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Chapter 78.1 Mo Yi Cheng’s mysterious girlfriend

As soon as the news that Mo Yi Cheng was coming as a ‘mystery guest’ to help Chen Jiao was released, with Mo Yi Cheng interacting with Chen Jiao on Weibo a number of times, Chen Jiao’s popularity value soared, almost overshadowing Xu Jingnan who was currently in first place.

The programme team didn’t expect Chen Jiao to be able to invite a celebrity of Mo Yi Cheng’s calibre, so they spent the entire night revising the script and relevant details for the day’s recording.

“That fat bastard, he’s really catching up.” Qian He had recently launched two films in a row, his popularity had rebounded and his previous incident had almost been cleared up.

Xu Jingnan’s face was even more unpleasant, “Fortunately, I bought some votes yesterday, otherwise I would really have been overwhelmed.”

“This is just the beginning, when the show airs, the number of votes you bought won’t be enough.”

“Please, then I’ll just buy more!” Xu Jingnan glared angrily.

Qian He shook his head, “Everyone is not blind, if his popularity is obviously rising, your votes will attract black fans.” After the last incident, Qian He had become much more wiser.

“So what should we do?”

“Let’s just leave it to fate.”

“Ahhhhh, no! I have to win this championship. Qian He, you and I have been friends for so many years, please help me out!”

Qian He’s eyes twinkled, “If you can invite someone, there’s still a chance for this to work.”


“Lin Mengxue.”

“Lin Mengxue?” The expression on Xu Jingnan’s face became difficult to look at. “She has participated in quite a few variety shows recently, and her popularity is indeed very strong, but I’m not friends with her.”

Qian He smiled and said, “You don’t need to be friends, as long as she and Mo Yi Cheng have a relationship, that’s enough.”

Xu Jingnan, a smart person immediately understood what Qian He meant. There had been rumours about the relationship between Lin Mengxue and Mo Yi Cheng before, Mo Yi Cheng’s first ‘scandalous girlfriend’ since his debut and although both parties had clarified the issue later, Lin Mengxue’s team still took advantage of Mo Yi Cheng’s popularity from time to time to create hype. And now, Lin Mengxue wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity to be on stage together.

In the past two days, Yuan Suo had been preparing for the start of the school year, and Mo Yi Cheng had been accompanying him in his course selection as if he were his father.

After this half year, which was more than three years of growth for Yuan Suo, there was no longer any need to worry about whether the homework will be too heavy or whether he would be able to pass his exams.

The only thing the two needed to worry about now was what to do to delay the upgrade.

“Skipping class?” Yuan Suo shook his head, “Skipping class won’t work. The system has an automatic screening ability, if I skip classes to avoid upgrading, the system will limit my range of activities or just reduce my privileges without reducing my level.” In other words, it was very possible that his level would still be 90, but he wouldn’t be able to access the phone freely, or he would lose his premium skin.

“Pick something easy then.” In order for the two of them to spend more time together, Mo Yi Cheng was already preparing to scale back what he was going to do next.

“En, I’ll pick just one course.” Yuan Suo nodded at the medical course, “This one has 6 points for one course, which will meet the system’s requirements.” And since he’d already had some attainment back in the second trial space, it should be very easy to learn.

“Won’t you choose art?”

“Practice is more important.” There were too few points for Fine Arts, meaning he would have to choose another course in addition if he picked that one.

Mo Yi Cheng didn’t expose him, “What about acting?”

“Acting….. I’ll learn it at home.” Yuan Suo blinked, lifting his chin slightly.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled: “Alright, then later on teacher Mo will teach you.”

“Okay teacher!”

The sunlight was just right, and Yuan Suo’s fair face was so clear that every soft sweaty hair on his skin turned into a light golden colour.

Mo Yi Cheng couldn’t help but kiss it gently, his voice low, “I’ll be helping Chen Jiao sing tomorrow. I’ve arranged for Kan Ming to follow, be good and stay off stage, the phone will be here with me.”

Since the last incident, Mo Yi Cheng fired his new assistant and took all matters relating to cell phones personally, except for special circumstances where he hand them over to only Kan Ming for safekeeping.

“En, okay.”

The day of the event.

The news suddenly came out online that the guest Xu Jingnan had originally invited was suddenly unable to participate in the show due to illness, and Xu Jingnan was both anxious and sad during the interview.

Chen Jiao was already very strong in his own right, with the added support of Mo Yi Cheng, whereas she was a girl and there was a problem with her support singer, hence the many tears she shed garnered a lot of attention.

Three hours before the event started, Xu Jingnan’s company’s official Weibo announced a new supporting singer, none other than Lin Mengxue!

A few spots at the front of the trending hot list were instantly taken up by the competition.

#Mo Yi Cheng

#Mo Yi Cheng Lin Meng Xue

#Mo Yi Cheng Chen Jiao

#Chen Jiao

#Lin Meng Xue support singer

#Xu Jingnan crisis

“Yi Cheng, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen.” Chen Jiao was very upset. He had been with Mo Yi Cheng for so long and knew very well his aversion to this kind of news.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled and said comfortingly, “It’s alright, you just have to sing well. Right, how come I haven’t seen big brother?”

“Ah….. Yi Yan has gone to a meeting overseas, but the weather there isn’t good for the plane to take off, so he might not be able to make it.” Chen Jiao tried his best to speak as easily as possible, but a hint of loss could still be heard in his words.

With two bodyguards in tow, Kan Ming escorted Yuan Suo to take his place under the stage. For fear of attracting attention or scaring other audience members, at Yuan Suo’s strong suggestion, the two big, burly bodyguards wore big cartoon T-shirts over their suits and sat left and right, sandwiching Yuan Suo and Kan Ming in the middle.

The top three singers in the previous round each sang a song and the votes from the audience were accumulated into the final overall score.

It must be said that Xu Jingnan was good. With a sweet voice and a lovely appearance, together with a very professional stage effect, the audience’s emotions were stirred.

In comparison, Chen Jiao’s song was much quieter and more subdued, but when he appeared in the center of the stage wearing simple jeans, white shirt and white sneakers and sang quietly, the cheerful scene immediately fell silent as everyone held their breath, feeling the beauty of the soothing and gentle voice passing against their ears.

In the first round, all three singers weren’t too far apart.

The second round was for the guest supporting singers, and as soon as the MC announced it, the place was immediately abuzz with excitement.

Yuan Suo stood up and cheered, holding up support signs with the word ‘Mo’ written on them.

The order of the top three contestants was determined by the number of votes received in the previous round.

The first contestant to appear was the one with the lowest number of votes. He was a handsome singer in his early twenties, and his backup singer was also known for his dancing skills.

Xu Jingnan came out second.

When the host introduced the supporting singers, Yuan Suo heard two girls in the front row discussing Lin Mengxue and Mo Yi Cheng’s relationship loudly.

“I’m their CP fan! The two of them look so good together!”

“What’s going on between them? Didn’t they clarify before that they were just friends?”

“It’s for the sake of their career. I think the two are a couple, otherwise how could they appear on a show so ‘coincidentally’.”

“Ah — they’re out!!!”

There was a cacophony of shouting and cheering all around, but the conversation between the two was so clear that Yuan Suo’s originally high mood dropped instantly.

Xu Jingnan first described in an emotional voice how helpless she was concerning her originally supporting singer, then gushed about Lin Mengxue’s fair appearance. Lin Mengxue also smiled coyly, “Actually, I’m just doing my best, I’m not a professional singer, so as long as I don’t hold Nan Nan back, I’m fine.”

This was a similar statement to what Mo Yi Cheng had said in an interview earlier, which naturally made fans think more.

Then the two started singing.

Xu Jingnan had originally prepared an original song for her supporting singer, but now that the supporting singer had changed, it made sense to change the song.

But when the intro started, there was an immediate uproar.

The song they chose this time turned out to be the theme song of the movie that had crowned Mo Yi Cheng as a movie emperor. Because of the popularity of the movie, this theme song was once everywhere. Now that they were singing it here, it was just a way of confirming the extraordinary relationship between Lin Mengxue and Mo Yi Cheng.

This song was naturally familiar to Yuan Suo, as he had even learned it deliberately for Mo Yi Cheng.

“This…” Kan Ming looked at the stage with a big frown, then glanced sideways to look at Yuan Suo, only to find out that the expression on his face wasn’t very good and that his mood also seemed to be very low.

“Du Du.” Kan Ming tried to talk to him, but his voice was drowned out by Xu Jingnan’s singing.

Although Yuan Suo knew that Mo Yi Cheng and this woman had nothing to do with each other, he still felt a pang of sadness in his heart when he heard that they were being hyped as a couple.

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