of the situation, he and Chen Jiao rushed over.

Kan Ming explained the situation to them.

“The matter has been resolved, thank you for yesterday.” Mo Yi Cheng said to Chen Sheng, “We can handle things here, you should go back and rest first.”

Chen Sheng shook his head, “I rested all night, I’m not tired. Right, you said yesterday that the dog is the person inside the computer, is it true?” He had been left by Mo Yi Cheng yesterday to clean up the wonton stall and had missed the scene of Long Bow jumping into the computer.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded.

Even though Chen Sheng was prepared, he was still shocked, turning to look at the big yellow dog squatting by the door of the operating room.

“I picked up a dog like this when I was young. It was palm-sized, very cute, with wet nose and eyes the size of small soy beans, very round. But my mother said that keeping a field dog at home would make it lose its identity and asked the housekeeper to throw it out in the night while I was asleep.” Thinking about the events of his childhood, he felt uncomfortable for a while, “I went to look for it later, but I couldn’t find it at all. The headlines also stated that it rained that night. Such a small a thing, sigh. Later my family bought me pedigree pet dog, but I couldn’t get close to it.”

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t know what to say, he could only pat Chen Sheng’s shoulders.

Chen Sheng rubbed his nose, “It happened many years ago and I’d almost forgot, but seeing this big yellow dog guarding its owner, I suddenly feel a little sentiment. I’ve made a joke of myself.” After saying this with a grin on his face, he walked to Long Bow’s side, knelt down and touched his head, “Don’t worry, your master will be fine.”

Long Bow raised his head, looking at Chen Sheng with two jet-black eyes. His ears that were originally drooping perked up slightly, his tail also moving.

Just at that moment, the lights in the operating room went out.

The doctor came out.

“The old man’s condition has been stabilized temporarily, but the pathology results won’t come out until the afternoon, but once again, we politely express that his family be notified as soon as possible and to prepare for the worst.”

Long Bow gave a wailing sound, sitting on the ground in dismay.

The doctor glanced at the mourning big yellow dog on the ground, shook his head helplessly and sighed, “This kind of field dog is the most humane.”

Long Bow provided the contact information of the old man’s children who had been working outside for years and Chen Sheng called them personally to inform them.

“Grandpa Fu’s youngest son is in the province and will be back by tonight at the latest.” Chen Sheng comforted the big yellow dog that was lying in the artist car with a sad expression.

“Ah woo~” Long Bow responded.

The hospital allowing Long Bow to stay outside the operating room previously was already a kind of preferential treatment, but now that the old man had been transferred to the intensive care unit, Long Bow who had originally wanted to stay outside was persuaded by everyone to get into the artist van and return to the computer first.

Mo Yi Cheng had activities in the afternoon, so he left with Chen Jiao first, leaving Kan Ming with them to report the situation at any time. Chen Sheng also called the company and handed over the things that needed to be dealt with, deciding to stay.


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