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Chapter 34.2 Mo Yi Cheng lied!


Mo Yi Cheng’s mood was very heavy. Although his relationship with Grandpa Fu wasn’t that deep, the old man was simple and kind and he had saved Yuan Suo. His heart was filled with gratitude.

Yuan Suo who was in the phone was frightened the whole night. Although Mo Yi Cheng had urged him to lie down for a while during the day, how could he sleep peacefully when he was worried about Grandpa Fu?

“Mo Yi Cheng, grandpa will be fine right?” Yuan Suo’s voice was dull.

Mo Yi Cheng sighed. He didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only say: “We can’t be sure until the results come out, but I believe that a good person like Grandpa will definitely be fine.”

“Mmmm! I think so too.” Yuan Suo was comforted, a smile appearing on his face again, but then he felt a tickle in his nose and sneezed loudly, “Ah-choo!”

Mo Yi Cheng was startled, then checked the information of Yuan Suo’s physical condition quickly. Sure enough, it really showed that his condition was good.

Yuan Suo saw the look in Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes. It seemed he was about to call Doctor Liang over again, so he said hurriedly, “Actually, we can… we can use system’s automated medical treatment, I’ll just wait in line for a while.” And it saved money, it was only 10 gold coins. Every time Doctor Liang came the cost for the independent medical treatment would start at 3000 gold coins, making Yuan Suo’s heart ache for Mo Yi Cheng.

Mo Yi Cheng hesitated for a moment. Their current situation was really not suitable to call Liang Shaoning over.

“Then let’s try it first, but if the line doesn’t move forward, we are seeing Dr. Liang.” Mo Yi Cheng thought it was because Liang Shaoning had teased the little thing for being fat the last time so the little thing was holding a grudge.

“Hmm, okay!”

Mo Yi Cheng clicked on ‘system automatic medical care’.

[System message: The medical application has been submitted, please wait patiently.]

[System message: queuing….]

Mo Yi Cheng looked at the ellipsis that was flashing constantly on the screen, feeling very anxious. Just as he was about to say, let’s just call Liang Shaoning to come and perform a checkup, the system suddenly sent a message again.

[System message: Congratulations to the player, the elf Du Du’s consultation number is 007. A consultation with a doctor will be arranged for you within five minutes].

Great! He got his consultation number! Yuan Suo jumped, happy that they could save 3,000 gold coins, then sneezed again, an itchy feeling tingling in his nose.

Three minutes later, a system doctor with the number WT001 entered the interface. It was actually a tool similar to a scanning device which emitted green waves. Yuan Suo cooperated and did the scan and a few minutes later, the diagnosis results were listed on the system’s screen.

[Diagnostic results: Elf Du Du.

Current physical condition: Good.

Invasion of evil wind in the body, coupled with excessive emotional ups and downs has resulted in external sedimentary cold. His current condition is at a primary level. It is recommended that player purchases oral medications for the elf and pay attention to his rest and diet]

It also listed the recommended medications to take below.

Mo Yi Cheng bought the medicines listed by the system at once and read the instructions, including the precautions to take in detail, then prepared them one by one according to the measurements given, then asked Yuan Suo to get up to take the medicines.

Yuan Suo who said previously that he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about Grandpa Fu as he lay on the bed was now lying motionless inside the quilt, his small face buried deliberately in the pillow, a small bun bulging under the quilt.

“Du Du.” Mo Yi Cheng called.

Yuan Suo didn’t move.

“Du Du!”

Yuan Suo curled himself inside the quilt, turning into a ball. The double bed that was originally big was now a little narrow and because he had changed back to his original appearance, the quilt couldn’t cover his whole body, the rabbit tail on the pajamas showing outside.

“Du Du, get up and take your medicine before you sleep.” The tone of his voice intensified.

“Hmm…” Yuan Suo was inside the quilt, so his voice was muffled, “Du Du has already fallen asleep, but will be fine after a good sleep.”

Mo Yi Cheng frowned. Could it be…. that the little guy was afraid of taking medicine?

He smiled helplessly, “This medicine is not bitter.”

Huh? Really? Yuan Suo looked out of the quilt with one eye, blinking, “It’s not bitter?”

Mo Yi Cheng assured him, “It’s not bitter. It has a sugar coating on the outside, it’s sweet.”

“Has Mo Yi Cheng…. taken it before?”

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, guaranteeing it: “I have, it’s very sweet.”

Yuan Suo brought his head out of the quilt, but there seemed to be some doubts in his mind. It was only after Mo Yi Cheng nodded at him in reassurance that he came out and picked up the small plastic box on the bedside slowly. There were a few colorful pills inside, it kind of looked… a little bit like rainbow candy.

The medicines in the interstellar space were all liquid and were very bitter. Every time he fell sick, his mother the queen would have to coax him before he would drink the medicine. And the last time he was sick over here, he was treated with injections, he didn’t take any medicine.

Yuan Suo stretched out his fingers, took a yellow one out, looked at Mo Yi Cheng with uncertainty, then stretched out his tongue to lick it lightly with the tip of his tongue.

Um….. it was really sweet!

A smile appeared on Yuan Suo’s originally bleak little face. Mo Yi Cheng really didn’t lie, the medicine here was really sweet!

When Mo Yi Cheng saw that the little thing was willing to take the medicine, he said, “Take the two yellow pills first, then wait a while before eating the green and white ones.”

“Hmm!” It was sweet, so it wasn’t hard to eat at all!

Mo Yi Cheng sent the water that had been cooled appropriately at room temperature in and placed it on the bedside table, saying, “The water is on the table.”

“En.” Yuan Suo responded, but there was a trace of doubt in his heart…. What did he need the water for? He took the cup of water obediently, then picked the two yellow ‘jelly beans’. He placed them under the tip of his nose first, smelled them, licked them, then his eyes narrowing with satisfaction, threw the ‘jelly beans’ into his mouth at once.

Mo Yi Cheng laughed, this little thing really took the medicine as candy.

Wait!! Mo Yi Cheng wanted to stop him but it was too late. Yuan Suo was already chewing the ‘jelly beans’ he had thrown into his mouth!

Hmm… oooooooo….o(╥﹏╥)o

Mo Yi Cheng lied!

The originally sweet little jelly beans, after being bitten and chewed by Yuan Suo, suddenly turned into extremely bitter pills!

Yuan Suo’s little face immediately pinched together in pain. He whimpered, unable to speak.

Mo Yi Cheng was also frightened by this scene. He didn’t know that the world where Yuan Suo had lived in before didn’t have the concept of swallowing pills at all. It was either injection or liquid medicine, hence it was reasonable that he would chew the ‘jelly beans’ as soon as he picked them out, thinking that the inside of the pills were the same as that of real ‘jelly beans’!

“Drink some water first.”

Yuan Suo poured the water inside the cup into his mouth hurriedly, but the result was that it became bitter because of the medicine he had just chewed. His throat rolled, then he heaved, all the water in his mouth spilling onto the quilt.

The medicine also came out, the insides of his mouth bitter.

Yuan Suo was both sad and aggrieved, sitting wretchedly on the quilt. Mo… Mo Yi Cheng lied!

What Mo Yi Cheng feared the most was seeing Yuan Suo’s aggrieved expression. He immediately took sweet dried fruit and real jelly beans and placed them on the quilt in front of Yuan Suo.

Yuan Suo picked a jelly bean and stuffed it into his mouth. It took a long time before he was able to overcome the bitterness.

“Du Du?” Mo Yi Cheng clicked on the screen, changing the bedding for the little thing, at the same time adjusting the size to match his current height.

“Um….” Yuan Suo said, still reeling from the bitterness of being ‘lied to’ just now.

Mo Yi Cheng sighed helplessly, not knowing where to start from, “Du Du, haven’t you taken medicine before?”

Although Yuan Suo was aggrieved, Mo Yi Cheng’s question had to be answered, so he nodded, “I’ve taken it, but they are all clear liquids. You just have to drink… drink it then that’s all, but it’s very bitter.”

“None in a pill form like this?”

“No….. no.”

It turned out to be like this. Mo Yi Cheng understood then explained: “This kind of pill is to be ‘swallowed’ when taken. The sugar coating on it is only a thin layer, it can’t be bitten.”

Re… Really? Mo Yi Cheng didn’t lie to him? Yuan Suo blinked, “That’s why I had to drink the water?” Yuan Suo understood a little.

“Yes, the water is used to make the medicine go down smoothly to prevent choking and to also protect the esophagus and stomach.”

In the end, Mo Yi Cheng had to promise that he could eat ice cream for two days after he recovered, before Yuan Suo took the rest of the medicine.

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