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Chapter 68.2 Old third can’t stop eating dog food!

“Mom, we just suddenly wanted to eat hot pot. It’s okay, everyone… should go back to sleep.”

Mo Yi Cheng helped the housekeeper up off the floor, and the two of them looked at each other, black lines on their faces.

“Eat hot pot? I think you guys were trying to scare everyone to death!” Mother Mo was still in shock. Pointing a finger at Mo Yi Cheng and Du Du, she shouted, “Go downstairs!”

“Uh…..” Yuan Suo hid behind Mo Yi Cheng subconsciously. Although he had experienced a lot of storms, meeting his mother-in-law, after getting into trouble no less inevitably made him nervous.

Mo Yi Cheng looked at Yuan Suo’s frightened little rabbit-like appearance and pulled his hand that was up inside his sleeve out in amusement, “Let’s go, even ugly daughters-in-law have to meet their parents-in-law, not to mention that my Du Du is so beautiful, there’s no need to be afraid.”

The housekeeper asked the uninvolved people to their rooms to rest, but their hearts still burned for gossip. However they didn’t dare disobey the Madam’s order so they could only stay inside their rooms, their hearts itching for information.

Mo Yixu was different. He fell back onto the sofa and pretended to yawn, but his eyes shone brightly, he couldn’t miss such a good show!

Yuan Suo sat down on the sofa in a disciplined manner, back straight like a schoolboy being scolded, both hands on top of his knees.

“You’re Du Du, right?” Mother Mo still had a good impression of Du Du from before.

Yuan Suo nodded hastily, “Ye… yes.”

Mother Mo frowned slightly, “But how come it feels like… you’ve grown up a lot.” From nineteen to twenty-two was indeed a considerable span, so it made sense that Mother Mo would find it strange.

Mo Yi Cheng explained, “You haven’t seen him for a long time, that’s you feel this way.”

“Oh.” Unable to find any other explanation, Mother Mo could only acquiesce, “But your friend has come to visit, how come you’re not entertain properly but rather making all that mess in your bedroom….” It was really strange, but she couldn’t even continue to ask.

Mo Yi Cheng smiled, “There’s no need for special hospitality.”

A puzzled expression appeared on Mother Mo’s face and Mo Yixu, who was pretending to be asleep opened his eyes slightly.

Mo Yi Cheng said, “Du Du isn’t an outsider.”

Mother Mo became alert immediately, “What do you mean?”

Yuan Suo was startled by her sudden stern gaze. He’d had the impression that she was very kind, but this sudden change clearly showed the sharpness and alertness that was in the Mo family’s genes.

“Mom, you’ve actually guessed it already, right?” Mo Yi Cheng asked softly. After returning from C City, his mood had changed drastically and he was even admitted to the hospital due to excessive grief and fatigue. How could Mother Mo not understand the ins and out of the situation? The best explanation for all of this was love injury.

“I know you’ve looked for Kan Ming, Chen Jiao, big brother and Yixu.”

Mo Yixu whispered hurriedly, “I didn’t say anything…”

“And you also had your own people investigate, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find out that the person who has been close to me recently disappeared all of a sudden.” After Mo Yi Cheng finished speaking, he received an affirmative answer from her sinking gaze.

After a few seconds of silence, she let out a long sigh, “I had hoped it was just an illusion. It’s enough for our family… to have your big brother alone being…”

“Big brother alone being what?” Mo Yi Cheng asked.

She pursed her lips. The answer was right at the tip of her tongue, yet she couldn’t say it out loud.

Mo Yi Cheng grabbed Yuan Suo’s hand that was shaking from nervousness, “Do you mean that having big brother as a gay is enough or that having him get true love alone is enough?”

Her head jerked up at this and there seemed to be a struggle in her eyes.

“Mom, I understand what you’re thinking and I know this means a lot to you. But people come into this world with their own meaning, and I’ve found that meaning now. It’s very important to me and I’m going to get it against all odds.” As he said this, he held her cold, folded hands with his other hand, “If you like grandchildren, Du Du and I can have them too.”

Yuan Suo was shocked, could men on earth have children too? Would he be the one to give birth or would it be Mo Yi Cheng? Afterwards, he couldn’t help but look at Mo Yi Cheng’s stomach.

Seeing the expression on Yuan Suo’s face, Mo Yi Cheng knew that he was thinking and shook his head helplessly, “We can adopt. A boy, or a girl, olive skin, white skin, brown skin, we can adopt a football team, but I’m afraid this house won’t be able to contain them.”

The expression on Mother Mo’s face twitched, as if she found it interesting after hearing about so many kinds of skin colors, and… several kinds of ideas had really sprouted inside her head already.

“Mom, what do you think?” Mo Yi Cheng asked as he crouched down, looking into her eyes.

She moved her mouth but still couldn’t speak.

Yuan Suo plucked up his courage slightly, and following Mo Yi Cheng’s example, crouched down, “Du Du will be very filial, and… and assist my husband and educate our children1The idiom is four words in Chinese — 相夫教子, but long in English.” The idioms in Yuan Suo’s head were very scarce and at this moment, only this four words popped up in his head.

Mo Yixu sprayed out on the spot, then was scared by the knife like gazes Mother Mo and Mo Yi Cheng shot over at the same time. He muttered in a small voice, “What, why have you turned your elbows out so quickly.”

Mother Mo ignored her little son who was muttering on the side, sighed and helped Du Du who was still half-kneeling on the ground up. Somehow, the more she looked at him, the more she liked him. She didn’t say anything, but in her heart she sighed again. She couldn’t blame her son for falling for this boy. He was really beautiful and clear, like a vastly beautiful sky full of stars.

Du Du sat down again, then he saw Mo Yi Cheng still kneeling on the floor. He wanted to say something but was unable to, an anxious expression on his face. When Mother Mo saw this, she coughed, and Yuan Suo rushed to help Mo Yi Cheng up, not forgetting to dust his knees.

Mo Yi Xu, who was fed a mouthful of dog food felt a tightness in his chest and fell back onto the sofa with a wail.

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