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Chapter 82.2 Fanwai (1)

Mo Yi Cheng was keenly aware of it and slapped Mo Yixu squarely on the head.

Mo Yixu let out a scream.

“Second brother, did you have to? I just took a look.” Mo Yixu rubbed his head.

“Tell me, why are you so strange today?” Mo Yi Cheng asked indifferently.

Mo Yi Xu spilled the beans immediately, telling them that Mother Mo thought his girlfriend was a woman in drag.

“Puff…..” Mo Yi Cheng recalled Lin Yin Yue’s looks. Indeed, she looked a little less birdlike and a little less like soft beauty that was common among oriental women, but it wasn’t so much that it could be associated with a man. It seemed his and big brother’s coming out had stimulated their mother a lot.

After listening to Mo Yixu’s words, it suddenly dawned on Yuan Suo, “That’s why Mom wanted to go swimming.” Then he was a little ashamed. Because the topic of women in drag had become popular recently, he had recommended quite a few novels to Mother Mo, but it seems he really should recommend less novels to her in the future.

Mo Yixu nodded bitterly, “Second brother you still have the nerve to laugh. When Mom dragged Ying Yue to change clothes with her, Ying Yue asked me several times what was wrong, I still have to figure out how to explain things to her ┭┮﹏┭┮.”

After Mo Yi Cheng finished laughing, his expression returned to his high and cold appearance as he asked, “Then why did you keep staring at Yuan Suo and Chen Jiao?”

Mo Yixu choked for a moment then repeated Mother Mo’s words.

“Du Du in women clothing?” Mo Yi Cheng repeated unconsciously, then his gaze flicked twice towards Yuan Suo’s body.

Mo Yixu nodded like a little chick pecking rice, “Mmm, that’s why I couldn’t help but envision what first and second sister-in-law would look like.”

Mo Yi Cheng chuckled twice coldly then raised his finger to point at the door, “It’s better to think less, it’s easy to get into trouble.”

Hit by the knife like glare in Mo Yi Cheng’s eyes, the corners of Mo Yixu’s mouth twitched and no longer wanting to stay, pulled his legs out and run.

After he left.

Mo Yi Cheng became a little off as he stared at Yuan Suo as if there was some kind of unspeakable conspiracy going on.

“What does a woman in drag mean?” He asked even though he knew the answer.

Yuan Suo only thought that Mo Yi Cheng didn’t understand the relatively niche internet term, so he explained, “It means a boy who wears women’s clothes without any discrepancy and is very beautiful.”

“Oh?” Mo Yi Cheng raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

“It’s a popular character setting within novels these days.” Yuan Suo, who was completely oblivious to the air of intrigue was still explaining kindly.

“Oh. Right, let’s go to the mall when we go back later.”

“The mall? Okay I’ll drive then, since you’ve just had a drink.” Ever since he and Mo Yi Cheng had returned to earth, it was a little tricky occasionally trying to buy some daily necessities without the game system.

“Okay.” Mo Yi Cheng agreed readily.

So that night, inside Mo Yi Cheng’s villa, a tug-of-war ensued.

This tug-of-war was about the sudden evil interest of the movie emperor Mo, about the supreme dignity of Emperor Yuan Suo, about the past of women in drag…

The next day at noon Kan Ming came to report on his work, however as soon as he entered the living room he thought the movie emperor had cheated on Yuan Suo with a sweet and innocent little girl…..

As a result, movie emperor Mo, wearing a robe, came down from the second floor with a totally satisfied look on his face and very calmly and cooly picked the rabbit ears on the floor up. He instructed the little housekeeper who had a red face and dark circles under her eyes for some reason, “Prepare some hot porridge and small dishes to be send up first, and put a little less sugar in the porridge.”

“Second young man, this is….. these are some of your next travel arrangements…. that…. Is Du Du at home?” Kan Ming was confused. He had never asked Mo Yi Cheng about his personal matters before, but if it really involved Yuan Suo….

“He’s upstairs, what’s wrong?” Mo Yi Cheng put another small skirt balled up on the sofa to the side.

Kan Ming had an epiphany immediately, “Nothing, nothing, I…. I just wanted to ask about the follow-up movie publicity, that…. does Du Du have time?”

Mo Yi Cheng saw through it but didn’t say anything, “If the workload isn’t too heavy, he has time.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Want to stay and have breakfast together?” Mo Yi Cheng asked good-naturedly.

Kan Ming shook his head, “No no, I just came from lunch.”

“Alright then, I won’t see you off.” After saying this, movie emperor Mo got up and went upstairs, tucking the rabbit ears into the pocket of his robe with his hand.

Leaving Kan Ming with a lofty yet pleasant back…..

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