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Chapter 33.2 System recovery!

Yuan Suo lay down on the sofa to rest under Mo Yi Cheng’s urgings, covered with a thick blanket and holding a baby warmer in his arms. It was obvious that his medical condition was excellent, but Mo Yi Cheng insisted that the system’s current data may not be very accurate. He was waiting for the system to be restored to contact Liang Shaoning.

Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door of Yuan Suo’s apartment.

Yuan Suo got up quickly, going to open the door.

When he opened the door, it was still dark outside. There was no light at all, so naturally he couldn’t see Long Bow.

But the fact of the matter was that this ‘blind spot’ was only from Yuan Suo’s point of view from the inside. For Long Bow who was on the outside, everything was normal.

Long Bow greeted Yuan Suo and entered the apartment.

“Du Du, are you okay? Yesterday’s malfunctioning on your side really scared the h*ll out of the big guys.” Long Bow walked inside while comforting Yuan Suo.

“I’m… I’m okay, just a little scared.” Yuan Suo said quickly.

Long Bow had only seen him across two layers of screens before and had just thought he was good looking, but the moment he saw the real person face to face, he had to sigh in his heart. This was the most beautiful teenager he had ever seen.

“Long Bow?” Yuan Suo called out, seeing that Long Bow was a little dazed.

Long Bow came back to his senses, giving a ha ha, “No… nothing.”

When Mo Yi Cheng saw Long Bow enter the apartment on the other side of the phone, he asked, “What do you need me to do?”

Long Bow shook his head, “You can’t help me from the outside right now, but you don’t have to worry. I’ve have encountered this situation before, it shouldn’t be difficult to handle.”

As he said this, he had already arrived at the system operation screen on the wall. He clicked open the system program running bar, fixed the bugs he found inside and upgraded the enhancements.

“Du Du, look at this, the system already sent the information that needed to be upgraded, you just have to click to upgrade, and such background loopholes have to be fixed in time.” Long Bow pointed out the things that usually needed attention one by one to Yuan Suo. Mo Yi Cheng who was on the outside also listened very carefully.

Finally, he clicked on the repair and upgrade, then said to Yuan Suo: “Du Du, these things were introduced at the very beginning when the system was bound to you. You forgot, didn’t you?”

Yuan Suo froze for a moment, then lowered his head in shame, “It seems… it seems to have said it, but the system said a lot of things, they are so many that I can’t remember some of them.”

When Mo Yi Cheng saw Yuan Suo’s aggrieved expression, he said immediately, comforting him: “It’s okay, we’ll ask Long Bow to list all the need to pay attention to later and post it on the wall.”

Long Bow: “….”

Mo Yi Cheng added: “You can mention the conditions.”

Long Bow smiled immediately and said: “You’re being too polite, you are good friends, I won’t go overboard.”

Mo Yi Cheng: “….”

Du Du: “….”

Half an hour later, the sunlight outside finally came in through the glass windows.

The system had been repaired successfully and upgraded to the latest running version.

Yuan Suo moved to the window happily, looking at the rising sun outside as well as the elves and NPC’s passing by occasionally on the street with a bright smile on his cute and lovely face.

Mo Yi Cheng also finally let go of the worry in his heart, thanking Long Bow sincerely.

Long Bow waved his hand, “Du Du and I are friends, it’s the right thing to do. And… to be able to find me, was really not easy for you. This is Du Du’s blessing.”

When Yuan Suo heard the conversation between the two people on the side, he turned around hurriedly and added with a serious expression on his face, “Yes, meeting Mo Yi Cheng is Du Du’s blessing!”

Mo Yi Cheng smiled.

Seeing Mo Yi Cheng smiling, Du Du also smiled happily.

Long Bow shrugged, smiling as well as he didn’t want to look strange.

With their smiles, the room was full of sunshine.

After taking care of the things on Yuan Suo’s end, Long Bow remembered that he had class this morning, so he was ready to rush back.

Grateful to him, Yuan Suo asked him to drink some milk tea before leaving. Long Bow couldn’t refuse so he sat down.

“The grape-flavored one is for Long Bow, the banana-flavored one is for Grandpa Fu, the strawberry-flavored one is for… that er…” Yuan Suo didn’t know Kan Ming’s name.

“Kan Ming, just call me Kan Ming.” Kan Ming had seen some pictures of Du Du before. In those pictures he was still just a Q version that looked like a comic character. This big change was a little difficult for him to accept.

Yuan Suo said: “En, this one is for Kan Ming.”

He put the last hot milk tea in place, “This is black tea flavored, which Mo Yi Cheng likes.” After saying this, he clicked on the transmit button, sending three cups of milk tea out.

When Old Man Fu saw Yuan Suo, he exclaimed happily, the wrinkles on his face piling up in a smile, “This little baby is really handsome, much better than that brat Long Bow, and he is so sensible. Grandpa thanks you.” After saying this, he picked up the milk tea Yuan Suo had prepared for him.

Black lines appeared on the face of Long Bow who was inside the game. It was true that the cute factor of both the small version or the original version of Du Du was unmatched, but his grandfather’s usually high cool persona had collapsed just like that?

He shook his head helplessly then concentrated on drinking his milk tea.

Just as the milk tea in his cup was about to bottom out, a muffled noise that made his hand that was holding the cup shake from fright sounded.

Boom! It was the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground!

Long Bow and Yuan Suo shook with fear at the same time.

They looked at each other.

The sound came from outside the game!

Then they heard Mo Yi Cheng’s voice call out anxiously, “Old man! What’s wrong with you, old man?”

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