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Chapter 79.1 The proposal was successful!

Mo Yi Yan rushed to the show as soon as he got off the plane.

The internet was abuzz with news of Mo Yi Cheng’s admission of his ‘girlfriend’, but it was something Mo Yi Yan had expected, as he hadn’t seen his second brother so attached to anyone ever since he was a kid, so it was only a matter of time before it became public knowledge.

If it weren’t for the development of Chen Jiao’s career, Mo Yi Yan would have been happy to use the ‘act first, report later’ method to create a wave of public opinion and take the person for himself first.

The competition ended up with a combination of the number of votes cast in the final round, as well as the popularity index, and in the end, Chen Jiao won the title by an overwhelming margin.

Chen Jiao held the trophy in his hand, his voice as he gave his acceptance speech tinged with a little bit of a tremble.
After all these years, he never thought he would have the opportunity to stand on such a stage.

The cheers from the stage were deafening, the colourful glow sticks looked like a river of stars, and somehow the scent of summer grass suddenly floated beneath his nose. It was like there were two people sitting together on top of a wooden box on a rooftop on a rainy evening…

For a moment, it was as if something was missing from his heart.

He didn’t know when he started to feel like there was a gaping hole in his heart that was left untouched, but every time he dreamed of it at midnight, his heart palpitated, until he met Mo Yi Yan for the first time. The man was like a beam of light, like a fountain instantly filling a spot crowded with a vacancy, like a providence in the underworld.

Even if Jiang Mu Yu hadn’t tell him, he knew that Mo Yi Yan was a bright star to him, beautiful, but too distant to touch and should not be touched.

However, at this moment, he hoped, hoped so much that Mo Yi Yan was standing on the stage as if he had fulfilled some kind of agreement.

Turning, Chen Jiao froze.

Mo Yi Yan stood at length, right on the side platform, looking at him steadily.

He quickened his pace, and some of the people around him recognised Mo Yi Yan, with expressions of either surprise or envy on their faces. Of course, the people around Mo Yi Yan changed from one day to the next; today it was Chen Jiao, tomorrow it might be Li Jiao or Zhang Jiao, so their envy wasn’t without a touch of sarcasm.

“Congratulations.” The chagrin in Mo Yi Yan’s heart at the moment was unknown to Chen Jiao.

That rainy evening, their first kiss, accompanied by the ticking of standing water on the tiles, he had promised Chen Jiao that he would accompany him on the stage of music.

“Thank you…” Chen Jiao said before he was pulled into Mo Yi Yan’s arms in a seemingly friendly and untrumped embrace, both of them feeling each other’s heartbeat like a drum.

“Come, let’s go and celebrate.”

“… Okay.”

When Mo Yi Cheng walked out of the bedroom with his hair half-dried, he saw Yuan Suo nestled at the head of the bed with his phone in his hand.

“What are you looking at?”

“Ah…. nothing.” Yuan Suo rushed to logout of Weibo.

“Come here.” Mo Yi Cheng beckoned.

Yuan Suo froze for a moment then went over, wondering what Mo Yi Cheng wanted to do. It wasn’t until the warm palm of Mo Yi Cheng’s hand ran through the half-damp ends of his hair that he remembered that he had forgotten to blow dry his hair again today.

“In the future… remember to blow-dry your hair or you will get a headache.”


“Do you guys…. have hair dryers in that world?” Mo Yi Cheng tried his best to sound natural.

“No, but our bathrooms usually come with their own dryer, which automatically dries the whole body after you get out of the bath, and you can choose the brand and method of body care beforehand.”

“It’s so advanced?”


Both men usually didn’t mention a word about Yuan Suo’s ‘interstellar world’. But at this moment, Mo Yi Cheng suddenly wanted to know what that world was like and if it was really inevitable that he would lose him in the end, then he hoped he would live happily in that world…
“We don’t read graphic novels or anything like that, especially royalty, it’s seen as a plaything. But when I was very young, an old squire once gave me a copy secretly and it was that book that enlightened me.”
“Hmm….. our food is a bit more complicated to explain. It’s more like the nutritional paste in the game, with little taste but maximum nutrition. Probably because food crops are scarce in our time, including many animals that have become extinct, so we have to use a very high level of technology to maintain our daily lives.”

“I’ve been reading a lot of novels about court battles and spy battles lately, so I’m already stocked up for court battles!”

At the end of his sentence, he fell asleep in Mo Yi Cheng’s arms, muttering something in the interstellar language.

Mo Yi Cheng hugged the person in his arms tightly. As long as he closed his eyes, a vast and cold interstellar world would appear before him, so he stayed awake and gazed quietly into the night at Yuan Suo as he slept.

Someone else who was also unable to sleep at this moment was Li Xilan, who was on the other side of the city.

Li Xilan had been standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for hours.

Cigarette butts were scattered woefully on the ground, the greyish ash illuminated by the moonlight like a furrow overlooking a high place.

He never thought that Su Yi would leave so suddenly.

He had thought she was so dumb… that she’d never get to full level.

Su Yi was a quirky young girl when they first met, shortly after his girlfriend of many years had passed away unexpectedly. On the one hand, he used the elf inside his phone as an emotional filler, and on the other hand, he rejected anyone taking his girlfriend’s place.

As time went on, he was able to feel Su Yi’s feelings more and more. But he told himself every time that Su Yi was just a sister, just a supernatural virtual existence and that perhaps detachment was the best way to get along.

At first, Su Yi would come to him with her ideas, but the response was always cold and gradually, Su Yi stopped communicating as if she was having a tantrum. So for the last year, he and Su Yi had had pathetically little interaction.

Until, today when he came home and Su Yi had prepared a sumptuous dinner and told him that it was her birthday.

He did remember her birthday, and the birthday present was inside his pocket, but for some reason, he didn’t take it out.

Su Yi told him that this afternoon that the system had sent a message that her outstanding student certificate had been issued early, meaning that her level had been raised again and had officially reached level 100.

There had been a momentary blankness in Li Xilan’s brain.

Su Yi sat across the table with a smile on her face.

“Xi Xi,” She called him by his nickname, her tone light, “thank you for choosing my novel for the film, the script was well adapted and the actors are excellent.”

“You’re….. you’re welcome.”

“Mhmm, but… I don’t think I’ll be able to see the final finished film. But it doesn’t matter, in my mind it’s already on screens.
Also, get more rest in the future and get a wife early without me getting in the way.”

The two of them had been silent for a long time afterwards. Li Xilan had a lot of words to say, but just couldn’t say it out loud. It was only Su Yi who spoke, advising him, ‘don’t go to bed too late, smoke less, don’t always eat takeaway, her bank card had money saved up from all the years of writing novels and that it wasn’t much but it could build a small hope primary school in a remote mountainous area….

“Su Yi, will you come back?”

Li Xilan didn’t get an answer. Su Yi acted as if she hadn’t heard it as she dished food for him…..

Until the system prompted that the elf, Li Su Yi, had left after reaching full level.

It was only then that Li Xilan came back to, as if he was waking up from a dream.

You won’t come back again after leaving, right?

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