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Chapter 33.1 System recovery!

Mo Yi Cheng walked back, carrying Yuan Suo.

Thinking that Yuan Suo would return to the game after six o’clock, it was inevitable that there would be some regret.

Yuan Suo also seemed to be very reluctant. Putting his small chin on Mo Yi Cheng’s shoulder, he called out: “Mo Yi Cheng.”


“What happened last night was my fault. My classmates explained ‘water army’s’ and ‘spraying’ to me. I know now that it is a bad thing and I must have caused trouble for everyone by doing that. I promise I won’t do it again, I’m sorry.”

Mo Yi Cheng listened to Yuan Suo’s words quietly, and after he finished, turned his head to look at him.

“No need to apologize. Actually, I don’t blame you. The reason why I was so angry is because you are cheated too easily. If you continue like this sooner or later you’ll be sold out, then what would I do?”

After listening to Mo Yi Cheng’s words, Yuan Suo didn’t return to his senses for a long time, then suddenly his heart thumped, pounding hard.

Just as Mo Yi Cheng walked to the corner of the alley, a noise sounded from the phone in his pocket.


The two people realized at the same time that it was the sound made by the game. Mo Yi Cheng didn’t delay. With one hand holding Yuan Suo firmly, he used the other hand to take the phone out quickly.

The red warning light on the game interface had turned green, while emitting a sound different from the previous one, a bit softer and less shrill than the one from the red alert.

Game tip: Down system fixed partially, restart successful, currently searching for elf…..

This, it had recovered?

Before Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo could be happy, they were blinded by the intense light that came from the phone suddenly, making them close their eyes!


System voice prompt: Elf has been found.

System voice prompt: Scanning Elf– identity confirmed– Elf Du Du, level 8.

System voice prompt: Elf scanned and return to his place.

Mo Yi Cheng suddenly felt the empty air behind him. Yuan Suo who was on his back had disappeared out of thin air!

“Du Du!” He clicked the screen frantically, then saw the teenager inside the phone… fortunately… fortunately.

“Mo… Mo Yi Cheng.” It was still that familiar soft and sticky voice. Yuan Suo had returned to the game once again, but he hadn’t gone back to his Q-level image version, but maintained his original appearance.

Inside the game, Yuan Suo seemed to be able to see him.

Yuan Suo was still standing barefooted on the carpet. Although there was still a trace of horror in his eyes from being ‘transported’, he smiled and said to Mo Yi Cheng: “Mo Yi Cheng, I… I’m fine! I can see you now.”

Although Mo Yi Cheng felt a little bit of regret when he saw him back inside the game, he still knew, rationally, that the little thing returning to the game at this point was the safest option, “Du Du, can you hear my voice?”

Yuan Suo nodded, “Yes, I can hear and see you.”

“That’s good.” Mo Yi Cheng discovered that although some of the equipments in the apartment in the game had resumed normal operation, the background outside the window was still a black hole, which meant that there was still a part of the program that hadn’t been restored, and that the game still had hidden dangers.

“Du Du, don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to Long Bow.” As he said this, he glanced at the time. It was almost three o’clock in the morning. “Three more hours and everything will be back to normal.”

“Ok!” Although Yuan Suo returned to the apartment with its outside surroundings like an empty abyss, being able to see and hear Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, he wasn’t afraid.

Inside an apartment.

Long Bow was already awake.

Kan Ming, acting like a bodyguard was guarding the computer, checking the power supply from time to time and also touching the case of the computer to feel its temperature.

Long Bow sat cross-legged on the bed, a big smile on his face, “Don’t touch it, the computer is fine. That’s my life, I upgraded the equipment long ago and also check it regularly.”

Kan Ming didn’t respond, doing as his mind told him to. He checked every inch of the computer little by little, then finally wiped off a piece of dust at the corner of the screen before he stopped.

Three ten in the morning.

Mo Yi Cheng came back with his cell phone and told Long Bow what had just happened. He also showed him the current situation of the game.

Looking at the changed Q version skin of Yuan Suo inside the game, Long Bow’s eyes widened for a moment, then the corners of his mouth twitched twice uncontrollably.

From Yuan Suo’s low-level skin form, he had already guessed that his original body would look good, but he hadn’t expected him to be so good looking! This little fool didn’t have a high level, but was promoted by mistake because of a system failure. This was really a case of fortune favors a fool.

“It should be that part of the system is running and self-repairing now, but it still needs to be dealt with further. At six o’clock, I’ll be there on time.” Long Bow said.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded, “Thank you for all you’ve done.”

Yuan Suo also thanked him gratefully from inside the phone: “Thank you Long Bow!”

Long Bow scratched his ears, “No need to be so polite.”

At five o’clock, Old Man Fu got up, made a little breakfast and shared it with everyone. Then, through the camera, sent Long Bow’s share into the computer.

Mo Yi Cheng also sent a small bowl of porridge into the phone, telling Yuan Suo to drink to warm his stomach. Yuan Suo touched his stomach that was already bulging from the wontons, “I… I’m not hungry.”

Mo Yi Cheng coaxed, “Eat just a little.” Yuan Suo was now thin, a sharp contrast to his previous appearance, looking inexplicably pitiful.

Yuan Suo could only pick up the spoon pitifully and eat two mouthfuls of porridge. Only then was Mo Yi Cheng satisfied.

At six o’clock in the morning, Long Bow dressed up, setting off from his apartment

He locked on to the location of Yuan Suo’s apartment, then went out to take a taxi. Similarly, when he left the apartment and got into the taxi, Mo Yi Cheng could no longer see him in the game. He could only observe from Yuan Suo’s side, waiting for him to arrive a little earlier.

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