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Chapter 81.4 Love you for a lifetime [End]

As the plane flew over the sea, Yuan Suo’s physical strength seemed to be getting worse and worse, and the strength of his grip on Mo Yi Cheng’s hand was getting less and less…..

The song ‘Galaxy’ ended.

The clock also crossed to the final end mercilessly.

Mo Yi Cheng’s hands were empty, the weight on his shoulders lifted abruptly.

He could only just watch as Yuan Suo became a little blurred…..

“Mo Yi Cheng, I love you.” The only way to identify the blurred face was to make out the not-so-clear shape of the mouth.

In this instant, the tiny second hand, like a giant wheel crushing through, only left behind a bloody and lost soul.

It was all over…..

System prompt.

Elf rebirth final confirmation.



System message: Elf Mo Du Du, you have 1000 unused points existing in the second trial space. You can choose to redeem the corresponding prize or you can choose to give up.

Just as Yuan Suo was about to give up the so-called prizes, the system automatically played the list of prizes because of the delay in getting an answer.

1、S-grade battle armour (300 points)

2、Cell restructuring function upgrade (900 points)

3、50% upgrade in physical ability (700 points)


9, Custom Elf (1000 points)


Yuan Suo’s gaze froze.

What was a Custom Elf?

He clicked on it to find out more.

Custom Elf: You can designate any being to be your elf to activate the game. (Note: As the elf is passively bound to the game, the elf will have the right to choose whether to bind with the player to traverse together when they leave at full level.)

Could it be….. Yuan Suo’s whole body couldn’t help but tremble. To make an elf at will, could Mo Yi Cheng also….?

Interstellar World, the Ninth Region.

Prince Yuan Suo woke up from his sleep, his young and inexperienced beautiful face pale in the darkness, cold sweat slipping down his forehead.

Cold sweat drenched his pyjamas and a chill ran down his back.

Yuan Suo gasped heavily and after a few seconds quickly flicked on the lights in the room with an order.

A holographic projection appeared on the green and grey metal walls and an intelligent voice robot spoke through the screen, “Prince, you are awake.”

“What time is it?”

“Three o’clock midnight sharp.”

“Year and month.”

“February of the interstellar year 2300.”

In his previous life he had been poisoned by his stepmother in October.

February 2300…. Father was still only seriously ill and bedridden at this time and hadn’t died! Nor had the great battle deciding destiny begun yet!

Yuan Suo’s hands shook….

It all seemed….. like a huge dream.

But everything was so clear, he knew that everything inside the game was real, and so was Mo Yi Cheng!

In other words!

Yuan Suo suddenly remembered something, jumped out of bed, standing on the cold ground with bare feet.

“Bring up the manual interface immediately!” Yuan Suo decisively gave a command to the holographic projection intelligence system.

Immediately the operating interface popped up on the wall, Yuan Suo rushed over to it impatiently, his fingers swiping rapidly across it.




Ten minutes later, Yuan Suo took two steps back, unsteady on his feet and sat down on his chair.

Was it just a last-minute hallucination?

[Ding! Welcome to the Elf Space application station, I sincerely hope you can obtain an elf that will satisfy you].

The familiar voice rang out in his ears, and Yuan Suo’s eyes, which had become hollow, suddenly glowed again as he jumped up and pounced on the screen, trying to find changes related to the game on it.

However, apart from a voice prompt in the void, the interface didn’t change in the slightest.

“Yi Cheng? Yi Cheng?” His lips trembled.

Suddenly, a bright spot of light lit up one centimetre up the right side of his hand.

Yuan Suo had lived inside the game for so long that he had almost forgotten that all of the Interstellar Royals had intelligent chips implanted inside their bodies at birth, with holographic projection, browsing information, operating battle armor, and a host of other functions…..

The black mark on his arm, the size of a grain of rice, became even brighter and turned on automatically, projecting a virtual interface directly in mid-air.

The interface which had a line of interstellar text appeared in front of him.

[Welcome again to the Elf Rebirth Project mobile game, congratulations on passing the test and becoming an Elf player. From now on you will have your own elf.]

A small person on the virtual screen danced around carrying an inferior magic wand.




“Congratulations player, you consumed 1000 points from the second dimension trial space before you were reborn and chose to match a custom elf, please check your receipt!” Before his rebirth, the 1000 points from the second dimension trial space could be exchanged for various mysterious objects in the system mall and even a strategy manual to unify the stars, but he chose ‘Custom Elf’ without hesitation.

“System prompt, we have now matched an elf, do you accept?”

Yuan Suo’s voice trembled, “Accept.”

Along with Yuan Suo’s voice, the game screen shifted.

A very simple small room, with only a window, a door and a single bed in the corner….

On the floor stood a small Q figure.

The figure was wearing a black suit, and even though he was a Q-version image, he was still handsome and attractive. The little man seemed to be unhappy with his current appearance, but there was nothing he could do about it except letting his face sink into a cold expression.

Elf information:

Name: Unknown (To be chosen by player)

Gender: Male

Age: 29 years old

Place of origin: Earth

Personality: calm, cautious, decisive, affectionate

Level: 0

Skin Mode: Q

Inside the small box that popped up, Yuan Suo typed in the elf’s name: Mo Yi Cheng.

“From now on, I’ll raise you.”

In March of the year 2390, the Great Emperor Yuan Suo, passed away in the royal palace of the Ninth Region of the Interstellar World. On the same day, the Imperial General also died of grief.

The Great Emperor Yuan Suo’s life was marked by many achievements.

He led his people to repel the Empire’s advances in the Fourth Interstellar War, put an end to civil strife, emphasized technology, reorganized the Empire’s administration and created a prosperous world.

He and the imperial general Mo Yi Cheng were both rulers and lovers for the rest of their lives, and their story was well known.


2020, on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

The young man was holding a glass of red wine in his hand, his exquisitely tailored suit outlining his waistline in an extremely sexy manner, but his face was like the sunrise, making one dare to daydream.

A girl with European features in crystal heels walked up to the young man, her glass of champagne reflecting the colours of the setting sun as she spoke fluent Chinese: “Hello, are you alone? Can you….”

The girl’s words hadn’t yet fallen when a dark shadow fell and a tall man appeared from nowhere, his large hands naturally encircling the teenager’s waist.

The man’s voice was low and nice, but his deep eyes were full of hostility, “He has company.” He said and deliberately showed the ring on his hand.

The girl left, disappointed.

“I’ve only been away for a moment and someone has come to steal His Majesty.” Mo Yi Cheng’s lips were tinged with a smile as he lowered his head, the tip of his nose touching Yuan Suo’s white neck and rubbing against the unspeakable mark at his collarbone.

Yuan Suo couldn’t help but shrink back a little, only to be circled even more by the general who had lived for hundreds of years but was still extremely jealous.

“Let’s go back later and look at the script, Director Li said we have to audition for a scene when we get back.” Yuan Suo tried to change the subject.

Unhappy, Mo Yi Cheng narrowed his eyes threateningly, “Surprisingly distracted during your honeymoon?”

“No… it’s just that, after so many years, I’ve forgotten how to act.”

“Your Majesty lies. After so many years, your acting skills have only become perfect.” Said a kiss heavily imprinted.

The sound of the waves of the Caribbean Sea was still in his ears.

The roar of the Interstellar World’s battleships was still in his ears.

His person, was still around.

Raising you, is but a small thing.

Loving you, is but a lifetime of faith.

(End of novel)

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