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Chapter 68.1 Old third can’t stop eating dog food!

Mo Yixu was so full of dog food that when he went back to his room he tossed and turned, unable to sleep so he sent a message to his girlfriend who was in a foreign country, then prepared to send a screenshot that contained a wave of dog food to his circle of friends later in order to get back at society.

On Mo Yi Cheng’s side. After he finally got his brother out of the way, he hugged the person he had been missing for a while and was about to make further moves when Yuan Suo’s stomach suddenly growled.

Yuan Suo let out a little cry, his face becoming even more red as he turned his head and buried half of his face in the blanket.

“When did you eat?” Mo Yi Cheng turned the teenager over to look at him.

“I think, in the morning.” The morning was the time of the second trial dimension, which was more than ten hours ago now.

“I wasn’t thinking straight.” Mo Yi Cheng got hurriedly, “I’ll go to the kitchen and make something for you.” Just as he said this, he felt a tug on the corner of his shirt.

Yuan Suo looked a little nervous, as if he was afraid that Mo Yi Cheng might disappear, “Just wait a little longer, the game… the game will load soon.” Saying this, he pointed to the phone on the table that was about to finish upgrading.

“Alright.” Mo Yi Cheng patted Yuan Suo’s hand, suddenly realizing that even after ‘three years’ of separation, the little thing who seemed to have grown up was still fragile and soft on the inside. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay here with Du Du and we’ll cook together when the game finishes loading.”

“En.” Yuan Suo was embarrassed that his thoughts had been seen through. It was as if growing up over the years had made him feel shy about showing any hint of vulnerability.

The two of them got up from the bed and sat on the carpet and cuddling together under a quilt, Yuan Suo spoke about his experiences in the second dimension gently. “I’ve always been lucky because I’m of interstellar space royal blood and because I’ve always had a good talent for cellular reconstruction since I was born, so I was quickly selected by the military district. Of course I went through some screening and trials, but basically I was stabilized in the military district two years ago. I saved lives and helped people, which is why I was able to upgrade so quickly and was able to return back here.”

And as if he was afraid of being questioned, he threw out a question first, “Mo Yi Cheng, what about you? You must have been very sad, right?”

Mo Yi Cheng rubbed his head and leaned against his shoulder lightly, “It’s all in the past. Right, what do you want to eat when you return to the game?”

Yuan Suo said casually, “Hot pot.” What he had missed most in the second trial dimension was the food on Earth.

“Alright, then we’ll have hot pot.” Mo Yi Cheng agreed unconditionally.

Yuan Suo originally thought that he only needed to prepare a pot, some dishes, meat, and that was it, and there was the precedent of Mo Yi Cheng directly packing the seafood for him to eat, so he didn’t feel that having hotpot was a big hassle, moreover it would be quite romantic for the two of them to cook and eat together.

After the game finished loading, the two of them saw the familiar game screen once again and the familiar apartment. The apartment was immaculate, as if the owner had never left. As for Marshmallow, the system left a message that because of the elf’s ‘disappearance’, the creature in the apartment had been stored in the appropriate place and that the owner could come and claim it with his ID when he returned. Knowing that Marshmallow was fine, the two of them were relieved and went to the shopping mall to select ingredients, including Yuan Suo’s favorite sliced beef, tripe, various vegetables and toppings and set up a table full of them. Just as Mo Yi Cheng was about to choose the shabu-shabu, his cell phone rang all of a sudden. If someone was calling at this hour, then it meant it was probably important, hence he told Yuan Suo to decide which one he wanted to buy and just order and pay.

When Mo Yi Cheng returned after hanging up, Yuan Suo looked at him with a gleeful expression on his face that said he wanted to be praised. He pointed to the ‘shabu-shabu’ on the table. There was a traditional old-fashioned charcoal and brass hot pot for home use that ensured authentic taste! And next to it was a packet of charcoal from the merchant.

“I paid a $10 handling fee and the merchant has already taken care of it so we can use it straight away!”

Looking at the little thing’s excitement, Mo Yi Cheng could only nod his head and praise him, then not batting an eyelid, he went to the window and opened it a crack.

“These are the instructions!” Following the instructions, Yuan Suo threw the charcoal into the round hole above, then lit the alcohol block as well and threw it inside as instructed. All of this happened so quickly that by the time Mo Yi Cheng returned from opening the window, a fire had already started inside the hot pot!

“Er… don’t we have to waterproof first?” Mo Yi Cheng asked doubtfully.

“Ah? Right!” Yuan Suo fumbled about immediately, jumping up and spinning around in circles to find water.

Mo Yi Cheng shook his head helplessly and poured the water inside his glass into it first that had been prepared for an emergency.

But just then, something happened that both of them had missed!

The entire house was equipped with a highly intelligent alarm system, including a smoke alarm for fire prevention.

Hence as soon as smoke came out from the hotpot, the alarm sensed it immediately and rang out.

“Not good!” Mo Yi Cheng pounced over quickly, trying to put the charcoal out, but it was too late, the alarm’s shrill sound had already alerted everyone inside the villa.

“The alarm is coming from second young master’s room!” A girl who worked exclusively in the kitchen shouted anxiously, putting on her pajamas.

Mo Yixu and the housekeeper, who had smelled the scent rushed towards the source of the fire irregardless, fearing that something might happen to Mo Yi Cheng in the room.

Mother Mo was already being helped down the stairs by an older servant, an anxious expression on her face, “Is second oldest alright? Ah?”


The door, which was already unlocked was knocked open by the gallant old housekeeper who then fell onto the thick carpet after lunging in with too much force.

And Mo Yixu, who was following behind saw the scene where his second brother was standing on the table trying to turn off the alarm with Yuan Suo looked at the sudden intruder with a frightened expression on his face.

“We’re here!”

“Quick, quick, quick!”

Two resourceful servants rushed over with small buckets of water in their arms, nearly colliding with Mother Mo, then they all froze together in front of Mo Yi Cheng’s door, looking at the extra dining table that had somehow appeared, the hot pot ingredients on the large table, and the charcoal hot pot that started it all…

“This….. this, what is going on!” Mother Mo had been on the verge of having a heart attack, only to see such a ridiculous scene.

Mo Yi Cheng turned the alarm off, got down from the table, tugged at his clothes and pulled the little thing who had lowered his head pitifully after causing trouble behind him.

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