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Chapter 79.2 The proposal was successful!

Yuan Suo and Mo Yi Cheng were woken up by the ringing of a phone.

The two of them had only fallen asleep when it was already dawn.
“What’s wrong?” Yuan Suo rubbed his eyes, seeing the heavy expression on Mo Yi Cheng’s face as he held his phone out.

Mo Yi Cheng handed his phone to Yuan Suo, “It’s Long Bow.”

Vaguely guessing what was going on, Yuan Suo took the phone, “Hello.”

Long Bow’s voice was muffled as his throat clogged, “Du Du, Su Yi… Su Yi left yesterday. I just got a timed message from her.”

“… What? Doesn’t she have to… have to wait until school starts?” Yuan Suo asked in shock.

“The school issued the outstanding student certificate today, so…”

Hanging up the phone, Yuan Suo froze like a puppet, the phone in his hand still raised to his ear. Mo Yi Cheng embraced him from behind gently, took the phone from his fingers, grabbed his hand in his, and rubbed his stiff fingers.

“Su Yi just left without leaving a single word.” Yuan Suo murmured unconsciously, “I thought that I’d have a chance to see her again.”

One always thinks, that there is still a chance.

“Yuan Suo.” Mo Yi Cheng held his shoulders turned him to face him squarely. Yuan Suo’s thin shoulders slumped, the corners of his eyes red, his drooping brows unusually distressing.

Time seemed to have frozen…

After a good deal of time passed.

“I know it’s not romantic at all to propose now, but I don’t think I want to wait a second longer.” With that, Mo Yi Cheng leaned over, opened the bedside drawer and took a silver velvet box out.
Yuan Suo watched in shock as Mo Yi Cheng opened the box, got out of bed and dropped to one knee.

At this moment, Mo Yi Cheng didn’t look like the perfect man under any of the usual limelight. He had just woken up so his black hair was a little messy, the side of his face still had the indentation of the pillow, and the belt of his robe was tied in a twisted way.

There was no romantic music, no fireworks, no cheering crowds, but on the bedside table was the milk that Mo Yi Cheng had prepared with his own hands after he had woken up last night, and inside the open drawer were the manuscripts Yuan Suo had drawn.

“This ring was custom made after the last proposal failed. When I left the villa, I was disappointed, angry, scared, but more than anything, I wanted to hold you firmly in my life with this little ring.” The ever-confident man was nervous at the moment, his hand that was holding the ring up trembling slightly.

“So, Yuan Suo, Your Highness, Prince of the ninth dimension of the interstellar world, will you marry me?”

Yuan Suo trembled, tears sliding down his pale cheeks all of a sudden. He was afraid, afraid to leave, but even more afraid that it would be difficult for Mo Yi Cheng to start a new life after he left.

But at this moment, no boundary, no time, no space, not even life or death could stand in the way.

Yuan Suo nodded heavily.

“I will, I will…”

Ten minutes later.


Mo Yi Cheng updated his Weibo again.

‘The proposal was successful.’

Attached below was a picture of the two holding hands, with the woman’s… probably… slender finger topped with a large diamond ring that blinded the eyes.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!! It worked?]

[A person who likes beautiful hands says both hands are hallowed in beauty, but from the bone structure it looks as if… it’s a male’s hand?] (scolded by 55,555 comments)

[Mo Yi Cheng’s aesthetics turned out to be so tacky….. this big diamond, can smash someone’s head and give a knot if it’s thrown.] (received 88,888 likes)

[Was she touched by Yi Cheng’s confession yesterday?]

[Ah ah ah wh ah ah ah ah exactly who is it? This year’s netizens aren’t so good, they haven’t even found out who the woman is yet!]

[This dog food is poisonous!]

Another ten minutes passed.

Mo Yi Cheng liked a comment – [A person who likes beautiful hands says both hands are hallowed in beauty, but from the bone structure it looks as if… it’s a male’s hand?]

The whole comment section was silent for three seconds…

Then it exploded again instantly.

[His hand must have slipped!!]

[I support the hand slip comment!]

[Aaaahhh my rotten girl soul!]

At this moment.

Lying on the bed, clutching a phone, Yuan Suo who realized he had logged into the wrong Weibo account and had liked the wrong comment stared in horror…

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