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Chapter 81.2 Love you for a lifetime [End]

Mo Yi Yan became Chen Jiao’s elf during the whole year when he was in a coma and left the game world after he reached full level, however he lost his memory of the game world, but because of his powerful intention, he still remembered what Chen Jiao looked like.

Unfortunately, not only did Chen Jiao also lose his memory, he also gained weight rapidly due to his illness on hormone medication and almost turned into a different person, causing Mo Yi Yan to not recognise him at first.

The release of ‘Galaxy’ at the beginning stimulated Mo Yi Yan, plus Chen Jiao reverted to his old self. It was only then that Mo Yi Yan’s lost memories were completely awakened.

Mo Yi Cheng pulled Yuan Suo’s wrist and rushed out of the ward but collided into Mo Yixu who had just came back from buying hot coffee. Mo Yixu tried to stop both of when he saw their dreadful expressions, but was stopped in his tracks by Mo Yi Cheng’s frightening glare.

Yuan Suo was pulled to the stairwell, and without waiting for him to speak, Mo Yi Cheng pressed him directly against the wall, his forehead pressed against his collarbone.

“No.” Mo Yi Cheng knew he was being selfish and cold-blooded at the moment, but he said it anyway.

Yuan Suo’s wrists were raw from his grip and the bones in his back had slammed against the wall, but the look in his eyes was the insistence of a friend, of a doctor.

Yuan Suo lifted his thin arm, the scratches on his wrist particularly striking because his skin was too fair, “Yi Cheng.” He stroked Mo Yi Cheng’s back gently, only to feel him tremble.

“No, no…” Mo Yi Cheng muttered and repeated, his eyes already bloodshot when he lifted his head.

If Mo Yi Yan used to be Chen Jiao’s elf, it meant that Chen Jiao was a player of the game hence Yuan Suo’s cellular restructuring technology, in principle, could not only save elves, but also help players.

In other words, Yuan Suo’s cellular reconstitution technology might be able to save Chen Jiao’s life.

However once Yuan Suo saved Chen Jiao, it meant that he would irreversibly reach full level and it would be time to leave the game.

Yuan Suo’s trembling hand brushed through Mo Yi Cheng’s hair tenderly without speaking.

Although it was only a few minutes, it seemed like centuries had passed.

“Yi Cheng, I’ll go and speak to big brother.”


“Any day now, Chen Jiao could…”

“No…. no way.”

The two men stood motionless for a long time.

“It’s a bit of a shame about Director Li’s movie.”


“But Du Du wants Mo Yi Cheng to continue acting.”


“If, however, the operation is successful, let’s get on a plane together and go to the Caribbean.”

Time stood still.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo. This was the person he loved, but he couldn’t stop him from leaving. Thorns sprouted inside every blood vessel of his heart, crimson blood gushing out.

“I’ll go… and speak to big brother.” Mo Yi Cheng finally found his voice.

Outside the ward.

Beads of sweat fell from Mo Yi Cheng’s forehead, but he didn’t raise his hand to wipe it off.

Perhaps it was because brothers’ hearts were in sync, as the low pressure that emanated from them made the air around them thinner.

Inside the ward was the person they loved the most.

The difference was that one was waiting to be reunited and the other was waiting to be parted.

At this moment, the news of Chen Jiao’s death had been spread online.

Many of Chen Jiao’s fans didn’t want to believe it and hoped that his agency would come out with an official statement.

The pictures and videos of last night’s accident scene that went viral online had been mostly deleted on Mo Yi Cheng’s orders earlier, but it was extremely difficult to cool down the heat of public opinion on such a hot affair.

And it was at this time that yet another hot search squeezed its way into the headlines.

#Qian He deleted it in seconds

It turns out that Qian He actually used his own public account to like a news item that posted the death of Chen Jiao in a car accident, and also left a message: great pleasure.

It was then deleted in seconds.

The studio he worked for first released a statement saying that his account had been stolen.

But less than half an hour later, someone else uploaded an exposing video online. The bar was dimly lit, but one could still identity the person positively in the picture as Qian He, who was drinking a beer with someone and yelling loudly

“What a great day, that fat fu*k Chen Jiao is finally going to report to the king of hell!”

The video went viral immediately.

Netizens were in an uproar.

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