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Chapter 78.2 Mo Yi Cheng’s mysterious girlfriend

As Lin Mengxue said, she was indeed not a professional singer and although there were no highlights in the song, fortunately there were no major slip-ups.
During this period Xu Jingnan’s online vote climbed all the way up, but whether they were real votes or a manipulation behind the scenes was unknown.

By the time Chen Jiao and Mo Yi Cheng came onto the stage, the audience’s attention was already focused on the ‘Mo Xue’ romance.

Mo Yi Cheng was dressed in a black suit. It was understated yet quality, with every cut just right, making his already tall and handsome figure look even more regal.

Chen Jiao was still plain in his white shirt and black trousers.

The song they chose for the chorus was ‘Galaxy’, with some minor changes made to match Mo Yi Cheng’s voice, giving a touch of grandeur to the song that was originally already very youthful and subdued.

Yuan Suo unconsciously shook the sign in his hand gently, humming along as they sang softly.

For some reason, the mood and feeling of ‘Galaxy’ matched his state of mind at the moment.

Under the stars, the lovers were beside each other, but they were already thinking about…

The song ended.

It took a couple of seconds for the crowd on stage to react, then there was thunderous applause and cheering!

Against the light, Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t actually see clearly off the stage, but he knew where Yuan Suo was sitting at the moment, and with his eyes fixed there, he felt at ease even though he couldn’t see.

The hosts invited the two to the interview area excitedly.

After a few questions, the host suddenly threw in another question.

“This question, I think, is what the audience here and what the viewers in front of the TV at this moment want to know the most. Yi Cheng, if I may ask, did you and Meng Xue arrange to come to our show together? “The host was all smiles as he threw the question to him.

Chen Jiao’s grip on the microphone tightened immediately. His years of experience as an assistant led him to instinctively want to reject the question for Mo Yi Cheng, but Mo Yi Cheng unexpectedly raised his hand to stop him.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “No, it’s just a coincidence.”
“Ah, then it’s really fate!” The host bit off the word fate and threw a meaningful wink at the audience below stage, and there was immediate cheering from below.

The smile on Mo Yi Cheng’s face faded, but he didn’t say a word.

Yuan Suo’s chest tightened up amidst the screams and although he knew it was just a conjectural assumption, it was hard to contain the sour feeling.

“I… let’s go backstage first.” He said to Kan Ming, not wanting to stay any longer.

Kan Ming already had a guess in his heart. Lin Mengxue’s appearance this time was definitely not a coincidence, there may be more mishaps later, so it was better to take Yuan Suo away first.
“Okay, let’s go and wait in the back, I’ll ask someone to tell second young master later.” Saying this, he called for two bodyguards to escort Yuan Suo outside.

The host’s voice rang out again, “Can the two contestants, along with their support singers, come to the stage? Everyone, you can start voting for your favorite support singer now.”

Xu Jingnan and Lin Mengxue came on stage holding hands, looking like affectionate sisters, with Lin Mengxue walking behind, a bashful expression on her face which was caught by the camera and displayed on the big screens on either side, drawing another wave of cheers.

“Ha ha, thanks for the applause, but before the voting starts, can we first take a picture with XX camera?” While the hosts spiced things up, they didn’t forget to do their jobs. The sponsor’s advertisements still had to be done.

“That, can Yi Cheng and Meng Xue stand together, haha, after all, it’s a delight for everyone.” The host continued to add fuel to the fire.

Lin Mengxue looked at Mo Yi Cheng with an expectant gaze as if she was shy.

Mo Yi Cheng raised the microphone in his hand and said with a light smile, “It’s better if I don’t. It’s good everyone is happy, but I’m afraid I’ll have to suffer tonight when I go home.”


The expressions on the faces of all the people on stage, including Chen Jiao, could have been viewed as a comic strip as they were very rich.

Yuan Suo’s foot, which was already on the steps jerked.
“This…. this….” The male host squeezed a smile onto his frozen face, “This is kind of a big surprise ha!”

The other hostess was a bit more calm, “Yi Cheng seems to have revealed a little secret to us just now. Everyone, should we ask to get to the bottom of it?”

The lights on the stage were a bit dimmer than during the concert, so Mo Yi Cheng could see Yuan Suo who froze and then turned around with a jerk. He said with a smile, “It’s what everyone is thinking. But I’m here to help sing today, hence I can’t take all the attention, so it’s better if…. we take a group picture first.”

Mo Yi Cheng brought the topic back, but this time both the audience at the scene and the viewers in front of the live broadcast couldn’t sit still any longer, with everyone starting to speculate who Mo Yi Cheng’s mysterious girlfriend really was.

Lin Mengxue’s face was very ugly until the voting was over and the results of the round were announced. She didn’t expect that Mo Yi Cheng would really deny everything like this! How dare he admit that he was in a relationship on such an occasion? This was a slap in the face to her, all the preparations and follow-ups that they had planned had gone down the drain!

Indeed, people soon started jumping online to roast Lin Mengxue’s hype. Her sudden appearance on the show and her performance of the title song of Mo Yi Cheng’s acclaimed work, including all the previous ambiguosness. If Mo Yi Cheng hadn’t exposed everything today, all this would have created a false sense of ambiguity between her and Mo Yi Cheng, but now that Mo Yi Cheng had openly admitted that he had a lover, Lin Mengxue’s method of creating hype was revealed clearly.

In just a short time, even Xu Jingnan was roasted. Some people also found out that she had falsified her votes, and the evidence was exposed online, leading to a wave of criticism.

Mo Yi Cheng then posted a short Weibo with a carved wooden frame that Yuan Suo had given him.

[I have wanted to share this with you for a long time, but the last proposal failed, so as everyone knows….. since it failed, I still need to work hard.]

The fan network was abuzz once again.

[Ah ah ah ah ah if she won’t marry you I will!]

[Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?]

[Am I the only one who thinks this wooden carving looks familiar?]

[Poo wood carving JPG, it’s similar to the poo wood carving from the previous post! Was it done by the same person?]

[I’m heartbroken! o(╥﹏╥)o]

[Boss, we’ll always be your forgetful backers, charge ahead! Bring our sister-in-law home!]

[I suspect this woman’s temperament is tough. Yi Cheng is even afraid of taking a picture ~ afraid that he will have to kneel on the board so he announced it directly! ]

One more reply was sent out, but quickly disappeared into the tide without attracting attention, a defense by Yuan Suo with his secret little account: I’m not… I’m not tough.

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