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Chapter 82.1 Fanwai (1)

was completed successfully.

It had been nearly six months since Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo solved the ‘full level’ problem.

The relationship between Chen Jiao and Mo Yi Yan had received lots of blessings and Chen Jiao’s fame has increased rather than decreased, and his position in the music industry had become more and more solid.

It was Mother Mo’s birthday and all three of her sons brought their significant others home to celebrate.

When Mo Yi Cheng arrived with Yuan Suo, Mo Yi Yan and Chen Jiao had already played several rounds of mahjong with Mother Mo and as expected of two brothers, they both had the same way of pleasing their mother, which was using their wives. As Mother Mo had won a full bowl, she patted her pockets in a good mood.

Mo Yixu had brought his girlfriend back from abroad. Her name was Lin Ying Yue, she was a quarter European, with deep molded features and a very tall figure.

Mother Mo was smiling at first, but after taking Lin Ying Yue’s hand and patting it for a while, a trace of doubt suddenly appeared in her eyes.

Mo Yi Xu also noticed the change in her and thought it was because Lin Ying Yue had said certain words that didn’t sound right to her.

“Mom, Ying Yue grew up abroad, so her Chinese isn’t very good and sometimes there are ambiguities in the expressions.” Mo Yi Xu explained.

“Ah, it’s okay, it’s okay, little Yue….. is fine.” Mother Mo became vague, her eyes darting towards Lin Yin Yue’s body frequently.

The housekeeper came to inform everyone that dinner was ready.

They all went to the dining room for dinner when Mother Mo suddenly said she had to go upstairs to fetch something and called Mo Yixu to come up as well.

As soon as the mother and son entered the room, Mother Mo’s expression turned serious immediately.

“Tell me, is that Lin Ying Yue a woman in drag?” Mother Mo was furious.

Mo Yixu was dumbfounded, several black lines hanging on his face.

Who did Mom learn this word from? How did she come up with such an odd question? How did Lin Ying Yue look like a woman in drag? There were so many questions that he didn’t know where to start from.

Seeing Mo Yixu’s shocked face, Mother Mo was distraught.

She raised her voice: “You really brought back a woman in drag? Do you want to piss me off?” Her youngest son was her last hope for a grandchild, so how could she not be agitated?

Mo Yixu couldn’t help but ask first, “Mom…. where did you learn the term ‘woman in drag’ from?”

Mother Mo answered, “Du Du recommended a lot of good novels…. that’s beside the point! The point is…..”

“Mom, Ying Yue is not a woman in drag!” Mo Yixu was about to collapse, “She merely has European blood so she’s a bit bigger boned and taller, but she is absolutely, positively a real girl!”

Even though Mother Mo heard her son’s explanation, she was still in doubt, “Really?”

“Really. Don’t be fooled by those novels, no man can really become as beautiful as a girl!” Mo Yixu reassured.

Mother Mo deflated, “That’s not necessarily true, I think Du Du would be prettier than her in a dress.” After saying this, she felt that it was too much of a blow to her son so she changed her words, “Chen Jiao may not….. uhh….. look as good as her if he changes into a woman’s dress”

Mo Yi Xu: “…..”

The birthday feast was a lively and harmonious affair.

It was just that everyone was a little confused as to why Mo Yi Xu’s eyes was always on Yuan Suo and Chen Jiao’s faces, and from time to time he would squint his eyes a little, as if he was imagining something.

Mo Yi Yan and Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but clear their throats intimidatingly to declare their sovereignty.

After dinner, Mother Mo insisted on dragging Lin Ying Yue to the family pool for a swim, with Mo Yixu following behind her very tiredly.

Chen Jiao was afraid of water, so Mo Yi Yan followed and stayed on the balcony on the second floor to digest the food. Yuan Suo subconsciously tugged at his turtleneck and Mo Yi Cheng explained that he caught a cold yesterday so the two of them couldn’t go swimming. The four of them simply stayed together to chat.

“There’s something strange about Yixu today.” Mo Yi Yan spoke.

Mo Yi Cheng nodded in agreement, “Mom is also quite strange, dragging Lin Ying Yue who is visiting the house for the first time to go swimming just after she’s finished dinner.”

But the topic was soon over and the four of them spoke about the entertainment circle and business matters.

After chatting for a while, Chen Jiao looked a little sleepy. Mo Yi Yan moved close to his ear and said something, making Chen Jiao’s face turned red immediately as he stammered, “No… no, there’s no need to call a doctor.”

In the end, Mo Yi Yan took him back upstairs to rest.

Mo Yi Cheng and Yuan Suo more or less guessed the conversation between the two.

Yuan Suo cleared his throat a little awkwardly then turned his eyes downstairs, picking up the lemonade on the table and taking a sip.

“Your Majesty what’s on your mind…..” Mo Yi Cheng leaned over and lifted his hand to pinch Yuan Suo’s earlobe gently. He liked to call him this, even in interstellar world and every time he called him ‘Your Majesty’ in such a low voice in his ear, Yuan Suo would shudder inexplicably.

Yuan Suo’s back arched as he shrank back, only to end up stuck and unable to move because of the angle of the recliner.

Mo Yi Cheng took the opportunity to bully him as he cupped his chin, forcing Yuan Suo to look at him.

“Your Majesty, I was very restrained some time ago because of filming, but now…..”

“But… but now we’re not at home.” Yuan Suo objected hurriedly. If he really allowed Mo Yi Cheng to do something here and they were caught, afraid he would jump on the spot.

“This is the place I grew up, how is it not home….”

Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t yet finished when he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps.

Yuan Suo was startled and afraid that it was Mother Mo, subconsciously pushed Mo Yi Cheng away, this time with full force and as Mo Yi Cheng wasn’t prepared, he really went back, stumbling a little.

When Mo Yi Cheng looked up and saw that it was Mo Yixu, his face turned ugly immediately.

Seeing that his second brother’s face didn’t look good, Mo Yixu said immediately, “Second brother, I’m now a bulletproof vest for you and big brother, carrying an iron pot thrown by Mom everyday, don’t you guys feel guilty at all?”

Mo Yi Cheng’s anger subsided, mostly: “….. What’s wrong?”

Mo Yi Xu sat down, “It’s fine now, I just came to find you guys to complain.” As he said this, his eyes swept over a Yuan Suo whose cheeks were flushed.

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