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Chapter 2.2

Editor: Jodi

In no time, fans of the two top idols were at each other’s throats, nearly every fangirl getting caught up in the fray, while the instigator sat calmly in front of his makeup mirror.

“What are you doing here?” Mu Nan nearly jumped when he saw Cheng Han.

“We share the makeup room.”

Mu Nan looked at his makeup artist, Er Guo, with a sullen expression. “Er Guo? Is that true?”

His makeup artist called Er Guo nodded. “Yes, it is.”

“Fine then.” Mu Nan pinched his nose and took a seat, seemingly reluctant to even smell Cheng Han’s scent.

“Heh.” Mu Nan had barely settled when Cheng Han let out a scoff.

“What are you laughing at?” Mu Nan snapped, bristling.

“Childish.” Cheng Han tilted his head back slightly, his makeup artist applying eyeliner. He glanced at Mu Nan through the mirror, the curve of his lips mocking. “Your team’s names.”

In “tribute” to their boss who never touched a drop of alcohol, Mu Nan’s entire team was named after alcohol. The manager went by the name Wilder, the assistant Xiao Jin wasn’t even surnamed Jin but named after a liquor, and the makeup artist was called Er Guo Tou1a strong, colourless liquor distilled from sorghum. Additionally, there was the PR manager, Agave 2Agave is also tequila Sister Long, and the promoter, Little Vermouth V.

“We like it!” Mu Nan stop paying attention to him.

During the remaining styling time, Cheng Han kept on chatting, “I didn’t expect you could still draw. I thought you’d forgotten all about it after all these years.”

Mu Nan simply tuned him out, closing his eyes and putting on his earphones, pretending Cheng Han didn’t exist.

After the styling session, the director called for everyone.

The studio was all set up, with three mentor chairs, as there had to be a central figure. The director, being the mastermind that he was, realized that neither Mu Nan nor Cheng Han was suitable for the central spot, so they invited a female mentor to sit in the middle, to prevent conflicts between the two and to stop them from fighting on set.

The female mentor sitting in the middle was a dance team member who debuted in K Country, beautiful and sweet, with high popularity in both countries. But sitting between the two top idols made her a bit nervous.

Especially when the two top idols started to disagree shortly after the recording began.

Now, a cute contestant was on stage, with a style somewhat similar to Mu Nan’s, choosing a not-too-difficult K-pop song, performing it flawlessly.

“First, introduce yourself.” The female mentor spoke.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Shi Tao, currently studying Vocal Music at XX University, with fifteen years of vocal training.”

“Not bad, I admire your style.” Mu Nan gave him the green light based on his previous performance. His performance was flawless, and his expression was strong.

But Cheng Han suddenly interjected, interrupting Shi Tao’s gratitude. “You’re in the Vocal Music department?”


“Are you a Male High or Male Middle?” Cheng Han pressed.

“Um…” Shi Tao hesitated for a moment. “Male High.”

Mu Nan looked at Cheng Han with confusion, not sure what he was up to. But then he heard Cheng Han suddenly ask, “Can you sing ‘Sontuttaduola’?”

“Huh?” Shi Tao clearly froze. “Wha… what?”

“‘How Miserable I Am,’ it’s a second-year compulsory piece for Vocal Music majors.” Cheng Han explained.

Shi Tao lowered his head awkwardly. “Sorry, I don’t know it.”

“What about ‘Evening in the Suburbs of Moscow’? It’s a mandatory piece for first-year students.”

Shi Tao whispered, “I can sing the Chinese lyrics.”

Cheng Han nodded, indicating for him to proceed. Shi Tao nervously gripped the microphone, barely managing to complete the song using bel canto technique.

Even Mu Nan, who hadn’t been exposed to bel canto for years, could tell. The breath control issue that hadn’t been evident in his pop song singing was now glaringly obvious.

“Sorry.” Cheng Han didn’t comment, he just pressed the red light. “Please keep working hard, and certain judges should maintain professionalism and a spirit of professional skepticism.”

According to the rule that both had to pass for advancement, the pressure was now all on the female mentor. She looked left and right, then at Shi Tao, who was on the verge of tears, wishing she could go back in time and cut off the hand that signed the contract with the program.


“I can’t take it anymore! I’m infuriated!” Finally enduring until the end of the recording, Mu Nan couldn’t hold back once he returned backstage. He didn’t even care if the staff could hear him. He just wanted to curse Cheng Han.”He did it on purpose! He said I’m not professional, deliberately made it difficult for the contestants. Who does he think he is, Chopin or Schubert?”

“This show can’t go on with him here. It’s either him or me!”

Mu Nan was fuming, hands on his hips, while Xiao Jin desperately tried to signal him.

Then, an annoying voice came from behind, “Yo, is the bunny angry?”

“Get lost! You’re the bunny!”

Cheng Han shrugged, “Sorry, I don’t have bunny teeth, round eyes, nor do I puff up when I eat.”

“Yes, you’re not a bunny. You’re just a fox, the most annoying and smelly kind.”

Cheng Han shrugged nonchalantly, not caring what was said. He glanced at Xiao Jin and the surrounding staff, then suddenly leaned in close to Mu Nan’s ear. “Your mom said to come home tomorrow.”

Cheng Han finished speaking and walked away, leaving Mu Nan standing there, stunned.

Xiao Jin shivered and said, “Ge, don’t take what he says to heart. Let’s not stoop to his level.”

Mu Nan gritted his teeth so hard that they made a grinding sound.

“Damn it, and I have to put up with him for another day.”

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