After the secret marriage to my top star partner

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Chapter 4.1

Editor: Jodi

There wasn’t any recording the next morning, so Mu Nan slept in until late morning, then felt refreshed. No problem couldn’t be solved with a lazy morning. If there was any, well, then he’d sleep twice.

But when he picked up his phone, he realized that Weibo had exploded overnight.

[Cheng Han seen alone on the streets, looking pitiful without anyone by his side.] This was the more artsy version from the media.

[Cheng Han spotted wandering the streets late at night, suspected of falling out with the company and getting kicked out of home.] This was the sleazy gossip media.

[Cheng Han’s first step in transformation, ditching the idol baggage for close interaction with fans.] This was from the media that was planning to venture into the world of novels.

Mu Nan hadn’t expected Cheng Han to actually be caught on camera.

Actually, it made sense when he thought about it. Cheng Han had been kicked out of the car by him, without even having an assistant with him. With his level of fame, getting recognized was just a matter of minutes.

Mu Nan didn’t know why he clicked into this hot search topic. It was as if he was out of control as he scrolled through almost all the videos and photos.

In the videos, Cheng Han was surrounded by a group of fans, and a hint of helplessness appeared on his usually aloof face.

A bunch of girls were clamoring for his autograph and a photo together, threatening to not let him leave if he didn’t agree, so Cheng Han had to reluctantly comply with their demands.

As Cheng Han’s long-time arch-nemesis, Mu Nan believed he understood him better than all of Cheng Han’s fans combined. Cheng Han’s sense of dignity weighed heavier than anyone else’s, so even if he were surrounded by a pack of wolves, let alone fans, there was no way he’d show any signs of embarrassment or make an awkward escape.

However in the video, although Cheng Han’s expression was still gentle and unperturbed, Mu Nan keenly noticed a faint furrow between his eyebrows—a rare display of emotion for him.

It turns out he did get upset sometimes, Mu Nan thought. And he had thought before that he was some emotionless AI.

But suddenly, Mu Nan realized something was off. Why was he so concerned about Cheng Han’s mood?

Realizing this, he abruptly tossed his phone away as if it were burning his hands.

He shuffled to the bathroom with the floaty steps of someone who’d overslept, then warm water streamed down his face, clearing his foggy mind a bit. Unbidden, Cheng Han’s furrowed brow popped into his head.

As a public figure himself, Mu Nan understood the inconveniences of being a celebrity. When he first became famous, he didn’t realize his own popularity. Just casually strolling through the market like usual, he hadn’t expected to be recognized.

The clamor, excitement, jostling, and pushing from the crowd that followed had become a recurring nightmare for Mu Nan. And Cheng Han was no stranger to this.

After finishing his morning routine with a clearer mind, Mu Nan finally remembered the key discomfort this incident had caused him—

It was him who kicked Cheng Han out of the car.

If he hadn’t made Cheng Han leave, Cheng Han wouldn’t have ended up in this situation at all.

Damn, he actually owed him one.

Mu Nan banged his fist against the wall in frustration. He hated owing favors more than anything else in the world. Whether it was to a close friend or an archenemy, once he owed someone, he would feel uncomfortable all over.

So….. should he apologize to Cheng Han?

So when Wilder came to pick him up, what he saw was Mu Nan sitting on the edge of the bed, looking constipated, maintaining the pose of the famous sculpture “The Thinker”. The ordinary queen-sized bed felt like the banks of the Seine River with him sitting on it.

“Why the sudden existential crisis?” Wilder asked. “You realized you’ve been squeezing me too hard before and decided to give me a raise?”

“Oh.” Mu Nan replied absentmindedly.

This time, Wilder was genuinely surprised. Mu Nan usually couldn’t stand not arguing back with him for even a second. Why was he so obedient today? It was like he had been possessed.

“Cub, don’t scare me. What’s going on? Spit it out, I can handle it.”

Only then did Mu Nan reluctantly lift his head, giving him a disdainful look. “Should I apologize to Cheng Han?” He asked.

Wilder was first stunned, then put on a look of extreme grief, and rushed over to Mu Nan: “Our cub is so unlucky, how could he get such an incurable disease at such a young age?” He hugged Mu Nan, pretending to wipe away tears.

“I’m fine!” Mu Nan broke free from his arms. “Don’t jinx me.”

“Oh? I thought even if you were to reconcile with Cheng Han, it would be the day before doomsday.”

Mu Nan: ….

On the way to the set, Mu Nan recounted his inner turmoil to Wilder.

After listening, Wilder said decisively, “Of course not! Apologizing will damage your pride. You can’t let your archenemy persona crumble!”

Unexpectedly, Mu Nan said back, “You can’t say that. After all, he’s in this predicament because of me…..”

Mu Nan’s voice grew quieter as he spoke, almost mumbling towards the end, and in the front seat, Wilder flashed a cunning smile.

He knew this little young master hadn’t outgrown his rebellious phase yet, so dealing with him required using reverse psychology.

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